EcoWatt Review – A Scam or Does This Energy Saver Work?

Can the EcoWatt electricity saving box cut electric bill up to half of its normal value?! Or is this just another power saver scam?

I have more than 10 years of experience as an electrical engineer and energy manager.

And I wrote this honest and unbiased EcoWatt review in order to help you protect your money before you invest in this, or any other energy saving device.

I won’t just push you to buy it like others do in their reviews where they get paid to tell you to go and buy whatever they are reviewing.

I will explain why this device works, or doesn’t work, and I will offer you a better alternative to EcoWatt in the last section below.

Important Note: You could eliminate your electric bill almost entirely like thousands of American home owners did without paying anything from your pocket with the solution in the last section of this review below!

Let’s dive in!

EcoWatt Review Summary

  • Name: EcoWatt 365 Energy Saver
  • Website: and other marketplaces
  • Manufacturer: Chido
  • Quality: 2 of 10
  • Support: 2 of 10
  • Functionality: 1 of 10
  • Testimonials: 1 of 10
  • Price: $13.95/Unit, $22.95 for 2 units, $29.95 for 3 units.
  • Recommended? No.

Overall Rating: 1.5 of 10

Summary: EcoWatt power saver device does NOT work as it is being marketed that can save you up to 50% on electricity bill by correcting the power factor and stabilizing the voltage coming from the grid.

There’s no real proof of these misleading and unrealistic claims.

What Is EcoWatt 365 Energy Saver?

The EcoWatt electricity saving box is a device that you be claimed to be able to reduce your electric bill by plugging it into the wall power socket at home, shop, office, or anywhere you have electric loads.

EcoWatt Power Saver

On the description on EcoWatt’s listing on Amazon, they say that it follows the latest German technology that saves electricity, but there’s no explanation about what this technique is called.

They also say that it regulates electricity, stores and then redirects “dirty electric energy” in order to use it by appliances instead of wasting it and getting billed for it.

Such vague and broad claims are usually used to promote similar products that don’t work, to people who know nothing about electricity, as it is with the MiracleWatt energy saver scam that I reviewed recently.

How Does EcoWatt Power Saver Work?

As per the description by the seller, you just plug the EcoWatt electricity saving box into electric power outlet in the place where you want to save on the bill, and it will automatically, and magically, do the following:

  1. Stabilize voltage and current coming from the grid in order to make your appliances work more efficiently.
  2. Collect “dirty energy” that would otherwise be lost and you would be billed for it (that’s a lie!), and redirect it into appliances to be used efficiently and save you money on the bill.
  3. Cut the harmful voltage spikes to protect your devices from damages and prolong their lifespan.

How EcoWatt 365 Works

And from my experience as an electrical engineer and energy manager, I can tell you that these claims are either misleading, or unproven to be gain with this EcoWatt device, as I will explain next.

Does EcoWatt Really Work?

No, EcoWatt does NOT work as promised to cut your electric bill by up to 50%, and there’s no proof that it can protect your devices from harmful voltage spikes.

Starting with the saving on electricity claim, they say that EcoWatt can store the energy that would be wasted in a system of capacitors, and then release it to the appliances in order to use it since you are being billed for it.

But these are misleading and inaccurate claims!

To explain it simply, the electric energy you withdraw through the utility meter consists of two components:

  1. The Active Energy: This is what the utility meter reads, and what you pay for.
  2. The Reactive Energy: This is what the meter does NOT read, and you DON’T pay for it, because it’s a small amount.

Capacitors can be used to store and release only the second component, the reactive energy, which your meter doesn’t read and you don’t get billed for!

Therefore, the EcoWatt energy saver is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

I have explained in more details why capacitors can’t reduce electric bill for homes and other small consumers like offices or workshops.

Capacitors are used mainly in big factories, because the utility meters installed there read the reactive energy, and they get billed for it.

But even for these factories, you need a special type, and a specific size of capacitor system that is different from one factory to another, which requires a specialist to design it and install it.

EcoWatt cannot save energy and reduce the bill by working as a capacitor, just like all the similar power savers.

These are actually mass-produced by certain manufacturers, and then sold through different vendors under many different names, but they are all similar to one another.

EcoWatt looks very similar to other scams that I exposed, such as: the StopWatt power saver, OkoWatt, and others.

EcoWatt Similar Scams

They even copied the product description of EcoWatt from the description of OkoWatt, and forget to change the name in some places!

Does EcoWatt Really Work

Another question that you might have now:

But What about Protecting Devices with EcoWatt 365?

I say that there’s no proof on that, especially that there’s no clear diagram of the components of the EcoWatt device that we can investigate.

Devices that protect appliances from voltage spikes are usually manufactured by reputable companies such as: EATON, Intermatic, Siemens and others.

These take a lot of years for design, development and testing until they are ready to use.

You don’t get them from an unknown brand or manufacturer without even a website.

You probably already have one of these whole home surge protectors installed in your main electric panel and you don’t know it.

In short, you don’t need EcoWatt, neither for lowering your electric bill, nor for protecting your devices.

What about The EcoWatt Customer Reviews on Amazon & Walmart?

Many of the reviews of EcoWatt on Amazon and Walmart are negative, and they expose how this device didn’t lower their bill.

EcoWatt Customer Reviews

But even the positive ones, these come from people who are misled by the fact that they saved on their bills not because of EcoWatt, but because of the change in their behaviour in consumption.

You see, as things open up, people start to spend less time indoors and go outside, which means that they will consume less electricity anyway.

This might be the reason why their bills have gone lower, in coincidence, during the same month they purchased and installed the EcoWatt electricity saving box.

Or maybe, it’s the change in the season.

For example, during the hottest months of summer, we don’t to leave the AC on for longer hours, which consumes a lot of energy.

But as the weather starts to go moderate in October for example, we don’t use the AC as often, which means less electricity is drawn through the meter, and thus, a lower bill.

These people thinking that they got a lower bill because of EcoWatt will be disappointed when they notice that the bill has gone up again during winter, or if they go back to lockdowns.

EcoWatt Saver Price

The current price of EcoWatt on Amazon is around $19.95 for one unit.

And if you buy two units, you get a discount on EcoWatt 365, and pay only $22.95 for the two.

And for three units, you pay only $29.95.

However, you might find it cheaper on other websites like for example.

Note that there doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee, and that’s bad because you will need it after you discover that it doesn’t work as promised.

Pro’s & Con’s of EcoWatt Saver Device


  • It is sold on Amazon, which means that you might be able to ask for your money back through Amazon, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Can’t think of anything else.


  • Doesn’t save on electric bill as claimed.
  • Misleading information about how electricity is billed.
  • A copy of other similar power saver scams.
  • Not proven to work on protecting devices from voltage spikes.
  • No clear diagram for its components.
  • Unknown brand with no long history of good products.
  • Not clear how to get support.

Who Is EcoWatt for?

For those who have lots of money and want to waste it on magical devices that don’t reduce electricity bill.

EcoWatt Support

The EcoWatt is sold through Amazon, and if you received it damaged and want a refund, you better contact Amazon’s support.

But regarding how the product works, it is not clear how to contact the vendor other than through Amazon.

There’s a website called ChidoGear, which might belong to the same vendor of EcoWatt, you may be able to contact them there.

EcoWatt Support

Conclusion – Is EcoWatt a Scam?

I don’t know what to call a device that is promised to save you up to 50% on electric bill based on unrealistic and incorrect claims other than a scam.

In any case, to call it a scam or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you won’t save on your electric bill by using EcoWatt or any of the similar energy saving devices.

That’s my conclusion for this EcoWatt energy saver review.

If you want something to really cut your electric bill, then the following section is what you need to read.

Legit EcoWatt Energy Saving Alternatives

There are many devices that can help you save on electric energy, but these should work based on realistic and scientific basis, such as regulating the consumption of AC units and lighting, or by producing electricity from the sun or the wind.

If you are interested in finding legitimate alternative devices to EcoWatt that can really save on your energy bill, then check my list of devices and gadgets that can lower your electricity bill.

And although these alternatives can help in reducing your power bill, but if you want to eliminate your electric bill almost entirely, then the solution is to find a free alternative energy source, like the renewable energy sources; sun and wind.

And Here’s How 1,000’s of US Home Owners Did it without Investing Any Money!

There are now many of the big and leading companies in the solar industry that offer to assist you in finding the necessary financing for your solar panel system, so that you install a complete solar plant without paying any money from your pocket.

And one of the biggest and most trusted companies is SunPower.

You may visit SunPower’s official site, enter your ZIP code, complete the 1-minute survey about the size of your house and your monthly electric bill, and they will contact you in order to arrange for an appointment where you sit and discuss the available financing solutions.

And if you still have any question about anything in this EcoWatt 365 review, or about any other magical power saving device, then please, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section, and I will do my best to help you out asap 🙂

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