Infinite Energy Generator Review

What is this secret device that helps you cut 70% of your bill this month? Is the Infinie Energy Generator a hoax or real?

How can something create infinite energy from nothing?

This is why a friend asked me as I have more than a decade of experience working as an electrical engineer.

And after I saw the video promoting this program, and after reading all those useless reviews online, I decided to write my honest and unbiased Infinite Energy Generator review in order to help you know if you should join this program, or you would waste your time and money by doing so.

And don’t worry, because in the last section of this review, I will tell you about my alternative to Jame’s Carter Infinite Electricity Generator, which could help you cut more than 70% of your bill, and even without investing anything from your pocket.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Infinite Energy Generator Review Summary

  • Name: Infinite Energy Generator
  • Website:
  • Founders: James Carter (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 3 of 10
  • Support: 3 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $37 One-time payment. A discounted price of $25 will be offered if you visit the sales page and then try to close the tab. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get the plans through any link in this Infinite Energy Generator review.
  • Recommended? No. (Check out the last section of this review for my recommended alternative to really cut your electric bill for more than 70%, and with $0 investment)

Overall Rating: 3.2 of 10

Summary: The Infinite Energy Generator program gives unrealistic claims of a device that can create an infinite amount of electric energy and cuts your electric bill by up to 70%.

What Is Infinite Energy Generator?

Infinite Energy Generator is a program that is supposed to give you step-by-step plans and guides on how to create a generator that can create unlimited amounts of electric energy in order to power your home’s appliances, and cut your power bills by up to 70% or more.

Infinite Energy Generator

The spokesperson in the Infinite Energy Generator video says that he invented this device with his experience as an electrical engineer after getting fed up by the high power bills he receives every month, and that he created his Infinite Power Generator at home for a low cost.

But how is that possible, and how does it work?

This is what I will answer next.

How Does The Infinite Energy Generator Work?

The spokesperson, who is supposed to be the inventor of the Infinite Energy Generator, James Carter, doesn’t explain how the device works and generates infinite amounts of energy.

He just shows a demonstration of set of devices, including a rotating one (generator), connected to one another, and one of them has an outlet to which you can connect a laptop or a phone charger, and it would power them.

How Infinite Energy Generator Works

He makes you believe that this generator rotates endlessly and generate electricity non-stop, without any kind of fuel to power it.

But is that possible?

Or is James Carter just lying to you in order to sell you his useless plans?

The answer comes now.

Is The Infinite Energy Generator a Hoax?

Yes, it is.

You cannot generate an infinite amount of electricity without anything to fuel it.

As per the law of conservation of energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but transformed from one form to another.

Every electric generator needs a mechanical source of energy in order to power it.

And this mechanical source could be a wind or water turbine, a steam turbine, a gas turbine, a diesel turbine, …etc.

And this source would need to be continuously fed in order to keep rotating, and then to rotate the electric generator with it.

And although this circuit that you saw in the video of the Infinite Energy Generator program doesn’t have any of these, but actually the rotating device itself has an electric motor in it!

This means that the electric motor is using electricity in order to move the electric generator, which then creates electricity.

And the electric motor is being powered by the set of batteries connected together.

Infinite Energy Generator Hoax

And the cost of getting these batteries, or charging them using electricity from the utility meter, would cost you more than what the utility would charge you in order to draw power directly from any outlet at home in order to charge the laptop or the phone.

Not to mention that adding more parts to the system, like these small wires and the motor-generator set, would have energy losses associated with it.

Therefore, the whole thing called Infinite Energy Generator doesn’t make any sense.

If anything, it will cost you more than what you would pay for electricity without using it.

These are very similar to the misleading claims given in the Easy DIY Power Plan, and in the Power Efficiency Guide.

You might say now:

Then What about All Those Positive Reviews on The Infinite Energy Generator?

These Infinite Energy Generator scam reviews where written by affiliates who know nothing about electricity, and none of them tried to apply what is in the program.

They are after getting paid by James Carter if they promote his plans to you.

Even the websites where these affiliates publish their Infinite Energy Generator reviews are either general websites that have nothing to do with electricity, or low quality sites that were started just to promote such programs like Infinite Energy Generator and like the Energy Liberation Army Generator scam I exposed earlier.

Is Infinite Energy Generator Legit
But I write reviews about these programs out of my knowledge and experience as an electrical engineer, and this website you are on now, Bills Wiz, is all about ways to save on utility bills.

Any Infinite Energy Generator Customer Reviews?

No, I couldn’t find any consumer reviews or reports for the Infinite Energy Generator program by James Carter, neither on Trustpilot, nor on any similar platform.

Even the disclaimer on the sales page of the Infinite Energy Generator program tells you that the results in the testimonials in the video are not to be expected.

Infinite Energy Generator Testimonials

Want a real and legitimate way to cut your electric bill for more than 70%? Then you should read the last section of this Infinite Energy Generator review.

Infinite Energy Generator Price

The cost of buying the Infinite Energy Generator plans and blueprints is a one-time payment of $37.Infinite Energy Generator Price

And you need up to $100 or more for the devices and tools you need to use to build this generator.

Infinite Energy Generator Discount

You can get the discounted price of $25 for the Infinite Energy Generator blueprints and guides if you visit the sales page from any link on this review, and then try to close that tab, where they show you the discounted price.

Infinite Energy Generator Discount

Infinite Energy Generator Blueprints Free Download

The Infinite Energy Generator blueprints and guides are not available to download for free, and you can only get them by purchasing them through the official site.

And if you want to buy them, but you are worried about getting scammed by James Carter, then here’s something for you.

Infinite Energy Generator Refund

The Infinite Energy Generator plans come with a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you get them through any link in this review.

But notice that the refund doesn’t cover the tools and devices you purchase, and most importantly, your time and the disappointment.

Infinite Energy Generator Pro’s & Con’s


  • There’s a money back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Misleading information about electricity generation.
  • No real testimonials for the Infinite Energy Generator program.
  • Many scam reviews promoting it.
  • Fake founder, as James Carter is just a pen name.

Infinite Energy Generator Founder

Who Is Infinite Energy Generator for?

For no one but those who want to waste their time and money.

If you want a real alternative to Infinite Energy Generator that works, then the last section of this review is the way to go.

Infinite Energy Generator Support

There’s no clear way to contact the support of the Infinite Energy Generator program on the sales page, but mostly you can contact them inside the members’ area after you purchase the program.

But if you want to complain about Infinite Energy Generator and request a refund, then you need to follow the steps you got in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Infinite Energy Generator a Scam?

I’m going to say that Infinite Energy Generator is not a scam since there’s a money back guarantee on it, if you get it through any of the links in this review.

But it is a waste of time to try to create a generator that creates electricity out from nothing.

This is my conclusion of this Infinite Energy Generator review.

100% Legit Alternative to Infinite Energy Generator?

Yes, an alternative that can cut more than 70% of your power bill, and you can get it without investing from your own money!

This alternative is a proven one, and it is used widely all over the world, which is nothing other than the solar panel system.

These can produce more than your home’s need during the day, and pump it to the grid, and at night, you withdraw your need from the grid, and the meter will count both ways, and the end result would be a much lower bill.

You might say now:

But solar panels cost thousands of dollars, how can I get them for free?

This is because leading companies in the solar industry, such as SunPower for example, now offer to find you financing solutions for your solar system so that you install it without paying anything from your pocket.

Infinite Energy Generator Alternative

You can visit SunPower’s site, enter your location’s zip code, and complete a 1-minute survey, and their team will contact you to arrange for an appointment so that you discuss with them the available financing solutions that can help you.

This is the way to go if you asked me, and not with the mysterious Infinite Energy Generator that doesn’t really work.

I hope my honest Infinite Energy Generator review was insightful to you.

If you still have any question or though that you want to share, please, leave it in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to get back to you asap 🙂

Infinite Energy Generator


Infinite Energy Generator












  • There’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims of Infinite Energy Device
  • No Real Testimonials to Be Found Online
  • Many Scam Reviews Promoting it
  • Unknown Real Founder

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