Easy DIY Power Plan Review

Easy DIY Power Plan Scam Review

Because I’m an experienced electrical engineer, a friend ask me once: is the Easy Power Plan a hoax? or is it a legitimate blueprint that can help you build a generator that could “multiply” energy in order to help you cut more than 60% of your bill?

I checked out their website, and because of their claims, and after I saw other websites trying to push you into buying the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints so that they get a commission, I decided to write this different and unbiased Easy DIY Power Plan review here on Bills Wiz.

I will tell you here the truth about Ryan Taylor, his blueprints and if they work or not, and what alternatives should you consider in order to cut your electric bill.

Important Note: You could eliminate your electric bill almost entirely like thousands of American home owners did without paying anything from your pocket with the solution in the last section of this review below!

Let’s dive in!

Easy DIY Power Plan Review Summary

  • Name: Easy DIY Power Plan
  • Website: www.EasyDIYPowerPlan.com
  • Founders: Ryan Taylor (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 5 of 10
  • Support: 5 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $49Unit, Discounted at $27 if you click on the link above to visit the sales page, and then try to close the tab.
  • Recommended? No.

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 4 of 10

Summary: The Easy DIY Power Plan blueprint does not work on reducing your electric bill as promised, as there’s nothing called “multiplication of energy”.

The sales pitch of Ryan Taylor’s Easy DIY Power Plan contains a lot emotional tricks and misleading technical information in order to get you buy the program.

The only good thing about the Easy Power Plan blueprints is the 60-day money back guarantee, which makes it safe to buy it to see what is in it.

What Is The Easy Power Plan?

The Easy Powe Plan is a blueprint is a PDF guide that is supposed to show you how you can build a device that can generate electricity for you based on the principle of “energy multiplication” that is used in electric cars to recharge batteries when the system is not used to its full capacity.

Easy DIY Power Plan

But how does this apply to using the Easy Power Plan device to reduce your electric bills?

This is what we will see next.

How Does The Easy Power Plan Work?

Ryan Taylor says that it is possible to use the same principle of charging batteries in electric cars, in order to create the Easy DIY Power Plan generator for your home.

How Easy Power Plan Works

And the aim is to charge batteries to store electricity when you don’t use a lot of electricity at your home, and then multiply that energy and increase its volume to use it later when you need it.

And this is supposed to lower your electric bill for up to 60% or more of its normal value.

But are these claims realistic, or is the Easy DIY Power Plan a hoax?

This is what you will find out in the next section of this Easy Power Plan generator review.

Is The Easy Power Plan a Hoax?

Ryan Taylor says that you can multiply a certain amount of energy and increase its volume, and that’s how the Easy DIY Powe Plan generator works, which does not make sense at all.

There’s no such a thing that is called “energy multiplication”.

This goes completely against the proven law of conservation of energy, which indicates that energy cannot be created or eliminated, but transformed from one form to another. (Source: Wikipedia)

And Ryan Taylor says that you can use his Easy Power Plan blueprints in order to create a generator that can work against this law, in order to store a small amount of electricity in batteries, and then multiply it into several times of its original value.

Easy Power Plan Hoax

What Ryan says, is that when you have a small electricity usage at home, you can use the Easy DIY Power Plan device in order to use the electricity coming from the utility company in order to operate a rotating wheel, which then charges a set of batteries that store the energy.

And later, when you need to use a lot of electricity to operate many appliances, you can use the energy stored in these batteries in order to supply your appliances.

And he says that the electricity stored in these batteries can multiply itself into multiple sums, which means that you can use more electricity than what you have withdrawn from the utility, which helps lower your bill.

Why Ryan Taylor’s Easy Power Plan Generator Doesn’t Work

Simply, and as per the law of energy conservation, because if you want to charge a battery in order to provide you with a certain amount of energy you use later, then you would need at least, the same amount of energy to be withdrawn from the utility meter.

This mean that you get billed the same amount of electricity you would get billed even if you didn’t use the Easy Power Plan generator.

Of course, this is assuming that your system was ideal and 100% efficient, but that would never be the case.

Easy Power Plan Device Concept

All systems that store energy in batteries, and then releases them into usable energy to supply loads lose some energy during the processes of storing and releasing energy.

This means that no electric storing/generating system can be 100% efficient.

And that means, that with Ryan Taylor’s Easy Power Plan device, you would even withdraw from the utility more than what you normally withdraw without this device, in order to power the same appliances with the same amount of energy.

This means that the Easy DIY Power Plan generator cannot reduce your electric bill, but actually increase it!

So, in addition to the cost of the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints, and the costs of the material and labor used to build the device, you would also get a higher electric bill if you use this device.

But What about All The Positive Easy Power Plan Reviews on Other Sites?

There are many Easy Power Plan ripoff reviews out there on different sites that are not even related to the topic of electricity, and they were not written by people with knowledge on this matter.

These are shady marketers that want you to click on the links in their Easy DIY Power Plan scam reviews, which have tracking codes, so that when you buy the blueprints, they get a big commission from the seller of the program.

Easy DIY Power Plan Fraud

I’m an electrical engineer and a certified energy manager, and I know that the technical information used to explain how this generator works are incorrect and misleading.

This is probably the only negative Easy DIY Power Plan review that you would find out there, because it is created by someone who’s work is to help people reduce their bills with this website, Bills Wiz.

Easy Power Plan Customer Reviews

I tried to look for any Easy DIY Power Plan Customer Reviews from people who purchased it, but there aren’t any reviews that you can verify for the Easy Power Plan on BBB.org, nor n Trustpilot.

The Founder of Easy Power Plan Debunked

The sales video on the Easy Power Plan website shows a man that claims to be a geography teacher from Memphis.

But this is not true.

If you scroll down on the same page, you will see a note saying that this is just a pen name, and the spokesperson in the video is actually the Easy Power Plan fake founder.

Easy Power Plan Founder

Easy DIY Power Plan Price

The price of the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints is a one-time payment of $49.

And when you buy it, you might get offered to buy some other products that come as upsells.

Easy Power Plan Price

Easy DIY Power Plan Discount

If you want a discount on the Easy DIY Power Plan book, you can get a 45% discount by visiting their website through any of the links in this Easy Power Plan review, spend few seconds there, and then move the cursor as if you wanted to leave the tab, and a pop-up will appear offering you the discounted price of $27.

Easy Power Plan Blueprint Discount

Easy DIY Power Plan Blueprints Free Download

Many people are searching for the Easy DIY Power Plan PDF book in order to download it for free, but it is not available.

The only way to get it is to buy through their website.

And if you are worried about losing your money with it, then here’s something that makes it safer:

Easy DIY Power Plan Refund

The Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, because it is sold through a retailer that is called ClickBank, which offers this guarantee on most of the products listed there.

Easy Power Plan Refund

This means that you can purchase the Easy Power Plan blueprints by Ryan Taylor

, see what is in it, try to build the device, and try it, and if it didn’t work, or if you find the blueprints useless, then you can contact the retailer, ClickBank, in order to get a 100% refund.

If you purchase the Easy Power Plan book, you will get a confirmation email with the receipt, and it will contain instructions on how to request a refund when you need it.

In any case, I don’t recommend that you waste your time in the first place.

Pro’s & Con’s of Easy Power Plan by Ryan Taylor


  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy the Easy DIY Power Plan Blueprints.
  • You can get a 45% discount of you buy the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints.


  • Misleading information about how energy works.
  • Incorrect claims of the ability of cutting more than 60% of your electric bill with the Easy DIY Power Plan generator.
  • Unknown real founder.
  • No real consumer reviews for the Easy Power Plan blueprints.
  • Many Easy DIY Power Plan scam reviews trying to push people into buying the book.

Who Is Easy Power Plan for?

In my opinion, no one can really save 60% or more on the electric bill with the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprint, as energy cannot be multiplied and created out of nothing.

If you have already bought the Easy DIY Power Plan, then remember that you have a 60-day money back guarantee where you can get a full refund.

But if you want real ways and devices to lower your electric bill, then you should consider the alternatives in the last section of this Easy Power Plan honest review.

Easy DIY Power Plan Support

To request support for the Easy DIY Power Plan blueprints after you buy it, or if you have questions about it, you can contact the support team through the email address on their Contact page.

Easy Power Plan Complaints

And if you have problems with your order, such as not receiving the Easy Power Plan blueprints after you order it, then you should contact ClickBank, the retailer.

Easy Power Plan Complaints

For Easy Power Plan consumer complaints, you can contact the retailer, ClickBank, in order to complain about the program and get a refund.

The instructions are in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the blueprints.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a listing for the Easy Power Plan blueprints on Trustpilot or on the BBB website.

Conclusion – Is The Easy DIY Power Plan a Scam or Legit?

We can’t say that the Easy DIY Power Plan is a total scam because you can ask for a 100% refund within 60 days of purchasing the blueprints, and you can get it, no questions asked.

However, we can’t also say that the Easy DIY Power Plan is completely legit and worth buying, because they use misleading claims in the sales pitch that cannot be justified based on the laws of energy.

Remember that they don’t refund you for the time, effort, disappointment, and the cost of the material you would use to create the Easy Power Plan device before discovering that it doesn’t save on your electric bill.

This is my conclusion of this Ryan Taylor Easy Power Plan scam review.

Legit Alternatives to The Easy Power Plan That Work?

As I explained earlier, the claims used to explain how the Easy Power Plan generator can cut electric bill are misleading and similar to the claims used to justify buying electricity saving box scams like the Heunwa device, which all don’t work.

If you really want to reduce your electric bill, then there are many options, which work on real scientific basis, such as using new technologies to manufacture efficient appliances, or by using devices that convert (NOT multiply) energy from one form to another, like the solar panels.

Or you could invest in devices that regulate the operation of major appliances, like the programmable thermostats that help you to economically run your air conditioner.

If you are interested in knowing about specific options that you could invest in, then check out my list of electricity saving devices for homes to get more insights.

But What about Eliminating Power Bill Entirely Like 1,000’s of US Home Owners Did? (And without Paying from Your Own Pocket!)

Here’s my best alternative to the Easy DIY Power Plan.

If you want to eliminate your electric bill at home, then the ultimate solution is to install a solar system that generates electricity and gives it to the utility during the day, and then you can withdraw your needs from the utility meter during the night.

This is the best solution and the most feasible one to help you with power costs.

And if you are worried about the cost of installing the solar panels, then don’t worry!

There are companies like SunPower that can help you get financing in order to install a complete solar system with $0 investment.

Easy DIY Power Plan Alternative

If you are interested in getting a free quotation and a free appointment to discuss the possible financing solutions, then you can visit SunPower’s website here, fill in your area’s zip code, answer a couple of questions about your current bills and house, and they will contact you shortly.

And if you have any question about anything in this Easy DIY Power Plan review, or if there was a similar program you want me to review from my experience, please, leave it in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to help you asap 🙂

Easy DIY Power Plan








Refund Possibility





  • 45% Discount Is Available
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Misleading Information about Energy
  • Unrealistic Claims of Cutting Electric Bills
  • Unknown Real Founder
  • No Real User Testimonials
  • Many Fraud Reviews Online

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  1. Why don’t these “geniuses” just publish their “energy multiplication” theories and back them up with independently verifiable proof, and get their Nobel Prize in Physics and trillions of dollars in license fees?

    Come to think of it, if NASA invented it, why are they still using rockets?

    • That’s what I keep saying whenever someone says that there’s a secret method to generate electricity that has been used by 60+ thousand families, yet the government and the big corporates are still unaware of it, and they would shut it down if they knew. Lol.

  2. It is too good to believe. The physical laws state if you exert 100% input into anything you can not create a greater output due natural losses. If that was reality that would be all over the news!!!

    • True Jeff.

      Unfortunately, these programs are usually promoted towards people who are uneducated, or towards the older generations thinking that they have forgotten the basics of physics, thinking that they would never research online to find the truth.

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback!

  3. Given the known laws aerodynamics, bumblebees can not fly. It is a fact based on those irrefutable laws. We also know it is impossible to move at the speed of light and faster. Just ask any quark or tachyon. I may be sounding a little funny, but there is no such thing as a 100% settled scientific law. The great scientists of their day knew for a fact the earth was flat and the cosmos orbited around it. The great minds in their day knew for a scientific fact we could not travel at the speed of sound and faster was not even to be dreamed of. I find it ironic that scientific facts change as we discover new facts, but woe to the person who first announces it for they are crazy and to be shunned. Just my .2¢ worth. 🙂

    • Yes, but new facts need to be proven in order to believe them and let them replace the old ones. Until then, we make use of the most updated facts that are proven.

      If the guy behind the Easy DIY Power Plan was right about his discovery, then why aren’t their real, documented results that prove his claims to be right?


  4. As Engineer And Master degree in Psychology I also know from history many situations where people, even ingineers could not Imagine, it will be possible to fly.
    An bycycle machanic will tell us, there are no chain and no pedals inside the airplane, so it would never fly. You are using Wickipedia as a source. The most biased source of all time.

    Question is: did you buy it and build it and see what happen, or did you just made up your mind theoretical with your own narrow believesystem like we all have, before someone build something ‘impossible’ and then we say: damn why did I not have this Idea? It seems often impossible, until one find a way. During my engineering studies, we often received corrections to the textbooks we bought new, but much was already obsolete knowledge. And Wikipedia is the most biased source of all time. So who knows? We must always be open to everything, and see if anyone can do more or better than ourselves. Jealousy can be an ugly trait for academics.

    • Thank you for your valuable comment Mr. Gerrith!

      As I explained in my review above, the claims given in the sales video of the Easy DIY Power Plan contradict the basic laws of physics, and if this system happens to somehow completely change these laws by proving them wrong, it should explain in details how that happens.
      There are many other programs that use false claims and misinformation in order to take people’s money, and I exposed many of them in my reviews here on Bills Wiz.
      These lies are easy to detect with someone with little knowledge in physics and electricity. There’s no need to buy every program and build the “revolutionary system” that won’t work.
      If that must be the case, then I hope that someone of those who write positive reviews just to get a commission from the creator of these programs actually buys the program, build the device, and show use verifiable results.


  5. For $49, I wish someone would buy the book, build the device and then post some photos so that we can all have a laugh. It couldn’t possibly be anything other than a scam but it would be interesting to see just how silly it is and how so many people are duped.

    • True, I wish one of those who say in their reviews that it works show us some evidence that they actually bought the Easy DIY Power Plan and know what is inside it. Lol!

    • Dear Ronaldo,

      Thank you for your question!
      No, the Easy DIY Power Plan program is sold based on incorrect information that completely contradicts the very basic laws related to generating electric energy from mechanical energy. Any experienced engineer, or even energy engineering student in the second year of their study, will tell you that.
      And as I mentioned, there’s no real testimonials from real people who purchased the program that it works as claimed in the video. Even the disclaimer says that there’s no guarantee on results!
      These programs sell on the people who have no knowledge in physics or energy laws, and I don’t want to help them get my money when I already know the truth, even with the money back guarantee, as there are many other programs that are using similar hoax and false information, and it is a hassle to keep buying and requesting refunds while you know the truth in advance.

      Best regards,


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