PowerVolt Energy Saver Review – Scam Evidence

Is PowerVolt a hoax? Or can it really reduce your electric bill by 90% as claimed on their website?

I’m an electrical engineer and energy manager with more than ten years of experience, and I wrote this unbiased PowerVolt review in order to help you know the truth about these claims before you buy this power saver and risk your hard-earned money.

I will show you the evidence from the same video on the OrderPowerVolt.com website, and will help you learn about alternatives that can be useful in cutting your bills based on proven basis.

Let’s dive in!

PowerVolt Energy Saver Review Summary

  • Name: PowerVolt Energy Saver Device
  • Website: www.OrderPowerVolt.com (Please, DON’T order it!)
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Quality: 2 of 10
  • Support: 3 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $39.98/Unit, buy 2 for $59.97 (save $10/unit), buy 3 for $79.96 (save $13/unit).
  • Recommended? No.

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 1.5 of 10

Summary: PowerVolt energy saver device cannot reduce your electric bill for up 90% or even 27% as claimed on their website, and the same product is being sold under different other names on various websites as I will show below.

The bills you see in the promotional video do not belong to an electricity company (evidence below), and all the info about PowerVolt’s ability to cut your bills are misleading.

What Is PowerVolt Power Saver?

PowerVolt is a device that is being marketed as an energy saver that you can plug into any power outlet at your home, office, condominium, workshop, …etc., and it will magically regulate the current and voltage in order to cut your electric bill for up to 90%.

PowerVolt Energy Saver

This is the very same device that is being sold under different names that I exposed earlier in my reviews on Bills Wiz, such as the Watt Pro Saver scamEcoWatt energy saver scam, and others.

PowerVolt Similar Products

How Does PowerVolt Work?

PowerVolt is supposed to work on helping you save electricity by plugging it into any socket outlet, and then it would regulate and stabilize the electricity for you in order to run appliances more efficiently.

And the PowerVolt device it will store the energy that would be wasted and you would be billed for anyway, in order to redirect it to be used by your appliances.

How PowerVolt Works

And while that seems promising and encouraging to drive you into purchasing the PowerVolt power saver device, but are these claims accurate?

This is what I will answer next.

Does PowerVolt Really Work?

No, the PowerVolt device does not work as marketed that it can save you up to 90% on your electric bill, nor it can even save you 20%.

Many other products like PowerVolt are being advertised based on the same claims, and I have already exposed them in my Electricity Saving Box scam review.

Is PowerVolt a Hoax

They are being advertised as capacitor devices that can store energy and then release it in order to save you one the bill.

But these claims are misleading as capacitors don’t reduce electric bill for small consumers like homes, restaurants, workshops, offices, …etc.

Capacitors can only work for big factories.

To explain this in a way that you understand it, electricity comes from the utility in two parts:

  1. The active part: which represents more than 90% of your energy, and it is what the meter reads and you pay for, and PowerVolt DOES NOT reduce this part.
  2. The reactive part: which represents less than 10% or even 5% and the utility meter does not read it and you don’t pay for it in the first place. and this is what PowerVolt might reduce.

You see the problem with the PowerVolt device hoax?

It tries to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Assuming that it can reduce the reactive energy you use, that would have almost zero impact on your bill, because that part is very small compared to the energy you draw from the utility lines, and you don’t get billed for it as the normal meter you have doesn’t read it.

That’s why I tell you that buying the PowerVolt device is useless for you.

And if you want to ask me about the bills they show you in the video on the PowerVolt sales page, and how they go lower from one month to another, then the following section is for you.

PowerVolt Scam Evidence

You want an evidence that PowerVolt is falsely advertised as an electricity saving device?

Check out the bills they show you in the video claiming that after installing PowerVolt the bill was reduced significantly.

These bills show the name of a company that is called SEMCO Energy.

PowerVolt Device Consumer Report

Not only that the bills don’t show any details that can be verified such as the meter number, the customer who owns the meter, the address, which means that these could be completely fabricated and printed out to be used in this video.

But the worst part is that when I search for the SEMCO company on Google, the only company that comes with this name, and with the same logo, is the SEMCO Energy that sells natural gas, and not electricity!

Is PowerVolt a Scam

It is a small company that operates to serve a few hundred clients in Alaska and Michigan, which means that not many people know about it, and that’s why they used this company’s name on the fake bills.

PowerVolt Customer Reviews

The PowerVolt customer reviews on their site cannot be verified and the one that makes me know that these are dishonest is the one claiming that the reviewer is an electrician and he claims to save money with this device.

PowerVolt Customer Reviews

I’m an electrical engineer and I know that the claims used to justify PowerVolt’s ability to lower your electric bill are incorrect.

And if you look online for customer reviews for the PowerVolt device, you won’t find any of them.

PowerVolt is not sold on Amazon or any other marketplace.

And even on TrustPilot, I couldn’t find any PowerVolt consumer reviews.

And then I searched for unbiased or user PowerVolt reviews on Reddit, but couldn’t find any.

PowerVolt Consumer Reports

Since there are no real testimonials for the PowerVolt energy saver device from real users, I couldn’t find any PowerVolt consumer reports showing real savings that can be verified.

What about The PowerVolt Scam Reviews Telling Me to Buy it?

All the positive PowerVolt device reviews you see if you search on Google area actually ones that don’t come from unbiased specialists or users.

Instead, they were created by shady marketers who would tell you anything in order to buy the PowerVolt device through the links on their reviews (called affiliate links), which can lead them into getting a commission from the seller of PowerVolt later.

Basically, these reviews are incentivized in order to let you buy PowerVolt at any cost.

Biased PowerVolt Device Reviews

Check out the sites where these PowerVolt device reviews exists, none of them exists on a website that is created by specialists like it is in our review here on BillsWiz.com.

PowerVolt Price & Discount

Powervolt is sold for $39.98 per unit, and you need to pay for shipping and handling.

But if you buy two units, you get them for $59.97, which means that you “save” $10 per unit.

And if you buy three PowerVolt devices, you pay $79.96, which means that you “save” $13 per unit.

PowerVolt Device PriceBut actually, the PowerVolt discount doesn’t necessarily mean that you save anything, because the device is useless when it comes to cutting your bill as claimed.

This means, whatever price you pay for the PowerVolt device, you lose your money.

Where to Buy PowerVolt?

The PowerVolt device is only sold on the website OrderPowerVolt.com, and that’s what makes it more suspicious, because they know that if they sell it on Amazon, they would get a lot of complaints and refund requests.

PowerVolt Money Back Gurantee

There’s no money back guarantee on the PowerVolt device, and their return policy mentions that you can request to return the item and get a refund only if you send it back in its original packages, unused, within thirty days of your purchase.

This means that if you try to use the PowerVolt device and it doesn’t lower your bill, you can’t ask to get back your money.

PowerVolt Return

Pro’s & Con’s of PowerVolt Electricity Saver


  • You can return it and request a refund within thirty days of your purchase, provided that you didn’t use it and it should be in the original packaging.


  • Unrealistic claims about saving on electric bill with PowerVolt.
  • Misleading information about how energy is metered.
  • Expensive for a useless device.
  • No return possibility if you used it and it didn’t get results.
  • No real testimonials of PowerVolt by real users.
  • They show you fake bills in order to convince you that it can reduce your bill.
  • Unknown manufacturer or country of origin.

Who Is The PowerVolt Device for?

For anyone who wants to pay their money for a useless device that doesn’t reduce the energy bills as promised.

PowerVolt Support

The support for PowerVolt is available through the email and the phone number on their website, but there is no feedback about this support since there are no customer reviews for PowerVolt on independent sites.

PowerVolt Energy Saver Support

PowerVolt Complaints

If you want to complain that you received the PowerVolt power saver broken, then you should contact them as per the instructions on their site.

But if you want to complain that it doesn’t reduce the bill as promised, then you might not benefit from trying, but instead, you might try to file a chargeback through your credit card company.

Conclusion – Is PowerVolt a Scam?

What can you say about PowerVolt if the merchant promises you to save 90% on your bill, guaranteed, based on incorrect claims?

I don’t consider PowerVolt to be a legitimate device, and I don’t recommend buying it, especially that you can’t return it and get a refund after you use it.

This is my conclusion of this PowerVolt device review.

Alternatives to The PowerVolt Energy Saver Scam

There are many alternative devices to PowerVolt that can really reduce your electric bill based on real principles.

For example, you could use a programmable thermostat to regulate and economically run the air conditioner.

Or, you could use switch the lighting into LED bulbs that use less energy.

Or you could use portable solar chargers or install solar panels in order to generate electricity from the sunlight, and not based on some bogus principle like the one used to promote the PowerVolt device.

If you are interested in learning more about these PowerVolt saver alternatives, then check out this list of devices to save energy at home.

Stay away from devices like PowerVolt that promise you big savings on energy bills based on unrealistic claims.

If you still have any question about anything in this honest PowerVolt review, or if you want me to review any other similar energy saver, then please, feel free to leave a note in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

PowerVolt Energy Saver


PowerVolt Energy Saver










  • Return Is Available if it Wasn’t Used


  • Unrealistic Claims about Saving on Bills
  • No Real User Testimonials
  • Website Shows Fake Bills to Convince You Buy it
  • Expensive
  • No Returns after Using it and Not Saving Money

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