Power Efficiency Guide Review

Power Efficiency Guide Scam Review

Can you really cut 60% of your electric bill with the spinning and multiplication principles, or is the Power Efficiency Guide a hoax?

My friend asked me this because I have more than ten years of experience as an electrical engineer and an energy manager.

And after seeing all those reviews telling you to buy this program claiming that it can really help you, I decided to write this honest and unbiased Power Efficiency Guide review in order to help you know the truth about Mark Edwards and his generator.

And in the last section of this review, I will tell you about a legit alternative that could help you eliminate your bill entirely.

Let’s jump in!

Power Efficiency Guide Review Summary

  • Name: Power Efficiency Guide
  • Website: www.PowerEfficiencyGuide4All.com
  • Founders: Mark Edwards (Pen name)
  • Quality: 5 of 10
  • Support: 5 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: One-time payment of $49. You also need money to spend on material and tools. 60-Day money back guarantee on the program.
  • Recommended? Not by me

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 4 of 10

Summary: Power Efficiency Guide uses inaccurate and incorrect scientific facts in order to convince you that you can multiply energy through the “spinning principle” in order to generate a lot of electricity that can feed your home’s appliances and cut your electric bill significantly.

This is not how energy works, and there’s no evidence that you can get these results with this method.

The last section of this honest review can show you real ways to reduce electric bill and even eliminate it.

What Is Power Efficiency Guide?

Power Efficiency Guide is a training course and guide that is supposed to show you how to build a device that works as an electric generator, except that this device can be powered with a small amount of energy that could be enough to provide electricity for your home and save on your electric bill.

Power Efficiency Guide

This is very similar to the claims used to promote another program that I exposed in my Easy DIY Power Plan review.

Even the video you see for the rotating wheels is the same video used to promote that program.

But how does these generators work?

This is what we will see next.

How Does The Power Efficiency Guide Device Work?

Mark Edwards claims that you can follow the Power Efficincy Guide plans in order to set-up a machine that consists of two cogwheels, a belt, three wooden wheels, and give a small amount of energy for one of the wheels in order to make it spin, and that this will make it multiply the energy into several times the original value through the “Spinning principle”.

How Power Efficiency Guide Works

This means that you can supply this device with a small amount of electricity from the utility company, and it would multiply it into several sums so that you can use it to power your home’s devices, which will result in lowering your electric bill.

But are these claims true, or is the Power Efficiency Guide a scam?

Does The Power Efficiency Guide Really Work?

Unfortunately, the claims used in the Power Efficiency Guide in order to justify how you can multiply energy through the spinning principle are in controversy with the law of conservation of energy.

As per this proven law, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can rather be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

And this means that you cannot multiply energy by simply creating a device with few wheels and a belt where you give energy to rotate one wheel, and then the other wheel would create more energy than what you put into the first one.

Is Power Efficiency Guide a Scam

And you might now ask:

But What about The Spinning Principle?

I can tell you that this has nothing to do with multiplication energy.

The spinning is required in electric generators in order to create a rotating magnetic field, which helps in creating an electric current.

But this spinning requires a certain amount of mechanical energy to feed it, so that it can produce a current that would result in providing an equal amount of electric energy, assuming that the system is 100% efficient and that there are no losses in the system, which is NEVER the case.

And the more electric energy you need to get out of the generator, the more mechanical energy you need to put into it.

In a nutshell, the spinning principle has nothing to do with multiplying energy and saving on your electricity bill.

But What about All These Positive Reviews Promoting Power Efficiency Guide?

I call these the Power Efficiency Guide scam reviews.

These reviews were not created by specialized people on specialized websites, but rather, they were created by marketers who would promote anything to you just because they want to get a commission from the seller if you click on the links on their reviews and buy the Power Efficiency Guide program.

Power Efficiency Guide Fake ReviewsI’m an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, and I have built this website, Bills Wiz, in order to help people save on their utility bills.

These are similars to the Ground Power Generator reviews that promote it as the solution to eliminating your bills with an unproven technology that is not feasible yet.

If you want something that really works on providing you with free energy, you should check out the last section of this Power Efficiency Guide review.

Any Power Efficiency Guide Customer Reviews?

Unfortunately, there are no consumer reviews or reports for the Power Efficiency Guide program, neither on Trustpilot nor anywhere else.

Power Efficiency Guide Price

The cost of purchasing the Power Efficiency Guide is a one-time fee of $49.

Power Efficiency Guide Price

And you also need money to buy the material and tools you need to use in order to assemble the device.

Power Efficiency Guide Discount

You can get a 45% discount on the Power Effeciency Guide system if you follow these steps:

  1. Click on any of the links on this review to visit the PowerEfficiencyGuide4All.com website.
  2. Spend few seconds there, and then move the cursor to the top of the screen as if you were to close the tab.
  3. A pop-up will appear to offer you to read the text presentation, click on it.
  4. On the next page, move the cursor again to the top of the screen, and a pop-up will appear to offer you the discounted price of $29.

Power Efficiency Guide Discount

Power Efficiency Guide Free Download

Many are looking for a free download of the Power Efficiency Guide PDF and video lessons, but they are not available, and the only way to get it is by buying it from their official site.

However, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee on the Power Efficiency Guide if you purchase it through any of the links in this review.

This makes it safe to buy it and see what is in it, but remember that the refund doesn’t include the material and tools you would be.

Power Efficiency Guide Pro’s & Con’s


  • There’s a discount that you can get through the steps mentioned above.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Misleading claims about how energy works.
  • Does not save on your electric bill as promised.
  • No legit customer testimonials on the Power Efficiency Guide system.
  • Many scam reviews trying to promote the program to you.
  • The founder is using a fake name.

Power Efficiency Guide Founder

Who Is Power Efficiency Guide for?

Not for anyone who wants to save on power bills.

If you want real was to reduce electric bill, check out the last section below.

Power Efficiency Guide Support

You can contact the Power Efficiency Guide support team through the email on the “Contact” page on their website.

In order to ask for a refund on the Power Efficiency Guide, you can contact the retailer, ClickBank, through the steps mentioned in the confirmation email you get when you first buy the program.

Power Efficiency Guide Support

Conclusion – Is Power Efficiency Guide a Scam?

I wouldn’t call it a complete scam as there’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy it through any of the links on this review.

However, I would say that the claims of cutting your bill with the “spinning” and “multiplication” principles are not true, and that’s why I don’t recommend wasting your time in the first place.

This is my conclusion to this unbiased Power Efficiency Guide review.

A 100% Legit Alternative to The Power Efficiency Guide?

You can cut your electric bill or even eliminate it with different devices and technologies, such as:

  1. Using appliances that adopt new technologies that are energy efficient, such as LED bulbs and Energy Star appliances.
  2. Using any of the devices that can regulate the work of big appliances like smart thermostats for heating and cooling systems.
  3. Using green energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy.

And while the first and second recommendations can help significantly reduce your electric bill, the third one can lead to completely eliminating your bill depending on the space you have to install these systems, and the location where you live.

Solar systems seem to be the most viable and low-maintenance system to provide clean energy at the time being.

And if you were concerned about the cost of installing a complete solar panel system, then don’t worry too much, because there are financing solutions that allow you to install a complete system with a zero-dollar investment.

You can get free solar system quotations from different companies and see what solution fits your case the best.

These are the right alternatives to Mark Edwards generator that doesn’t cut your bill as promised.

If you still have questions about anything mentioned in this Power Efficiency Guide review, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

Power Efficiency Guide








Refund Possibility





  • Discount is available
  • 60-Day money back guarantee


  • Misleading scientific information
  • Incorrect claims about saving on power bills
  • Unknown real founder
  • No legit user testimonials
  • Many fake reviews trying to promote it

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