Backyard Revolution Review – A Scam or an MIT-Based System?

Backyard Revolution Scam Review

Because I’m an electrical engineer with experience in installing solar panel plants in particular, someone asked me: can you really save up to 65% on power bills with these zigzag solar panel systems, or is the Backyard Revolution system a scam?

I researched Zack Bennett’s solar power system, and I went through other reviews that praise it, in order to know what this is all about.

And in this different, honest and unbiased Backyard Revolution review, I will tell you the truth about saving money with this program, and what other affordable alternatives you could adopt in order to significantly cut your electric bill.

Important Note: You could eliminate your electric bill almost entirely like thousands of American home owners did without paying anything from your pocket with the solution in the last section of this review below!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Backyard Revolution Review Summary

  • Name: Easy DIY Power Plan
  • Website:
  • Founders: Zack Bennett (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 8 of 10
  • Support: 8 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $39 One-time payment. Discounted at $27 if you click on the link above to visit the video sales page, and then try to close the tab, where it shows a message offering you to read the text presentation, go to that page, and try to close it, then they will offer the 30% discount on Backyard Revolution solar system.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but doesn’t bring the promised savings. (Check out the last section below for alternatives)

Overall Rating: 6 of 10

Summary: The Zack Bennett Backyard Revolution plans can show you how to create a solar panel system by yourself, connect it to a storage battery, and then use that electricity.

However, the sales pitch makes it look possible to save up to 65% on your electricity bill with these panels, or even supply your home with it in case the utility lines were cut off, which is unrealistic.

The good thing is that Backyard Revolution comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which makes it safe to buy in order to see what is in it.

What Is The Backyard Revolution Solar System?

The Backyard Revolution is a set of videos that are supposed to show you how to use solar panels in a way that can generate you with electricity using a method that was invented by MIT.

Backyard Revolution System

And this method could significantly increase the efficiency and help you get free electricity using a small solar system instead of installing a big one that costs around $1,000-$2,000.

But what is this Backyard Revolution solar panels installation method, and does it really work?

This is what we will discuss next.

How Does The Backyard Revolution System Work?

In the Backyard Revolution sales video, “Zack Bennett” says that his solar power system works by installing a set of solar panels in a zigzag-like array, in order to have as many panels in a small area as possible.

How Backyard Revolution Works

He says that this is the method that MIT researchers have found to be able to increase the efficiency of the solar panels and in order to absorb as much solar light as possible.

He says that this means that with Backyard Revolution system you could install a much smaller set of solar panels, compared to the traditional solar panel systems, and get more of sunlight converted into electricity.

And this way, you reduce the cost of the solar system you need to provide you with electric energy.

He says that the secret is in the angle!

But are these claims true, or is Zack Bennett’s solar system a scam?

The answer comes now!

Does The Backyard Revolution Really Work?

From my experience in the solar energy as an electrical engineer, I’m sad to say that the claims that Zack uses to promote his Backyard Revolution solar power system are misleading and inaccurate!

First of all, in order to get the maximum absorption of the sunlight, the best angle to install the solar panels is the angle when these panels are perpendicular to the sun rays.

But because solar plants would need motors in order to keep moving the panels in order to maintain this angle as the sun moves up and down everyday.

And since motors require a lot of maintenance, specialists found that you can get the maximum possible energy from the sun by installing ALL panels inclined a certain angle.

This angle is decided by the location the panels are installed, depending on how high the sun rises in the sky.

Backyard Revolution Solar Panel Angle

The higher the sun, the lower the angle should be.

For example, in Miami, the sun rises higher in the sky than it does in Minnesota, which is why solar panels might be installed at 20 degrees in Miami and at 40 degrees in Minnesota.

But all panels in the same plant should have the same tilt angle in order to get maximum production.

You might now ask:

What about The Zigzag Solar Panel Installation?

It is useless!

It might allow you to install many panels in a small area, but the efficiency of these panels will drop significantly as many of them won’t be in the optimal tilt angle that can produce the maximum limit possible.

Zack Bennett Zigzag Solar Panels

And you might ask now:

What about The MIT Backyard Revolution System Claims?

I can say that the Backyard Revolution system has nothing to do with the MIT research findings!

If you do a small research, you will find many articles from the MIT website, like this one, where they talk about increasing efficiency of solar panels, but it has nothing to do with the zigzag solar array!

The method they found to increase the efficiency of solar panels is by using a different material from the silicone material that is being used to manufacture solar panels all over the world.

MIT Backyard Revolution Scam

And that material is still not being commercialized in solar panels production.

While what Zack says in the Backyard Revolution video doesn’t mention that material, and he claims that the research was about the angle, which is incorrect.

If you look for MIT Backyard Revolution reviews, you will find nothing that connect the research findings with the Backyard Revolution.

There are few low quality websites with few pages that are created by some shady marketer in order to make Backyard Revolution look legit, and then sell it to you.

Here’s another Problem

Zack says that you can store energy generated through the solar panels in a battery and then use it even if there’s no grid.

But that’s not accurate, because the electricity generated through solar panels and installed in batteries is of the DC type, while the one we use at home to power all appliances is of the AC type.

And to convert from DC to AC, you need special devices that are called “inverters”, and these cost money, and they need to be connected to the grid if they were to work properly.

Is The Backyard Revolution a Hoax?

Unfortunately, I can tell you that the Backyard Revolution system isn’t related in any way to what MIT discovered, and that using the zigzag method to install solar panels can only help in installing lots of panels in a small area, but these panels wouldn’t be as efficient as if they were installed all in the same angle.

This means that you actually need more panels this way, which costs more money, despite saving on the area.

Check out the last section of this Backyard Revolution solar system review for alternatives that work.

But What about All The Positive Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews Online?

Unfortunately, these Backyard Revolution solar scam reviews were created by shady marketers who care about promoting anything to you in order to get a commission for the seller if you buy it through the links on their sites, which can be tracked in order to attribute them with these sales.

Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews

Most of these reviews are on sites that are not related to energy or utility bills, and they were written by marketers who just repeat what the sales pitch of Backyard Revolution says.

I’m an electrical engineer with experience in solar energy, and on my website, I only write stuff that helps people in saving on utility bills, and mainly, electric bills.

Backyard Revolution Consumer Reviews

I tried to look for customer Backyard Revolution reviews by those who purchased the program, but I couldn’t find any.

I searched on Trustpilot for Backyard Revolution consumer reviews and complaints, and still, found no listing for Zack’s system there.

This is what made me worried in the first place, and led me to think that the Backyard Revolution system is a scam.

And you can’t find the Backyard Revolution on Amazon, which means there are no reviews on it there either.

Zack Bennett Backyard Revolution Founder Debunked

Another thing that I didn’t like about Backyard Revolution is that we don’t know the true identity of the program creator.

No, he’s not Zack Bennett, as the sales page mentions clearly that this is just a pen name in the text under the Backyard Revolution video.

Zack Bennett Solar Scam

Backyard Revolution Price

Backyard Revolution costs a one-time payment of $39 to purchase the program that contains videos and guides on how to install the zigzag solar panel system and connect it with the batteries.

But you still need to pay for the material you need to use if you want to install Zack Bennett’s solar system.

You might be also offered to buy other programs when you purchase this system.

Backyard Revolution Price

>>> Download Backyard Revolution <<<

Backyard Revolution Discount

You can get a 30% discount on Backyard Revolution program and buy it at $27 by doing the following steps:

  1. Visit the video sales page through any of the links in this backyard revolution system review.
  2. Spend few seconds there, and then move the cursor as if you wanted to leave the tab.
  3. A pop-up will appear offering you to read the text presentation, click on it.
  4. On the text sales page, spend few seconds, and then act as if you wanted to leave the page by moving the cursor up.
  5. A pop-up will appear showing you a 30% discount on the Backyard Revolution system plans.

Backyard Revolution Discount

Backyard Revolution Free Download

The Backyard Revolution is not available for free downloads, and the only way to get it is by purchasing it through the official website through any of the links on this review.

And if you are worried about your money, then this is for you:

Backyard Revolution Refund

Backyard Revolution comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you get it through any of the links in this Zack Bennett’s solar scam review.

This means that you can purchase the Backyard Revolution, with the discount, see what is in it, and if you don’t like it, you can request a full refund through the retailer, ClickBank, and you will get all of your money back.

You get the details on how to request a refund in the same confirmation email you get when you buy Backyard Revolution.

But remember that the refund includes only the cost of the program, and not the cost of the material and tools you would by in order to build the Backyard Revolution solar panel system.

Pro’s & Con’s of Backyard Revolution


  • It’s about solar energy, a clean and cheap way of getting free energy.
  • There’s a discount you can get in the method explained above.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee if you get it through any link on this review.


  • Misleading claims about using the discovery of MIT, and about solar panels efficiency.
  • Does not save up to 65% of your power bill.
  • Unknown founder as Zack Bennett is a pen name.
  • No real testimonials of Backyard Revolution from real users.
  • Many fake Backyard Revolution solar power reviews trying to promote it to you.

Who Is The Backyard Revolution for?

If you are curious and want to see inside the Backyard Revolution program, you can get it through any of the link here as you get a 60-day money back guarantee with it.

But if you want to significantly reduce your electric bill, then I don’t think that you can really benefit from this program.

For better alternatives that really work, check out the last section of this Backyard Revolution review below.

Backyard Revolution Support

To ask questions and request support for the Backyard Revolution system itself, you can contact them through the email on their site.

Backyard Revolution SupportAnd if you purchased the program, but didn’t get the access details, you need to contact the retailer, ClickBank.

Backyard Revolution Complaints

To complain about the Backyard Revolution and get a refund, you need to contact ClickBank through the way mentioned in the confirmation email you got when you purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Backyard Revolution a Scam or Legit?

I can’t say that Backyard Revolution is a scam as it has some information, and there’s a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee with it.

But I can say that the Zack’s Backyard Revolution solar system doesn’t save on your power bill as advertised, and that it uses misleading information about MIT’s findings about solar panels.

These are similar to the claims I exposed in my Easy DIY Power Plan scam review.

Overall, the Backyard Revolution cannot save up to 65% of your bills, and cannot help you go off-grid.

This is my conclusion of this Backyard Revolution solar power review.

A Legit Alternative That Helped 1,000’s of US Home Owners Eliminate Their Bill? (Without Paying from Your Own Pocket)


Solar energy can eliminate your bill, but you need a full system that is designed and installed by specialists if you wanted it to work properly and save you the electricity costs you pay monthly.

You can get free solar quotes for a complete system through Green Solar Quotes.

Backyard Revolution Alternative

And if you don’t have the money to invest in a complete solar panel system for your home, you can explore one of the solar financing options that allow you to install a complete solar plant without paying a dime through different companies.

SunPower, one of the biggest companies in the solar power systems industry helps you estimate the right size of the plan you need, and even how to finance the installation in order to get it built with $0 down payment.

Backyard Revolution Solar Alternative

If you are interested in getting an appointment with this great company, then you can visit SunPower’s website here in order to get it, and start saving on your power bill.

I hope my honest Backyard Revolution review was helpful and saved you the money and the trouble before buying this program.

If you still have any question about this program, or about solar energy and electric bills in general, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Backyard Revolution System








Refund Possibility





  • About Solar Energy
  • 30% Discount Is Available Above
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Misleading Claims
  • Cannot Save 65% on Your Bill
  • Unknown Real Founder
  • No Real Testimonials by Users
  • Many Fake Reviews to Let You Buy it

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12 thoughts on “Backyard Revolution Review – A Scam or an MIT-Based System?”

  1. I have bought the backyard revolution program and it has useful beginner friendly information regarding solar energy . Solar power is still growing and people are using new ways to use it.
    This is just another innovative way of using this .
    The videos shows the device is generating 14 to 15 output voltages which i have researched as enough to charge a deep cycle battery.
    So, I assume this device can charge a solar battery making it somewhat useful. Sure there are other cost need to incur as it is a DIY device
    Calling it useless and not even bought and read the program is not a way to make a review.

    • I completely doubt that you purchased the program or tried it.
      Actually, you only wrote this comment because you wanted to leave a link to your review on your website where you will tell people to buy it through your website so that you can get the commission.
      I have removed your link in order to protect people from such an act.

  2. Great article. I am newly researching solar and trying to determine my needs. Very clear and helpful. Only note, a small typo – it took me a minute to figure out.
    You have: “Now we divide 768/41= 18.7 hours…” It should read 768, the math is correct otherwise but I was trying to understand. Thanks again! (feel free to delete this – or at least the correction portion 🙂

  3. And to convert from DC to AC, you need special devices that are called “inverters”, and these cost money, and they need to be connected to the grid if they were to work properly.

    Been off grid for over 30 years went solar getting to old to maintain my wind power system, inverters work just fine running 92-97% efficient depending on ambient temperature and battery temperature and that goes both ways charging discharging So a loss of 6-18% of the power generated

    • Thanks a lot for sharing from your own experience with solar panels for homes!

      It’s great to know that it is really possible to go off-grid with solar, and it could save you money, but it just require an investment that is not as small as in the Backyard Revolution sales pitch.


  4. thanks for this review. My wife found on of their ads and we are researching how to go solar on our henhouse. The website was an endless sales pitch with an unbelievable story about “Zach”. it sounded too cheap, and like you, I found lots of websites claiming to love the backyard revolution, but they were parroting the website.

    Last week I bought a Jackery 1500, charged it up, and have it stored for emergencies. Still looking for a small solar system that works in winter to power a heat lamp and heated water container in my henhouse.

  5. I found this whole article excellent and informative. If its too good to be true, it probably is.

    Thanks for the help, im trying to get completely off grid here in the uk, i estimate im using 13kwh per day. So im thinking ill need to seriously over panel

    • Thank you for your comment Dean!
      I’m glad that my review of the Backyard Revolution was helpful.
      Completely off grid means that you would need to add batteries to the system, which increases the installation cost and the possibility of outages even if you have good storage batteries.

      The net metering might be the best solution for both, initial cost and reliability, but it will keep a small monthly fee in place.


  6. Dear sir,
    Thanks for the info on the backyard revolution.
    Since you stated your experience as an electrical engineer, can I tell me if the 4patriot power system meets the high sales spin about how great it is.
    I asked them if it could run my refrigerator if my electricity cut out, their answer was “the short answer is yes” It comes with some kind of battery storage/maybe it’s an inverter they say I need to charge up the 1st time with its plug, it also comes with 2foldable solar panels, which I cannot put on my roof.
    My question is what is the long answer? How long can it charge my fridge? It weighs about 40#.
    They recently came out with a smaller one, and I was going to buy it, but I’m not sure if can handle a refrigerator.
    Also do I charge it up then unplug it and pray there is enough battery to work my fridge 2weeks later. I know with my lap top I left it plugged in for several months and DELL says because I did that the battery now has a less of a life span and encourage my to place an order for a new battery.
    They sell the mini solar battery packs they are bigger than a bar of soap. As it says it’s best to charge it in the wall for best results, it has a solar panel on the box, which I thought was great, only trouble is although it registers as a full battery with the appropriate lights on it, it won’t fully charge my phone and sometimes it deletes power on my phone and I have less power than I started with. The only good thing is it has a flash light & flashes, but it’s an expensive flash light.

    • Hello Diana and thank you for your questions!

      Regarding the 4Patroiots Power System, I assume it is the Patriot Power Generator 1800 unit.
      Now the long answer is that it depends on the consumption of your fridge, and how often you open it.

      As per their website, the unit can store up to 768 Wh in it.

      We need to know how much energy a fridge consumes in one hour, which is different from one fridge to another.
      For example, let’s say that you own the Walsh WSR31TS1 fridge (3.1 cubic feet capacity) that consumes 357 Kilowatt Hours Per Year. (Some Energy Star efficient fridges like Galanz GLR10TBKEFR 10 cubic feet might consume less energy)
      That means that it consumes around 1 kilowatt hour per day, or 1,000Wh per day.
      Since the Patriot 1800 can only store 768 Wh, this means that it cannot power the fridge for a complete day.
      To find it in hours, let’s divide 1,000 by 24, and we get the hourly consumption of the fridge of 41Wh.
      Now we divide 768/41= 18.7 hours is the total time that it can power your fridge based on the example fridge we used here.

      That’s the maximum long it can power your fridge, but it could be shorter if you keep opening the door, or if the kitchen is extremely hot and the sunrays get in through the windows during the time the power is cut off.

      The panels don’t need to be installed on the roof as they are portable, and you can use them when you need to charge the battery with them in any place where the direct sunlight is available without any shade on the panels.

      As an alternative, you can get the Jackery Solar Generator 1500 that costs a little bit more than the Patriot 1800, but comes with four 100W solar panels instead of one, and it can power your fridge for a longer period as it comes with a bigger storage capacity.

      Or, you can by the Jackery 1500 Portable Power Station alone and save around $900 and charge it from the home’s electricity.

      Leaving the battery unused will generally cause some leak to happen and it would need to be re-charged after a while.

      It is better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how long should be between every two charges when not in use, as if you leave it for long time without using it and without recharging it could shorten the lifespan of the battery.

      I hope my answers were helpful for you.

      Please, let me know if you still have other questions!


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