Electricity Saving Spike Buster Review

Electricity Saving Spike Buster Review

Can you really cut up to 50% or more of your electric bill with this device that you plug into the socket outlet, or is the Spikes Buster a scam?

How does it work, what does it do, and what alternative could you use to significantly lower your electric bill?

I’m an electrical engineer with more than a decade of experience, and I decided to write this Electricity Saving Spike Buster review in order to help you know if you should buy this device or not.

And in the last section of this review, you will know about an alternative that you can use to eliminate your bill almost entirely, and without a down payment in some cases.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Electricity Spikes Buster Review Summary

  • Name: Electricity Saving Spike Buster
  • Website: www.Amazon.com & Other sites
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Quality: 1 of 10
  • Support: 1 of 10
  • Functionality: 0 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $15-$30
  • Recommended? No.

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 1 of 10

Summary: Electricity Saving Spike Buster is a useless device that doesn’t work on reducing your electric bill, not even by 5%, then how about 50% as they claim.

The information used to justify such claims are either inaccurate or totally incorrect, and they are used to taking advantage of people who don’t know anything about energy.

What Is The Electricity Spikes Buster?

Electricity Spikes Buster is a device that is marketed as a power saver that you can plug into any socket outlet in your home, and it would do some stuff to the electricity supply that would result in cutting your bill by up to 50%.

Electricity Spikes Buster Device

The device is sold in different forms on different sites, including Amazon, and it is similar to many other devices that come with the same claims, which I reviewed earlier here on Bills Wiz, such as the Heunwa Power Saver for example.

How Does Electricity Saving Spike Buster Work?

In short, Electricity Saving Spike Buster and other similar power savers do not work!

The way they will tell you that you can save on the bill with these devices is that they stabilize the voltage or the current supply that is coming from the grid, and that they correct the power factors through capacitors inside them in order to lower your bill.

But the thing is, these claims are unproven and unjustified to be done accomplished by such simple devices, as I explained in my Electricity Saving Box review.

Does Electricity Saving Spike Buster Really Reduce Your Bill?

No, it doesn’t reduce your electric bill to use the Electricity Saving Spike Buster or any similar device.

Does Spikes Buster Work

Energy cannot be created out of thin air, but it can be transformed from one form to another, as per the Law of Conservation of Energy.

And these devices don’t have any stored energy in any form in order to transform it into electricity and feed your appliances.

What is claimed about regulating the current and the voltage supply is unproven, and even if it was true, it doesn’t save even 3% on your bill, which makes it not worth the investment.

But worse of all, the lie that they correct the power factor in order to reduce your bill.

Electricity companies don’t charge residential consumers or even commercial consumers and companies for the power factors, and the meters installed at these consumers’ places do not have the ability to read the power factor in the first place, then how is the company going to charge you for it.

The power factor is measured through special meters that are installed at industrial facilities as the machines at these places make the power factor of those consumers go below a certain limit, which causes losses on the grid, and the utility companies would install those special meters only for industrial consumers in order to charge them a fee if the power factor there goes below the acceptable limit.

Residential consumers and small businesses do not get charged for the power factor value, and therefore, the Electricity Saving Spike Buster device is useless.

Electricity Saving Spike Buster Price

The price of the Electricity Saving Spike Buster device changes from one website to another, and it might range from $15 into $30 or more, which puts a big question mark on its real cost of manufacturing.

Pro’s & Con’s of Electricity Saving Spike Buster




  • Does not save on electric bill as claimed.
  • Uses incorrect and inaccurate information about energy to mislead people.
  • Unknown real manufacturer.
  • No clear refund policy or support information.
  • Targeting people who are struggling to pay bills in the first place, just to take more money from them.
  • No real user testimonials for the Electricity Spikes Buster, because it doesn’t really work.

Electricity Saving Spike Buster Manual

Electricity Saving Spike Buster is a device that you plug in to any power outlet, and it doesn’t need any procedure to make it work, because simply, it doesn’t work.

It only has a small green led light that is turned on when it is plugged into the power outlet, but that light doesn’t do anything except consuming energy!

Who Is Electricity Saving Spike Buster for?

No one, except those who are willing to give their money away to someone who is trying to take advantage of their struggle.

Electricity Saving Spike Buster Support

I don’t think that it is easy to get support for the Electricity Saving Spike Buster device or get a refund when you find out that it doesn’t work.

And even if you buy it on Amazon, they may allow you to return it, but you need to pay for the shipping, which means that it might cost you more than just throwing it away.

Conclusion – Is Electricity Saving Spike Buster a Scam?

What can you say about a device that is advertised as a money saver, but it actually costs you money and doesn’t lower your electric bill?!

Do not fall into these marketing schemes where many websites promote the same useless device under different names.

This is my conclusion of this Electricity Saving Spikes Buster review.

Legit Alternative to Electricity Saving Spike Buster That Could Eliminate Electric Bill?


There are many legit devices that can help you save on electricity at home, but these work on proven principles and technologies, such as LED lights that save energy, programmable thermostats for heating and cooling systems, and others.

And you should utilize what you can get and use of these devices, in addition to adopting different habits and behaviors that can help you lower your electric bill by focusing on what costs the most on electricity.

These together can help you cut your bill by a significant percentage.

But after that, if you want to lower your bill further and even eliminate it almost entirely, then you might be able to do that, but you need to generate the electric energy you need by a source or system that you own.

And if you live in a house that you own, then you could do that through a renewable energy system like solar panels or micro residential wind turbines.

Solar is more predictable, requires less maintenance, and more feasible in most cases, and it could eliminate your bill almost entirely.

You only need to pay the cost of the system components and their installation, in addition to the regular maintenance fee that is very low.

You don’t have to pay the price of the fuel, which is the free sun rays.

This makes the pay back period of a solar panel system reasonable and makes it feasible to install such a system, which would save you on electric bill on the long run, and it would increase the value of your home.

But even if you don’t have the money to invest in a solar energy system, don’t worry!

Here’s How 1,000’s of US Families Did it with $0 Down!

There are many financing solutions that can help you fund your solar power plant and install the complete system and connect it without putting a down payment.

SunPower, the leading solar energy company has a qualified team that you can contact for free to know if you were eligible for such funding solutions.

Spikes Buster Alternative

If you are interested, visit their site, fill in the zip code of your area, and finish a 1-minute survey about your home and your current electricity spend, and they will contact you to arrange for a free appointment to discuss the possible solutions.

This is a realistic, proven, and worth the investment solution to significantly cut your bill or even eliminate it entirely, away from useless devices like the Spikes Buster electricity saver device.

I hope that my review was helpful and insightful.

If you still have any question or need more help, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Electricity Saving Spike Buster











  • Nothing


  • Can't Save on Electric Bill
  • Unknown Manufacturer
  • No Easy Support
  • No Clear Refund Policy
  • Takes Advantage of People Who Are Struggling

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16 thoughts on “Electricity Saving Spike Buster Review”

  1. I bought one of these Spike Busters but have not had a chance to use it yet. Wish I had read your review before I purchased it.

  2. An elderly friend of mine purchased two of these devices and asked me if I thought they were useful. One look and I knew they were not. I cracked one open and it was literally nothing but 2 LEDs wired through a wad of glazing putty. No other electronics in it. There is no science that would support this device doing anything at all.

    • Thank you for your important comment!

      Unfortunately, these devices are marketed towards people who usually know nothing about electricity, buy companies that don’t care about their reputation, if existed in the first place.


  3. I purchased the Spike Buster model SD008 (#2) and it is not effective! I placed one of the 2 items, plugged in as far away from each other, in an upstairs bedroom and one downstairs in the garage as directed by product instructions. After 3 electric bills, in the hot summer heat over 100 degrees for 10 days, to November, with temps 50’s at night to 80’s during days My electric bill is still over $350. This product is a SCAM and waste of hard earned money. I cannot afford solar panels and thought this would help some, but it did not. I am retired and money is tight. This company is a rip off for sure.

    • Sorry to hear than Carol!
      Unfortunately, some companies play on the fact that people are desperate to lower their bills and wouldn’t mind to pay $50 for a device like the spike buster to lower their monthly electric bill.
      Regarding the solar panels cost, you might be able to get finance to your system and build it without a down payment. Check out this article for more information!

  4. i use it and find it does lower my electric bill. so you are not always right. too bad. be less arrogant in your remarks, maybe.

    • How do you know that your bill is lower because of the Electricity Saving Spike Buster device? Did your bill always have the same value, and now you are getting charged less?

      Of course some months you might receive a bill that is lower than the previous months.
      Maybe you had fewer people at home, maybe you used the heating or the cooling systems less, maybe you used less lighting, ….etc.

      Compared to the lowest bill from the previous 12 months, how low was your latest bill in order to think that it was because of the device?


  5. Habe mit viel Mühe mein Geld für zwei Geräte zurückerhalten. Erst wollte sie nur eins ersetzen, dann zwei.
    Probleme habe ich noch mit der Rückerstattung des Port. Es gab kein Retoureschein.
    Bin aber der Meinung, dass mir wegen Falschangaben das Porto zu steht.

    English: I got my money back for two devices with a lot of effort. At first they only wanted to replace one, then two.
    I still had problems with the refund of the device as there was no return slip, but I believe that I deserve the refud because of incorrect information.

    • Thank you for your feedback about the Electricity Saving Spike Buster device. I’m glad that you got your money back as the devices didn’t work as advertised.

  6. Darn, wish I had of seen your excellent article BEFORE we bought 3 of the Spike Busters. That adage of if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,, seems like it will be true in this case. Lesson learned. Hope other folks read your article first and not after they have purchased. Sad that companies can get a way with this.

    • Thanks for your feedback Sanders!

      Truly sad. I hope that you could file a chargeback through the credit card issuer, you may be able to get your money back.


    • Hello Stephane and thank you for your question!


      A company called Candia Solar is one of the leading companies in the world, and they offer residential solar system solutions (click here to check them out).
      What I’m not sure about is whether they install the system, or they only sell the components and you need to hire a contractor to install it for you.
      In any case, you can ask them, and if they don’t install by themselves, you may ask them and they would recommend a contractor that they deal with.

      And there are many other companies that install solar panels in the Canadian market such as: HES PV, Solarwyse and others.

      I hope that was helpful!


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