How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

Summer has come and you are looking to learn how to save money on air conditioning bill? There are many ways to lower cooling costs, some cost money, and some don’t, some with immediate results, and some for the long run. And reducing the AC cooling costs can help you keep more money to spend on other … Read more

How to Use Air Conditioner Economically?

Use Air Conditioner Economically

Summer is here and you are trying to find out how to use the air conditioner economically in order to save some money to spend it elsewhere? Don’t worry! I’m an electrical engineer and a certified energy manager, and I’m writing this article in order to help you use your air conditioner efficiently and wisely, so that … Read more

Does Turning On and Off The AC Cost More?

Turning On and Off The AC

Too much confusion and too many people ask; does turning on and off the AC cost more money, or does leaving the AC on waste electricity? And the answer is not straightforward and can be tricky sometimes, as it depends on the place where the AC is being used, the type and size of the AC … Read more

Do Portable AC Units Use a Lot of Electricity?

Do Portable AC Units Use a Lot of Electricity

Do portable AC’s use a lot of electricity and waste energy? How much do they cost in order to run compared to split AC units and central air conditioners? When should you use them, and when should avoid them? I am an electrical engineer, and I wrote this short article in order to answer these … Read more