Voltex Energy Saver Review

Is the Vortex power saving device a scam or does it really cut your electricity bill by up to 90%?

I’m an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, and I wrote this honest Vortex energy saver review in order to help people protect their hard-earned money and tell you the truth about such devices if they work or not.

And if the Vortex device is a hoax, I will tell you in the last section of this review about devices that can really help you cut your bill.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Vortex Energy Saver Review Summary

  • Name: Vortex Energy Saver
  • Website: www.GetVoltex.com
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Quality: 1 of 10
  • Support: 2 of 10
  • Functionality: 0 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $59
  • Recommended? No

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 1 of 10

Summary: The Vortex energy saver is a useless device that is sold online under many different names other than Vortex, and in most cases, for a much lower price, and it doesn’t cut your electric bill even by 5%.

The information used to justify the claimed savings are either false, or misleading.

To learn about devices that can lower your electricity bill, check out the last section of this review.

What Is Vortex Energy Saver?

Vortex energy saver is a device that you can plug into any power outlet at your home, office, or shop, and has a green LED light that turns on and consumes electricity, while claiming that it can stabilize the voltage and current and save you money on the electricity bill.

Voltex Energy Saver

This is the same device that is sold under different names like the one I exposed in my MiracleWatt review, and in slightly different shapes in come cases like the one in my Electricity Spikes Buster review.

These are massively produced devices that are used to take money from people who are struggling on the hope that these devices would cut their bills.

How Does Vortex Power Saver Work?

As per the information on the GetVoltex.com website, the Vortex power saver is supposed to do the following in order to save money:

  • Stabilize the voltage and current at your electrical system and correct the power factor.
  • Eliminate the “dirty power” that comes from the electromagnetic field produced by wireless devices.
  • Eliminates harmful spikes in voltage coming from the utility power supply.

And they claim that with these three things, the Vortex device can help you reduce your electricity bill by 90%, and protect your appliances and increase their lifespan.


How Voltex Saver Works

Does Vortex Electricity Saver Really Work?

No, the Vortex electricity saver does not work as explained, and it does not help you cut your electricity bill or protect your appliances.

They tell you that you can save on your electricity bill by correcting the power factor, but this is false and misleading information for two reasons:

  • Power factor is something that is measured using special meters that are only installed at big factories, while at home, office, or shop, the meters don’t cannot the power factor and these consumers don’t get charged for it.
  • Even at factories, the power factor never goes down to the value that it would account for 90% of the bill! It can cause fines if it gets below a certain threshold, and factories would install special power factor correctors that need specialists to design them and install them.

Power savers don’t work for home, office, and shops, and I have explained this in details in my Electricity Saving Box review.

And regarding the stability of voltage and current, these are achieved through special devices at the grid side and you don’t need to do anything about them, unless you live in area where there are many big factories and you notice continuous disruptions in the power supply, in which case, you should contact a professional to investigate and tell you what to do.

If anything, the device will actually consume power because of its internal LED light and will increase your bill instead of lowering it, in addition to possible safety issues that it might cause.

What about The Reviews on The GetVoltex.com Website?

These are easy to falsify and fabricate, especially that they are listed on the website that sells the device itself.

You won’t find legitimate and unbiased customer reviews on the Vortex energy saver on any legitimate site, because simple, it doesn’t work.

Vortex Device Price

The price of Vortex is $59 for getting one device, $99 for two devices, and $135 for three devices.

Voltex Power Saver Price

This is way too expensive for such a device that does nothing useful.

Other devices with the same shape coming from the same manufacturer, but sold under different names, like Heunwa power saver for example, are being sold for around $15 or less.

Voltex Similar Devices

Pro’s & Con’s of Vortex Energy Saver


  • Nothing.


  • False and misleading claims about electric energy.
  • It doesn’t save any money on electric bill.
  • It can cause safety issues.
  • Too expensive for a useless device.
  • The return policy makes it very difficult to get a refund, and you need to pay for expensive shipping in case you are eligible to return it and get money back.
  • No real testimonials by real users.

Vortex Energy Saver Refund

The return policy on the GetVoltex.com website makes it very difficult to qualify for a refund as you need to contact them with a certain period of time, explain why you want to return it, and if you where eligible to return it, it should be in its original state and brand new, which makes no point in buying it in the first place.

Add to that, you need to pay for shipping it back to the seller, and you need to pay for a shipping service with tracking service, which will make it cost you money.

Don’t waste your money or time.

Conclusion – Is Vortex Energy Saver a Hoax?

Yes, Vortex energy saver is a hoax when it comes to cutting your bill by up to 90%, and I don’t recommend spending your money on such a device.

This is my conclusion to this Vortex power saver review.

If you want to really cut your electricity bill, then the following section is for you.

100% Legit Alternatives of the Vortex Power Saver

There are many devices that can lower electricity bill based on real concepts that are proven, such as smart thermostats for heating and cooling, dimmer switches, water heater timers, …etc.

You can check out my list of electricity saving devices for home to learn more about such devices.

This is in addition to following certain habits and ways to lower electric bill in the winter or in summer.

And after you have done what you can to cut your bill, you can still lower it further by generating electricity through solar panels that could even eliminate your bill in some cases.

It costs some money to install a solar energy system, but it is worth the investment, and it will increase the value of your home or business.

And you can find some financing solutions to build it without paying anything in advance.

SunPower for example, the leading solar company, helps US homeowners explore available options to fund their solar panel systems, design, install, and connect them without paying a down payment.

Voltex Power Saver Alternative

You can visit their website to fill in your zip code, fill in a 1-minute survey about your house, and they will contact you to set up a free appointment to discuss the available options.

These alternatives are legit, realistic, and proven to work, unlike the Vortex power saver hoax.

I hope that you found my unbiased Vortex energy saver review helpful and insightful.

If you still have any question or need any help on this matter, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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