Watt Pro Saver Review -A Scam or Does it Cut 50% of Your Bill?

Because I’m an electrical engineer, many people ask me these days: is it really guaranteed to cut your electric bill by up to 50% with this new energy saver device, or is the Watt Pro Saver device just another scam?

And after I research this device, I decided to write this honest Watt Pro Saver review in order to help you, and others, keep their money safe and help you know the story behind this kind of power savers that are becoming popular in the market these days.

Important Note: You could eliminate your electric bill almost entirely like thousands of American home owners did without paying anything from your pocket with the solution in the last section of this review below!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Watt Pro Saver Review Summary

  • Name: Watt Pro Saver
  • Website: www.wattprosaver.com
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Quality: 2 of 10
  • Support: 3 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: €39.95/Unit or $47, buy 2 for €59.95 $71 (save €10/unit), buy 3 for €79.95 or $95 (save €13/unit).
  • Recommended? No.

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 1.5 of 10

Summary: Watt Pro Saver device is similar to other scams I exposed earlier, which promise to cut your electric bill by a large percentage based on misleading claims or some magical secret.

This WattPro Saver device review will debunk these claims, and in the last section below, I will guide you to legitimate devices and ways that can really reduce your electricity bill.

What Is Watt Pro Saver Device?

Watt Pro Saver is a device that is being promoted as an energy saver that you can plug in at any socket outlet in your home, office, or workshop, and I will automatically work on regulating the utility electric supply to protect your devices and cut your bill by up to 50%.

Watt Pro Saver Device

The device is very similar in design and shape to other products, like the EcoWatt energy saver scamStopWatt power saver, and many other similar devices that are mass-produced, and then sold under different names in order to scam people who desperately want to cut their electric bill.

How Does Watt Pro Saver Work?

The Watt Pro Saver is supposed by plugging it into any of the power outlets in the place where you want to save electricity, such as a home, an apartment, an office, a restaurant, a shop, …etc.

And after that, you leave it to do its work, which involves:

  1. Stabilizing and regulating the electricity coming from the grid, in order to increase your electric appliances’ efficiency.
  2. Store’s the “dirty energy” and redirect it to be used by devices instead of losing it and getting billed for it anyway. (That’s a lie)
  3. Preventing harmful voltage spikes from hitting your appliances and damaging them.

This is what is mentioned on the WattProSaver.com website, and in the many positive, biased Watt Pro Saver reviews that are out there.

How Watt Pro Saver Works

These are very ambitious claims to say about a simple device like the Watt Pro energy saver, but are they realistic?

The answer follows:

Does Watt Pro Saver Really Work?

No, Watt Pro Saver doesn’t work as advertised on their website or in other positive reviews on different websites that are not specialized in this kind of devices or in ways to save on utility bills, like it is here on Bills Wiz.

In let me say, that regarding the second point about redirecting the “dirty energy” and saving up to 50% on your bill, that this is a complete lie, because this part that they call “dirty energy” is not something you get billed for it in the first place, and therefore, you never save a dime from cutting this part of energy.

Stop Energy Watt Pro Power Saver

  • Upgraded Energy Power Saving Device has flame-Retardant Shell: Flame retardant material shell, high temperature flame retardant does not burnning itself.

  • Overheating Protection: When the continuous working temperature is too high, the power supply will be cut off automatically, and the service will be resumed after it cooling down.

I explained this matter in detail when I answered the question: do power savers really work?

But in brief, electricity we consume in different places comes in two components:

  1. The Active part, which accounts for more than 90% of the energy, and that’s what you get billed for, and it is what Watt Pro Saver does NOT reduce.
  2. The Reactive part, which represents a very small percentage, less than 10%, and the normal utility electric meters do NOT read it, and this is what Watt Pro Saver might reduce.

See the issue here?!

Watt Pro Saver could reduce only the part that you don’t get billed for, which means that you don’t benefit from using this device.

Just to show you how sick their lie is, this part of energy accounts for less than 10% of the energy that comes to your place, and assuming that Watt Pro Saver can eliminate all of it, then how can it save 50% on the bill, guaranteed?!

This is to show you that these products are used to take advantage of the people who don’t have any knowledge about electricity.

Many other sellers use the same claims to promote the same product under different names.

Watt Pro Saver Similar Devices

But What about Protecting Devices from Voltage Spikes with WattPro Saver?

It is not proven that Wattpro Saver device can stabilize voltage or eliminate spikes that can harm your devices.

No diagram is available for its circuitry to study it.

And in any case, the utility companies have their own protection and voltage regulation devices that do all the necessary work in order to keep the voltage supply stable and save for both, humans and devices.

And even if you live in an area where you experience some voltage spikes because of big factories that exist nearby, or because of lightning strikes that sometimes happen, there are special devices that go under certain development and testing procedures.

These are called whole home surge protectors.

And these are manufactured by big companies specialized in electric protective devices, like EATON and Siemens.

Chances are, if you need a surge protector, it might be already installed in your main electric panel.

If you can’t check it out, or you know that it doesn’t exist, and you want to check if you need one to be added, then you better call a qualified electrician to investigate things for you and find you the right device rating based on your loads and area.

Watt Pro Saver Customer Reviews

There are no real customer reviews of Watt Pro Saver that can be verified, and it is not being sold on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Also, Trustpilot doesn’t seem to have reviews for the WattProSaver.com website.

This makes it more suspicious, especially that the manufacturer is unknown.

Watt Pro Saver Consumer Reports

There are also no consumer reports for the Watt Pro Saver that show real savings on electric bill after using it, which should be done under certain conditions that can verify that the savings came form Watt Pro Saver.

For example, if your electric bill during September was around $200, and you used the AC unit for few hours every day, which is one of the reasons of a high electric bill in summer, then on October, when the weather is more moderate and you don’t need to turn on the AC as often and as long, your electric bill will mostly be reduced because of the change in behavior and in your consumption of electricity.

But what might happen is that someone might happen to buy the Watt Pro Saver device, and plug it in one of the outlets at the beginning of October, and when they receive October’s bill that is lower than September’s bill, they would think that it went down because of the Watt Pro Saver, although that wasn’t the case.

But What about Other Positive Reviews of The Watt Pro Saver?

Many of these positive reviews of Watt Pro Saver are actually fake, and they are written by shady marketers who want you to buy the Watt Pro Saver through the link on their reviews (affiliate link), which then qualifies them for a commission from the seller if you end up buying Watt Pro Saver after going from their reviews to the official website to buy it.

Watt Pro Saver Fake Reviews

Please, don’t fall into the trap of these unethical marketers who would say anything to make you buy so that they get paid.

Watt Pro Saver Price & Discount

Watt Pro Saver is sold for €39.95 ($47) per unit on their official website.

And if you buy two units, you pay €59.95 ($71). (you “save” €10/unit)

And for 3 units, you pay €79.95 ($95). (you “save” €13/unit)

Watt Pro Saver Price

But I don’t consider the discount on the Watt Pro Saver meaningful, because whatever you pay for this device, it’s a waste of money in my opinion since it doesn’t lower your bill as promised.

Pro’s & Con’s of Watt Pro Saver


  • Nothing that I can think of.


  • Misleading information about how electricity is metered.
  • Unrealistic claims of magically saving energy with a simple device.
  • Not proven to work on protecting appliances against voltage instability.
  • No real testimonials that can be verified.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Unknown manufacturer or origin.
  • Shady marketing tactics like the fake scarcity and countdown timer.

Stop Energy Watt Pro Power Saver

  • Upgraded Energy Power Saving Device has flame-Retardant Shell: Flame retardant material shell, high temperature flame retardant does not burnning itself.

  • Overheating Protection: When the continuous working temperature is too high, the power supply will be cut off automatically, and the service will be resumed after it cooling down.

Who Is Watt Pro Saver for?

For no one except those who want to waste their money thinking that they can save money on electric bill with some magical device.

Watt Pro Saver Support

On the FAQ’s page on the WattProSaver.com website, you can find some questions that might be helpful to get an answer about your order, shipping details, …etc.

And there are some phone numbers that you can contact for support based on your location.

Watt Pro Saver Support

Watt Pro Saver Complaints

If you want to complain about the Watt Pro Saver because it doesn’t save you 50% on the bill, then the only place to complain is on their website or through their phone numbers, especially that this electricity saver device is not sold anywhere else.

And if you want to ask to return the Watt Pro Saver device you received and get a refund, then I don’t think that you can get your money back as they don’t explicitly offer a money back guarantee.

Conclusion – Is Watt Pro Saver a Scam?

What can you call a device that is sold on the promise of cutting 50% of your bill, guaranteed, while it actually cannot do that?

And worse, there doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee.

I don’t recommend that you buy the Watt Pro Saver because you will just get disappointed.

This is my conclusion of this Watt Pro Saver review.

Legit Watt Pro Saver Alternatives That Reduce The Bill

There are many devices that can be used to reduce your electricity bill, but unlike the Watt Pro Saver, these alternatives work based on realistic and proven scientific basis.

For example, the electric water heater timer can shut off the heater in order not to keep consuming electricity.

And the same goes for the smart programmable thermostat that can help lower the AC bill by regulating the work of the air conditioning, and it does the same with the space heating system.

If you are interested in learning more about these alternatives, then check out my list of energy saving devices for homes.

These can help lower your electric bill, but if you want to eliminate your bill almost entirely, then the solution is to go with renewable energy sources.

And Here’s How 1,000’s of US Home Owners Did it without Investing Money!

Many leading companies in the solar energy field offer to help you find funding for your plant so that you install the complete solar system without paying anything from your pocket.

SunPower is one of the leading and most trusted companies in this field.

You can visit their site here, fill in your ZIP code, and they will ask you to finish a small survey about the size of your place and your monthly bill, and then their qualified team will contact you to arrange for an appointment so that you sit and discuss the available solutions.

And if you still have questions about anything in this Watt Pro Saver device review, or if you want me to review any electricity saving box, then feel free to tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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