Uber Watts Review – A New Scam to Avoid?

Is Uber Watts a scam or does it really save on the electric bill?

How does work? And is it different from other energy saver devices out there?

I’m an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, and in this honest Uber Watts review, I will tell you why you should be worried before buying this device, and how the return guarantee might be deceiving you.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Uber Watts Review Summary

  • Name: Uber Watts Energy Saver
  • Website: www.UberTech.shop
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Quality: 3 of 10
  • Support: 3 of 10
  • Functionality: 2 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: €47.95/Unit (around $57), Buy 2 get 10% off, buy 3 get 15% off, buy 5 get 20% off.
  • Recommended? No.

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 2 of 10

Summary: There’s no clear evidence that Uber Watts can save you hundreds of euros on electric bill per month by reducing “dirty electricity” in the cables, and it is not proven to protect devices from harmful spikes in voltage.

What Is Uber Watts?

Uber Watts is a device that is being promoted as an electricity saving device that you can plug in the wall power socket outlet and it will magically reduce your electric bill for up to hundreds of dollars or euros by minimizing what they call the “dirty electricity” that runs through cables.

Uber Watts Electricity Saver

It is also claimed on the sales page of Uber Watts saver that it works on regulating electricity and on cutting the harmful spikes in voltage that can cause problems to your electric appliances.

To be honest, I know that what is claimed about reducing the electric bill with Uber Watts is unrealistic, as I will explain in the following section.

And even for regulating the voltage and protecting devices against voltage surges and spikes, there are proven devices from reputable manufacturers that are available in the market instead of going after Uber Watts and similar devices that are not proven to do any of that.

How Does Uber Watts Work?

Uber Watts is supposed to provide two advantages, and I will debunk both claims as follows:

First, they tell you that Uber Watts works on reducing electricity bill buy hundreds of euros or dollars per month just by eliminating something the call “dirty electricity”.

And secondly, they claim that Uber Watts protects your appliances by regulating the voltage and reducing voltage spikes.

How Uber Watts Work

And I can tell you that both claims are unrealistic and unproven, as I will detail now.

Does Uber Watts Save Electricity?

To start with this claim, let me explain that there’s nothing bad about the so called “dirty electricity”.

It is being described this way sometimes in order to misguide people who know nothing about electric energy.

Put simply, there are two components of electric power that most appliances require in order to function:

  • Active power that actually does the heavy work, and this is what the electric meter for home, shops, offices, and commercial consumers measures.
  • Reactive power that is necessary to help give magnetic field for motors in fridges and pumps in order to help them rotate, but the utility meter does not read this one for small consumers like houses, offices, small shops, …etc.

And what they call here as “dirty electricity” is actually the reactive power that meters don’t read and you don’t pay for it in the first place.

The way they can reduce the amount of this power or electricity is by installing a small piece that is called a capacitor inside the Uber Watts device, which in turn might reduce the current responsible for this reactive power, and they tell you that this reduction can lower your bill, which is untrue because your meter cannot read this value and you don’t get charged for it.

I have explained in depth in a previous article why capacitors cannot reduce electric bill for home and other small consumers.

Does Uber Watts Save Electricity

Actually, there are many other similar devices sold under different names that I exposed in my electricity saving box scam review, where I explained that these power savers don’t really work as claimed.

If you want devices that really save on your electric bill, then check out the last section of this Uber Watts review for legit alternatives that work.

Now that I have clarified why Uber Watts cannot reduce electric bill, let’s jump to the next claim.

Does Uber Watts Protect Against Surges & Voltage Spikes?

It is not proven yet that Uber Watts can protect your electric appliances against the harm caused by voltage surges and spikes.

Most of the utility electric companies in the world offer a steady voltage supply and have protection devices that eliminate harmful voltage spikes.

However, sometimes spikes would happen when a very big load near your house gets shut down, like a complete factory or a set of big machines.

And assuming that this happens a lot near your place, and that your appliances get broken because of it, there are already proven devices to protect your electric wiring system and appliances against it.

These devices are called whole house surge protectors, which are usually installed by a professional electrician inside the main electric panel at home, offices, shops, …etc.

And they come in different shapes and from different reputable manufacturers like Siemens and other specialized companies.

Uber Watts Alternative Surge Protectors

You don’t get such an important device from an unknown brand and unknown manufacturer like Uber Watts or the other device I exposed in my Energy Saver Pro review.

You probably have one installed in your main panel and you don’t know it.

If you are concerned about the need and the existence of such a device in your electric panel, you better consult an electrician instead of buying Uber Watts and plugging it into the wall.

Uber Watts Price

Uber Watts is sold only through one website for the price of €47.95 (Around $57) for one unit.

And if you buy two units, you get a 10% discount.

If you buy three units, you get a 15% discount.

And in case you order five units of Uber Watts, you get a 20% discount.

Uber Watts Returns & Refunds

On the sales page of Uber Watts power saver on the UberTech.shop website, it is claimed that there’s a 15-day return guarantee.

However, don’t let this fool you!

When you go to the “Returns” page, you will find out that this is a conditional guarantee, and there are costs associated with it.

For example, if you wish to return the Uber Watts device, it should be still unused, in the package with the original sealing.

Uber Watts Refund

If you open the package and try to seal it again in any way, even if the product is still unused, you don’t qualify for a refund.

And if the product is damaged, then you don’t qualify for a refund.

What if the product was damaged during the shipping from the seller to you?!

And on top of that, you pay for shipping it back to the source, and you will get charged for the original shipping cost, which is not disclosed!

This means that you don’t get all of your money back.

And if you claim that the product is defective and you want to return it, then they have the right to refuse refunding you if they consider the product to be defected due to “misuse”!

Who decides why the product is defected?

Honestly, if you want to buy Uber Watts, then consider buying it without the return guarantee.

Pro’s & Con’s of Uber Watts Energy Saver


  • 15-Day Return guarantee, but a conditional one as explained in the previous section.


  • Misleading about saving hundreds of dollars/euros on electric bill.
  • Not proven for surge protection.
  • Unknown brand, manufacturer and country of origin.
  • The return guarantee is hard to get.
  • Very expensive.
  • Unverified testimonials from real users.
  • Only available to buy form one website, which looks shady.

Who Is Uber Watts for?

Not for anyone in my opinion.

I cannot recommend a tool that is not proven to work as advertised, especially that it is not from a reputable brand with proven results.

Uber Watts Support

The Uber Watts saver is sold only on UberTech.shop, and if you want to contact them for support, then you can contact them through the email on their website.

No phone number is available for requesting support for Uber Watts energy saver.

Conclusion – Is Uber Watts a Scam?

It is up to you to consider Uber Watts a scam or not. Since you get something in return of the money you pay, even if it doesn’t really work as advertised, then probably we cannot call it a scam.

But just because you get some device in exchange of the money, it does not mean that you should buy it, as you will mostly waste your money and time.

This is my conclusion for this Uber Watts review.

Don’t buy any of these kinds of electricity saving boxes or power savers that are advertised based on some magical ways of saving electricity.

Uber Watts Similar Scams

Then Why Do Other Websites Promote it?

It is because the website that sells Uber Watts pays a commission for every website that brings them new buyers to purchase Uber Watts from them.

These websites care about making money from you instead of helping you save money on the electricity bill.

Legit Alternatives to Uber Watts That Reduce Electric Bill

There are some devices that can really help you lower your electric bill, but these should be clear about how they work.

For example, these could be:

  • Devices that follow a new technology that is more efficient, like LED light bulbs.
  • Devices that help you conserve the energy such as insulation and sealant material.
  • Devices that regulate the use of appliances, like the smart thermostat for AC and heating systems.
  • Devices that generate electricity from known sources, like solar power chargers and panels.

These are proven to work on reducing your energy bills, unlike Uber Watts and other similar devices in the market.

Check out my list of home electricity saving devices to find more details about them.

I hope that you found my unbiased Uber Watts review to be useful for you.

Please, feel free to share it with anyone who is about to buy this device.

And if you still have a question about anything I mentioned here, or about any other similar device that is claimed to save on electricity, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Uber Watts


Uber Watts Electricity Saver










  • Conditional Return Is Possible


  • Misleading about Electricity Saving
  • Unproven for Surge Protection
  • Expensive & Difficult to Get Refund
  • Unknown Brand, Maker, & Country of Origin
  • Unverified Testimonials from Real Users

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