Energy Peak Shaver Review

Is the Energy Peak Shaver legit, or is it another hoax that cannot really save you up to 67% on electric bill?

This is what a friend asked me as I have more than ten years of experience as an electrical engineer and energy manager.

And after researching the program and watching the sales video, I decided to write this honest and unbiased Energy Peak Shaver review in order to save you the time and help you manage your expectations when it comes to this program’s results.

And don’t worry, because in the last section of this review, I will tell you about a legit way to eliminate your electric bill entirely, with a proven system, and with a $0 down payment.

Let’s dive in!

Energy Peak Shaver Review Summary

  • Name: Energy Peak Shaver
  • Website:
  • Founders: Billy Smith
  • Quality: 7 of 10
  • Support: 7 of 10
  • Functionality: 6 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $17 One-time payment. Optional upsells available.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but it gives some unrealistic claims and promises. (Check out the last section for a better alternative to eliminate your bill entirely)

Overall Rating: 5.8 of 10

Summary: The Energy Peak Shaver program gives some unrealistic claims that cannot be true, in addition that it tells you that you can make a fortune reconditioning and selling old batteries.

What Is The Energy Peak Shaver?

The Energy Peak Shaver is a training program that is supposed to show you how to use old batteries in order to reduce electric bills for up to g, and in addition, make money by reconditioning and selling old batteries.

Energy Peak Shaver

The Energy Peak Shaver consists of PDF blueprints and video guides that you can download after purchasing the program, which include step-by-step instructions.

How Does Energy Peak Shaver Work?

Energy Peak Shaver program will show you in its blueprints and video guides how to get old, dead batteries of different types, recondition them to make them perform as if they were not dead yet, and use them to significantly cut your electric bill, and even to make money selling them.

How Peak Energy Shaver Works

Here’s how Billy Smith says that you can get both of these results:

Saving on Bills with Energy Peak Shaver

Billy says that you can save for up to 67% on your electricity bill using the Energy Peak Shaver method, which includes getting old batteries, reconditioning them, and then connecting them to your home’s panel through a device that would charge them at night when the price of electricity is low, and then using the energy in them during the day when the electricity price of the grid is high.

Why would you save with this method?

Because many utility companies have a tariff system that bills different prices depending on the hours of the day or night when the electric energy is drawn from the grid.

Usually, during the day or the afternoon hours, the demand on electricity is high, and they charge a high price (peak tariff) compared to the after midnight hours.

And by charging the batteries at night, and using their stored energy during the day, you can use the electricity you need during the peak hours, but pay the low price of the night tariff.

Making Profit with Energy Peak Shaver

This result you can get with the Energy Peak Shaver by getting or buying old batteries in bulk, reconditioning them, and then selling them as used batteries on eBay.

Billy Smith claims some of the students of the Energy Peak Shaver program are making fortune reconditioning and selling old batteries on eBay.

These two claims seem promising, but are they true, or is the Energy Peak Shaver a hoax?

Does Energy Peak Shaver Really Work?

While I believe that batteries of many different types can be reconditioned and reused, but unfortunately, the claims in the sales video of the Energy Peak Shaver are exaggerated and unrealistic.

First of all, let’s think about the saving on electricity bill by saving energy in batteries at night and using it during the day.

Billy says that the prices of peak hours are from 12-16 cents per kWh consumed, and during the off-peak hours from 5-9 cents per kWh.

Taking these prices in order to calculate how much you can save on electric bill, assuming the best case scenario, 5 cents during off-peak hours and 12 cents during peak hours, and assuming that you can use the batteries to save all the energy you need to use during the day, then you save up to 7 cents per kWh you consume.

The percentage of saving with this difference is 7 Divided by 12 = 0.58, which translates to 58%, and not 67%.

And while this is still great, but here’s the thing.

Reconditioned batteries don’t go back to full capacity and performance as if they where new, and not all batteries can be reconditioned successfully.

This means that you need to try to recondition many batteries, in order to use some of them, and you still need many batteries in order to store energy that is enough to supply all of your loads during the day.

And if you have a big house, or if you use the air conditioner for many hours every day, you need many more batteries.

This means that you need a lot of space, and if, god forbid, something incident happens, it could cause some harm to the house and its residents.

you don’t believe me?

Then read the disclaimer at the end of the sales page on the website, which says that the results mentioned are not typical and cannot be guaranteed.

Is Energy Peak Shaver Legit

And regarding making profit selling reconditioned batteries on eBay, there are many issues here.

As I mentioned earlier, not all battery reconditioning tries work, and many batteries will be damaged beyond repair, which means that you need to get as many batteries as you can in order to finally recondition some of them.

Additionally, for each try, you need to use the utility electricity in order to charge and discharge the batteries during the reconditioning process, which incurs an additional cost on you.

And on top of that, I tried to look for reconditioned batteries on eBay to see if any seller has sold lots of batteries, and I couldn’t find but few sellers with few sales and reviews!

Make Money with Energy Peak Shaver

How is it possible that any of them has made a fortune selling reconditioned batteries following the Energy Peak Shaver program?

You might say now:

But What about All These Positive Reviews of The Energy Peak Shaver?

I call these Peak Energy Shaver scam reviews, because they were mostly created by people who have no knowledge or experience of batteries in the first place, and they never tried the program.

Instead, these are just marketers that are trying to make commissions by telling people to buy the Energy Peak Shaver through the links on their reviews.

This is a common practice that comes with all other similar programs, like the Smart Solar Box scam that I exposed earlier.

Even the websites where you find these reviews, they are either general websites, or low quality websites that were created just for the purpose of promoting the Energy Peak Shaver.

Energy Peak Shaver Reviews

While here on my website, Bills Wiz, I use my knowledge and experience in the energy field in order to help people find ways to save on utility bills.

Any Energy Peak Shaver Customer Reviews?

Unfortunately, you can’t find any consumer reviews or reports for the Energy Peak Shaver program by people who purchased it and saved money on their bills, or even by people who reconditioned and sold used batteries on eBay.

Inside The Energy Peak Shaver Program

If you decide to buy the Energy Peak Shaver program, you will find a PDF and video guides that show you in a step-by-step procedure, how to get old batteries, recondition them, and test them, in order to build a power bank for your home, or to sell them online.

Inside Energy Peak Shaver

To be honest, no matter how simple and easy it looks, if you don’t have experience working on batteries, I don’t recommend trying to charge and discharge batteries for reconditioning as you might hurt your self if you don’t know what you are doing.

Energy Peak Shaver Price & Discount

The cost of the Energy Peak Shaver program is a one-time payment of $47, but if you visit their website through any of the links on this Energy Peak Shaver review, you get the discounted price of $17.

Energy Peak Shaver Price

Energy Peak Shaver Free Download

You can’t download the Energy Peak Shaver PDF and video guides for free, and the only way to buy them is through their site.

And if you are worried about being scammed, then here’s something for you:

Energy Peak Shaver Refund

Energy Peak Shaver comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which you can get if you buy the program through any link on this review.

In the confirmation email after you buy it, you get the instructions on how to request the refund if you wanted it.

Pro’s & Con’s of Energy Peak Shaver


  • The price of the program is low.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this review.


  • Unrealistic claims about savings.
  • No evidence that people make fortune reconditioning and selling batteries.
  • No real testimonials online that can be verified.
  • Many scammy promotions from marketers who never tried it.
  • Trying to work on batteries without experience could be dangerous on some people.
  • Having many used batteries connected to your house’s panel could be dangerous.

Who Is Energy Peak Shaver for?

Honestly, I don’t recommend trying to recondition batteries if you don’t have experience in working on them, and I don’t recommend having many used batteries connected to your houses’s panel, as it might be unsafe.

In case that you want to really cut your electric bill, then the alternative in the last section of this Energy Peak Shaver review could help you eliminate your bill entirely, and without investing money from your pocket.

Energy Peak Shaver Support

The support for the Energy Peak Shaver program can be requested through the members’ area after you buy the program, and there’s no email to be found on their site as there’s no contact page.

But if you want to complain about the Energy Peak Shaver and request a refund, then you should contact ClickBank, the retailer, through the instructions mentioned in the confirmation email you got when you joined the program.

Conclusion – Is Energy Peak Shaver a Scam?

I wouldn’t call Energy Peak Shaver a scam as there’s some material in it, but I don’t consider it safe to try to recondition batteries and connect them to your home’s system, and I couldn’t find a proof on the claims of big savings and profits from selling reconditioned batteries as Billy Smith claims.

This is my conclusion to this Energy Peak Shaver review.

100% Legit Alternative to Energy Peak Shaver to Eliminate Bill Entirely?

Yes, it is possible.

There’s are many ways and devices that can help you reduce electric bill.

But if you want to entirely eliminate your bill, then you need to find a solution that will give you free energy.

And the best solution available that is proven and used on a large scale all over the world is the solar panel systems for homes.

These systems are efficient, safe, require low maintenance, and very feasible.

And if you were worried about the cost of installing a solar system, then here’s the good news!

You can install a complete solar system with $0 investment from your own money!

Yes, that’s real.

Many companies in the solar energy field, like SunPower for example, offer services that include estimating the size of your solar panel system, and finding financing solutions that allow you to install the whole system with a $0 down payment.

Energy Peak Shaver Alternative

You can visit their site, enter the zip code of your location, answer few questions, and they will get back to you to assign an appointment for discussing the possible financing options.

You don’t need to pay anything in advance.

This is a safe way to eliminate your electric bill, you do it at zero-dollar cost, and you let the professionals do the work for you!

I hope that you found my honest Energy Peak Shaver review helpful for you, and saved you the trouble and money instead of buying the tools you would need to recondition batteries, and instead of hurting yourself in the process.

If you still have any question about anything in this review, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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