Tyranny Liberator Review

Is this Tyranny Liberator thing a hoax? Or can you really use it to make PV solar panels that are 500 times more efficient than the normal panels in the market?

That’s what someone asked me because I have an experience in solar panel systems from my work as an electrical engineer.

And after watching the Tyranny Liberator video and after reading all the useless reviews online, I decided to write this honest and unbiased Tyranny Liberator review in order to help you know if you should get this program, or is it a waste of time.

And don’t worry, because in the last section of this review, I will tell you about an alternative to eliminate your electric bill without paying anything in advance!

Let’s jump in!

Tyranny Liberator Review Summary

  • Name: Tyranny Liberator
  • Website: www.TyrannyLiberator.com
  • Founders: Michael Morris (Probably a pen name)
  • Quality: 7 of 10
  • Support: 6 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $49.97 One-time payment. You can get a discounted price of $37 if you try to close the tab, where they show you the lower price. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this Tyranny Liberator review.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but it gives you unrealistic claims of making a system for less than $250, which could eliminate your bill and even sell electricity to the grid company. (Check out the last section for my recommended alternative to eliminate your electric bill with $0 cost)

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 5.4 of 10

Summary: The Tyranny Liberator gives unrealistic claims on generating so much energy with a very small solar system that you can create by yourself.

What Is Tyranny Liberator?

Tyranny Liberator is a training program that consists of PDF and video guides that are supposed to show you how to create an efficient solar panel system and connect it to your home’s panel by yourself, for under $250.

Tyranny Liberator

And this system is supposed to help you cut 67% of your electric bill, or even eliminate it entirely and sell electricity to the utility company.

And on top of that, you can install batteries to charge them so that you use the electricity in them in case that you go off-grid.

But how is that possible, especially that it costs few thousands of dollars to create and connect a solar system to a home?

This is what we will discuss next.

How Does Tyranny Liberator Work?

Tyranny Liberator is supposed to show you a long-kept secret technology that helps you create solar panels that are 500 times more efficient compared to the ones available in the market.

How Tyranny Liberator Works

The new technology is called the High Concentrated Photovoltaic cells.

And it is supposed to be cheaper to produce than the normal solar panels in the market.

And since they are more efficient and cheaper at the same time, you are supposed to be able to create a complete solar system for your home for less than $250, and this system is supposed to be enough to supply all your home’s appliances with electricity, and thus, significantly cut your bill.

The spokesperson in the video even tells you that this system includes batteries that you can use to store energy so that you have electricity if you go off-grid.

But are these claims true? Or is Michael Morris lying to you?

This is what I will answer now.

Is Tyranny Liberator Real or a Hoax? (5 Issues!)

Unfortunately, the claims given in the Tyranny Liberator video are either incorrect or misleading, and you can’t create such a powerful system for less than $250.

There are many issues that come with these claims, such as:

1 – Efficiency

Michael tells you that these CPV cells are 500 times more efficient than the normal PV panels in the market, but this is incorrect.

Tyranny Liberator Hoax

The panels in the market are anywhere from 15-25% efficient, and the CPV panels are still 40-45% efficient.

This means that they are twice to three times more efficiency than the normal PV panels, and not 500 times!

This reminds me of similar exaggerated claims of the Cold War Generator plans program that I reviewed earlier.

This means that you still need many CPV panels in order to create a system that is capable of replacing your entire bill, or even 50% of it.

And if you think that you are still saving a lot of money by using this system, then the next point is for you.

2 – Cost

Michael tells you that the HCPV cells are cheaper to produce than the normal PV panels in the market, but that also is incorrect.

Tyranny Liberator Incorrect Info

HCPV cells are still more expensive to produce, and that’s why they are not widely adopted yet, and they are mainly used when there’s a space availability issue as they can produce more electricity using a smaller area.

3 – You Need a Tracker

Another issue with the HCPV that make it difficult to be used for homes is that these panels need to be installed on a 2-axis tracker in order to move with the sun and give you the optimum performance, and thus, make them worth installing.

And the trackers used for these HCPV panels should be of a high accuracy type, (0.1°-0.3° accuracy), which means that they are expensive, and require continuous maintenance.

This increases the overall cost of the system during the installation, and on the long run.

4 – You Can’t Do it Alone, in One Day

These HCPV panels are highly sophisticated and require special machines to manufacture them, and special labs to test them for performance and durability.

You can create them by yourself.

And for the installation of the system and connecting it to your home’s electric panel, you need someone with experience to do it for you.

And that will cost a lot of money, and it cannot be done in one day as claimed by Michael.

Also, you need to get the utility approval if you want to connect the system to your home’s panel, which is fed by their meter.

5 – Batteries

Michael tells you that you can use different small batteries that are thrown away and recondition them in order to use them as a back-up store system for your home in case that the grid goes down.

And I have already explained in my Electricity Peak Shaver scam review why this isn’t an easy or viable task.

Honestly, you can’t make the mentioned savings with this program.

If you want a real way to eliminate your bill, and even without paying anything, then there’s a solution, which is what I will tell you about in the last section of this Tyranny Liberator review.

And you might ask now:

But What about All The Positive Reviews of Tyranny Liberator?

I call these Michael Morris Tyranny Liberator scam reviews for a reason.

These reviews were created and published online by people who know nothing about electricity or solar panels, or by people who actually tried the Tyranny Liberator program.

Instead, these were created by marketers who only care about the commission they would get from Michael Morris if you click on the links in their reviews and buy the Tyranny Liberator program.

This is a common trend among similar programs like the Electricity Freedom scam I exposed earlier.

Even the websites where these reviews are published are either low quality sites, or general sites that have nothing to do with Tyranny Liberator.

Tyranny Liberator Fake Reviews

But my site here, Bills Wiz, is all about teaching people ways to save on utility bills, and I write from my experience working on different projects as an electrical engineer and an energy manager.

Any Tyranny Liberator Customer Reviews?

No, I couldn’t find any consumer reviews or reports for the Tyranny Liberator program by Michael Morris, neither on Trustpilot, nor anywhere else.

This is weird because Michael claims that thousands of people have already used the Tyranny Liberator plans to make big savings on their power bills.

Even the disclaimer at the bottom of the home page of the TyrannyLibrator.com website tells you that the results are not guaranteed.

Is Tyranny Liberator Legit

Inside The Tyranny Liberator Program

If you join the Tyranny Liberator by Michael Morris, you get a set of PDF and video guides that are supposed to help you know the material and tools you need, how to set up the whole HCPV system, and how to test it and connect it to your home’s electrical system.

However, the images you see in the screenshot below that I took from the Tyranny Liberator website are actually taken from the website of the Energy Peak Shaver program that I mentioned earlier in this review, and they have nothing to do with HCPV solar panels, which makes me concerned about the quality of this program.

Tyranny Liberator Guide

Tyranny Liberator Price

The cost of joining Tyranny Liberator is a one-time payment of $49.97.

Tyranny Liberator Price

But this is only the price of the guides and the blueprints of the Tyranny Liberator program.

You need more money to pay for the material and tools you need to apply what is inside the program.

Tyranny Liberator Discount

You can get Tyranny Liberator at a discounted price if you click on any click on this review to visit their website, and then try to close the tab, where they show you the discounted price of $37.

Tyranny Liberator Discount

Tyranny Liberator Plans Free Download

The Tyranny Liberator PDF blueprints and video guides are not available to download for free, and the only way to get them is to purchase the program from the official website.

And if you are worried about your money, then here’s something for you:

Tyranny Liberator Refund

Tyranny Liberator comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any of the links in this review.

However, remember that you don’t get a refund for your time, and for the material and tools you would buy in order to apply what is in the Tyranny Liberator plans and guides.

Pro’s & Con’s of Tyranny Liberator Program


  • It’s about the clean solar energy.
  • There’s a discount on the program.
  • You get a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy Tyranny Liberator through any link in this review.


  • Unrealistic claims of big savings with such a small system.
  • Incorrect and misleading information about the HCPV solar technology.
  • No real testimonials from Tyranny Liberator users.
  • Many scammy reviews trying to promote it without adding any value.
  • The real founder doesn’t show his face, which means that Michael Morris might just be a pen name.

Who Is Tyranny Liberator for?

Tyranny Liberator cannot make the claimed results, and the HCPV system is not a simple one that anybody can install.

If you want to see what is inside the Tyranny Liberator program out of curiosity, then you can go ahead and get it through any link in this review in order to get the 60-day money back guarantee.

But if you want to really eliminate your bill, and without spending a dime from your pocket, then the last section of this review of Tyranny Liberator will give you the alternative.

Tyranny Liberator Support

You can get the support for the Tyranny Liberator through the email mentioned in their “Term of Use” page.

But if you want to complain about the Tyranny Liberator, and if you want to request a full refund, then you should contact the retailer, ClickBank, as instructed in the confirmation email you go from them when you first purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Tyranny Liberator a Scam?

I don’t consider Tyranny Liberator to be a scam because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

But the claims they give are completely unrealistic and there are no real testimonials from anyone who purchased the program of the promised results.

I don’t recommend wasting your time with Michael Morris’s program.

This is my conclusion for this Tyranny Liberator review.

100% Proven Alternative to Tyranny Liberator to Eliminate Power Bills?

Sure. And with $0 down payment.

If you want to eliminate your entire electric bill with solar panels, then you can do so by installing a complete system using the normal PV panels available in the market.

Now I can hear you saying:

But you said for $0 cost, how is that possible?

That’s possible now because many solar leading companies are offering their help to guide you into finding financing options that are dedicated to help in installing solar panel systems without having you pay anything, and one of these companies is SunPower.

Tyranny Liberator Alternative

You can visit SunPower’s website, enter your area’s Zip code, and complete a 1-minute survey, and they will contact you to arrange for an appointment in order to set and discuss the available financing options, and all without paying anything and without any commitment.

How cool is that!

This is the real alternative to the Tyranny Liberator program that really works and eliminates your electric bill so that you have more money to spend on your loved ones.

I hope that my honest Tyranny Liberator review was helpful and insightful.

If you still have any question, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Tyranny Liberator


Tyranny Liberator












  • It’s about Clean Energy
  • Discount Is Available
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims of Savings
  • Incorrect Information about The Technology
  • No Real Testimonials Online
  • Many Scammy Reviews Pushing The Program
  • Real Founder Is Unknown

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