Brian Kay’s Solar Switch Review

Can it really cut 65% of your electric bill?

Who is behind Brian Kay? And what is the relationship between Solar Switch and another program that I exposed earlier.

What is the truth about the MIT invention?

As an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, and as someone who worked on many solar power projects, I found it necessary to write this honest and unbiased Solar Switch review, in order to tell others the truth about this program and its outrageous claims.

And don’t worry, because if this was not the way for cheap energy, then I will tell you about a better alternative in the last section below to really cut your bill significantly.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Solar Switch System Review Summary

  • Name: Solar Switch System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Brian Kay (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 5 of 10
  • Support: 5 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 8 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $39 One-time payment for the front-end product. Optional upsells available.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but doesn’t bring the promised savings. (Check out the last section below for alternatives)

Overall Rating: 5 of 10

Summary: The Brian Kay’s Solar Switch System plans show you how to build a small solar energy system, but it won’t be sufficient to supply an average house energy and cut up to 65% of electric bill.

The claims about an MIT patent that increases the efficiency of solar cells to 100% are incorrect and misleading, and the way panels are arranged in this system actually reduces their ability to produce electricity.

What Is The Solar Switch System?

The Solar Switch System is a program that contains video lessons and plans that show you how to connect some solar panels together in order to create electricity and supply it to your home, which is supposed to be enough to cut your bill by 65%.Solar Switch System

And while using solar panels to cut bills by 65% or more is a real thing (check the last section of this review), but the issue with the Solar Switch System is that it claims that you can do this with only 5% of the surface that solar panels would usually need.

“Brian” claims that this is based on an MIT patent that helped them increase the efficiency of solar panels into 100%.

This means, if it was true, that you can install a solar system for a small investment, and enjoy free energy for years to come.

But, how does this system work? And are these claims true?

This is what we will find next.

How Does The Solar Switch System Work?

Brian says that the Solar Switch System adopts an MIT-based technology that improves the efficiency through installing solar panels on top of each other in a zigzag-like structure, and with the right angle, which will lead to getting a much higher efficiency and energy production.How Solar Switch Works

But are these claims true? And what do they have to do with MIT?

This is what I will answer now.

Does The Solar Switch System Really Work?

No, the Solar Switch System does not work as promised, and the way you arrange panels in a zigzag-like shape does not increase their production, but rather, in reduces it.

And this arrangement has nothing to do with any MIT research or discovery.

When it comes to having a tilt for installing solar panels, this is nothing new.

It’s been always like that.

Depending on your location, there’s an optimal angle to install solar panels in order to get the best total production all the year round.

Solar Switch System Principle(Source)

And solar panel companies already install the panels with the best tilt they can get.

What is actually bad about the way Solar Switch System plans is that they tell you to install them on the same structure on top of each other, which is wrong.

The wrong thing about the Solar Switch System structure is that each panel will create shade on the panel beneath it, and the front panels will cause shade on the ones behind them.

And that shade will significantly reduce the panels’ production, opposite to what “Brian Kay” says in the sales video.

With this we conclude that the claims about cutting 65% of home’s energy bill are incorrect.

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5 Reasons I Don’t Recommend Brian Kay’s Solar Switch

False Information on Solar Power

As I explained above, the sales video of the Solar Switch System gives false information about how solar panels produce energy and how to increase their product.

This is very clear to everyone who has worked on solar power like I did, but it is not clear to people who work in other fields, and they desperately want to reduce their bills, which is why this program is targeted towards homeowners who are suffering from high utility bills.

Lies about The MIT Technology

Not only the information about the arrangement of solar panels is incorrect, but even the claims about the MIT technology is misleading.

The guy called Brian says that MIT has managed to increase the efficiency of solar cells from 24% into 100%, and that this is related to the arrangement of solar panels, and both claims are wrong.

The highest efficiency of solar cells that MIT researchers managed to reach is 25.2% (source), and this is related to the structure inside the solar cells themselves, not to the arrangement of panels on top of each other.

MIT Solar Switch Scam

Fake Founder Brian Kay

Brian Kay is not the name of the real founder of the Solar Switch System.

This is a fake name, and the image they show for him is a stock image that can be purchased and used by anyone online.

Even the disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page of the Solar Switch program says that this is a pen name.

Why would someone hide himself behind a pen name like that? The answer is in the next point.

Rehashed from Another Program

Yes, the Solar Switch System plans are very similar to the plans of another program that I exposed in my Backyard Revolution scam review, with small modifications, where they claim that a zigzag-structure will improve the production of solar panels base on an MIT research.

Rehashed Solar Switch Plans

The sales pitch is very similar to the one in the Solar Switch video, and they say that the Backyard Revolution system can cut 65% of your electric bill!

And even that program is sold under another pen name!

Do you see now why they use a pen name “Brian Kay” for the founder of the Solar Switch system?

It’s because once the claims of a program like Solar Switch are exposed by an honest review like this one, they go and create a similar program with few modifications and with a new founder name, and try to resell it as a completely new one.

No Legit Solar Switch User Reviews

If you look for user reviews for the Brian Kay’s Solar Switch System, you will find nothing on trusted websites like Trustpilot or BBB.

You will only find positive reviews that repeat the sales pitch on the website, and no one will show you a legitimate proof that they bought the program and followed it the plans to successfully create a system that cuts 65% of their bills.Solar Switch System Scam Reviews

Why would they do that?

Because if you read their reviews, click on the links on their reviews, and buy the program, the purchase will be tracked to those website owners, and they will get commissions on the money you paid to “Brian Kay”, or whoever is the real founder of Solar Switch.

These reviews were written by marketers who want to make money without verifying if the program fulfills the promises, unlike what I do here by reviewing these programs based on my experience as an electrical engineer.

1 Advantage of The Solar Switch System

The advantage I found about the Solar Switch System is that there’s a money back guarantee where you can ask for you money withing sixty days of purchasing the program, and get a full refund.

However, remember that they don’t refund you for the material you purchased, the time you put into it, and the disappointment.

Solar Switch Plans Price

The cost of getting Brian Kay’s Solar Switch plans and video lessons is a one-time payment of $39.

There are also optional upsells that will be offered to you, and you might get promotional emails to buy other similar programs.

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  • Take the headache out of transitioning to solar power and start saving money today by following these steps.

  • With this guide, you will know the exact steps to take to install your new system.

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Solar Switch System Discount

You can get a 30% discount on the Solar Switch system if you try to close the website, where a first pop-up window will appear to offer you to read the text presentation, click on it, and on the text sales page, wait few seconds, then try to close the website tab, and another pop-up window will appear with the discount.

Solar Switch System Discount

===>>> Get The Discounted Price <<<===

Brian Kay’s Solar Switch Plans Free Download

The Solar Switch system plans and blueprints are not available for free downloads, and can only be gotten by purchasing the program from its official site,

And if you are worried about your money, but still want to try the system, then here’s something for you …

Solar Switch System Blueprints Refund

The Solar Switch System comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy it through any of the links in this review.

You can get the plans, try to build the system, and if you don’t get the promised results, you can ask for your money within the refund window, and you will get it back.

You can ask for the refund through the retailer, ClickBank, by following the instructions in the confirmation email you got when you purchased the program.

Who Is Solar Switch System for?

For you, if you want to give your money away to “Brian Kay”, or whoever is behind this name.

But if you are a homeowner who is struggling to pay bills, and you want to produce free energy the real way, and without a down payment to invest, then the last section of this review will show you the best alternative to the Solar Switch System.

Solar Switch Program Support

If you want to contact the support team of the Solar Switch program, then you can do that through the email in their “Contact” page, no phone or live chat.

And if you want to contact to ask for a refund, then you better that through the instructions in the confirmation email you got when you purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Solar Switch System Legit?

At least there’s a 60-day money back guarantee where you can get back the money you paid them. I can’t say otherwise.

But when it comes to the claims about cutting 65% of your bill, then I have shown you above why these claims are unrealistic and misleading.

This is my conclusion to this honest Brian Kay’s Solar Switch review.

But if you still want to enjoy cheap energy, then the next section is what you need to read.

Legit Solar Switch Alternative to Cut More Than 65% of The Bill

Tens of thousands of homeowners are using solar panels to significantly cut their bills, sometimes close to $0!

Solar panels can do that, but you need more panels than what is claimed in the Solar Switch System sales video.

And while that costs money to do, but the investment comes with a relatively short payback period, and it comes with other advantages like increasing your home’s value, and getting a possible tax credit and rebate.

And if you don’t have the money to invest in a complete solar panel system, then don’t worry!

Here’s How 1,000’s of US Families Did it with $0 Down!

This is thanks to financing programs that allow you to install a solar system for your home or business without a down payment, but you pay in installments that could be lower than your usual electric bill.

You save on the monthly bill, pay back the investment in few years, and then enjoy free energy for as long as the system works (typically, 25 years or more).

And if you don’t know where to go and get the financing for your system, then no problem.

SunPower is one of the biggest and most qualified companies in this field, and you can contact them to get a free quote for your home’s system, and if they serve your area, they will give you the quote and will contact you to arrange for a free appointment in order to discuss the possible solutions.

Solar Switch System Alternative

Visit the company’s website here, fill in your location’s zip code, answer a couple of questions about your current bills and house, and they will give you the free quote and contact you to discuss the available funding solutions.

I hope that you found my review of Brian Kay’s Solar Switch System to be honest and helpful, unlike other reviews out there.

If you still have other questions or need help on this matter, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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