Electricity Freedom Review

Is this Electricity Freedom System a hoax, or can you really eliminate your electric bill with it using grass bags to generate electricity?

This is what someone asked me when they saw the video by Rich Lubbok, who claims to have completely slashed down his power bill using grass, dry tree leaves, and food waste to generate electricity for his 4-bedroom house.

I researched the program, and after seeing all the useless reviews that only repeat what he said, I decided to write my honest and unbiased Electricity Freedom review, in order to help you know if you can really build this system for only $200 and get grid-free or not.

And don’t worry, as in the last section below, I will give you an alternative that can help you eliminate your power bill entirely without paying a dime from your pocket!

Electricity Freedom System Review Summary

  • Name: Electricity Freedom System
  • Website: www.ElectricityFreedom101.com
  • Founders: Rich Lubbok (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 7 of 10
  • Support: 7 of 10
  • Functionality: 6 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $49 One-time payment. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this review.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but it gives unrealistic claims of generating so much electric energy with such a small system of $200 cost, and it is dangerous to try to create your own electric generator. (Check out the last section for a recommended alternative to eliminate your power bill entirely and with $0 cost)

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 5.8 of 10

Summary: The Electricity Freedom System makes exaggerated claims about creating a biogas power plant for as low as $200, and power a complete house with it and go grid-free.

What Is Electricity Freedom System?

Electricity Freedom System is a training program of video guides and written instructions that is supposed to show you how to create a system that supplies electricity to your house using grass, tree leaves, and food waste.

Electricity Freedom System

Rich Lubbok says that he has been using this system for over three years now, and that he has never paid a dime to the electric company since he started using it.

But how is that possible?

This is what I will explain next.

How Does Electricity Freedom System Work?

The method mentioned in the Electricity Freedom video is not a new one, but it has been there for many years now, and it is being used in different places worldwide.

This system is widely known as the Biogas Power Plant.

How Electricity Freedom System Works

The way this system works is that it uses the dead plants and food waste in order to produce the methane gas, which then could be used as fuel to power electric generators, which finally generates electricity that you can use at home.

The main two components of the biogas power plant (Electricity Freedom System) are:

  • The biodigester, which transforms food waste into methane gas.
  • The electric generator, which transforms the gas into usable electricity.

And there are some other components and accessories that connect these two main components together, and connect the electric generator to your home’s electric system.

Then What Is New in Rich Lubbok’s System?

Lubbok says that he teaches you how to make both of the main components, the biodigester and the electric generator, by yourself.

Because the methane gas might cause incidents if not stored and maintained properly, Rich says that he found a way to extract what he calls “Organic Gas”, which is supposed to be much safer to use for powering the Electricity Freedom System.

And he says that there’s no need to use any fire to make the generator convert the gas into electricity, and that this is what makes it even safer.

This is what Rich says that is unique about his system.

And he doesn’t give any explanation on how he achieved that.

Is The Electricity Freedom System Legit?

While the biogas power plant is a real thing, and there are available components that can be bought and used to generate electricity from the food waste, but the “tweaks” that Rich Lubbok claims to have added to the system are still not proven, and they don’t make sense.

For example, he says that you can generate electricity from gas without any fire, but the truth is that there’s nothing like that so far.

Except if he means that he will use something called the “fuel cell” to transform the natural gas into electricity, which doesn’t require any fire.

But this fuel cell requires some material and work to construct it, and cannot be done for $15 only.

And on top of that, it produces the DC form of electricity, and you need an inverter to convert it to the AC form that is used at home, which costs more money.

This all is unrealistic to do for less than $200, especially for a system that is enough to generate electricity for a 4-bedroom home.

You might ask me know:

Then What about All Those Positive Reviews on The Electricity Freedom System?

These Electricity Freedom scam reviews were not created by people who know anything about electric energy generation.

Instead, they were created by marketers who are just after getting a commission by promoting the program to you, and they don’t say anything other than what they heard in the video on the Electricity Freedom 101 websites.

Even the websites where they were published, they are either low quality sites, or general sites that have nothing to do with electricity.

Is Electricity Freedom System Legit

This is a common trend with other similar programs that promise you to cut your electric bill with a $200 or less investment, such as the Cold War Generator scam I reviewed earlier.

By my site here, Bills Wiz, where I teach people ways to reduce their bills based on my experience in the energy field as an engineer.

Any Electricity Freedom System Customer Reviews?


There are no real consumer reviews or reports for the Electricity Freedom System to be found online, neither on Trustpilot, nor on any similar site.

This is weird, because “Rich Lubbok” claims that more than 72,000 Americans have used the Electricity Freedom System to significantly cut their bills.

Electricity Freedom Customer Reviews

Yet know one left him a review, lol!

Electricity Freedom System Price

The cost of the Electrcitity Freedom System is a one-time payment of $49, and it seems that there’s no discount on the program.

Electricity Freedom System Price

===>>> Download Electricity Freedom Plans with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee <<<===

But remember, you still need money to purchase the material, components of the Electricity Freedom System, and tools that you would need to build this generator.

Electricity Freedom System Free Downloads

The Electricity Freedom System PDF blueprints and plans and video guides are not available for free download.

The only way to get them is through buying them from their official websites.

And if you are worried about getting scammed, then here is something for you:

Electricity Freedom System Refund

You can get a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy the Electricity Freedom System blueprints and guides through any link on this review.

Simply, you can find the instructions on how to get the full refund in the same confirmation email you get when you buy the program.

Pro’s & Con’s of Electricity Freedom System


  • It’s about a clean energy source.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this Electricity Freedom review.


  • Exaggerated claims of eliminated power bills with such a small system that costs $200 only.
  • No clear explanation on how it works on transforming gas into electricity without fire.
  • No real reviews by users online who saved any money with it.
  • Many scammy reviews promoting it without adding any value.
  • Unknown founder as Rich Lubbok is just a pen name.

Electricity Freedom Founder

Who Is Electricity Freedom System for?

I don’t believe that anyone can build a biogas plant to power a complete house with such a small investment of $200 as Rich claims.

However, if you want to buy the program out of curiosity, then that’s fine as you get a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link on this review.

But remember that the refund doesn’t include the material, devices and tools you will buy to build the system.

If you want a proven way to eliminate your bill entirely, then the last section of this Electricity Freedom System review is for you.

Electricity Freedom System Support

You can get the support for the Electricity Freedom System through the link on their contact page.

Electricity Freedom System Support

But if you want to complain about the Electricity Freedom System and get a refund, then you can do so through the instructions in the confirmation email you received from the retailer, ClickBank, when you purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Electricity Freedom a Scam?

I wouldn’t consider the Electricity Freedom System to be a scam as there’s a money back guarantee with it, and it has some material in it.

But I consider the claims of eliminating your power bill with it to be unrealistic.

This is my conclusion to this Electricity Freedom System review.

100% Legit Alternative to Electricity Freedom to Eliminate Bills?

Yes, and at $0 investment from your side!

You can eliminate your power bill entirely by installing a solar panel system for your home, which would generate electricity to give to the grid during the day, so that you withdraw your need of energy at night from the utility meter and not end up paying a lot.

But you need professionals to design the necessary system and install it for you.

And although it used to cost a lot in the past, but nowadays, there are companies like SunPower that help you find financing solutions so that you install the whole system with $0 down payment.

Electricity Freedom System Alternative
This is a great alternative to the Electricity Freedom System, and one that is proven to work as hundreds of thousands of homeowners are using solar panels to eliminate their power bills all over the world.

If you are interested in getting an appointment, no strings attached, you can visit SunPower’s website, enter your location zip code, and complete a 1-minute survey, and they will contact you to arrange for an appointment to help you find the possible financing solutions so that you install your solar panel system with a $0 cost.

I hope that you found my honest Electricity Freedom review helpful and saved you the time and trouble.

If you still have any question about anything mentioned here, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Electricity Freedom System


Electricity Freedom System












  • About Renewable Energy
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims of Big Savings with a Small System
  • No Real Testimonials Available
  • Many Scammy Reviews Promoting it
  • Real Founder Is Unknown

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