Do Water Heater Timers Save Money?

Does a Water Heater Timer Save Money

Do water heater timers save money? Or are they actually just a waste of money? And if they save anything, then how much does a water heater timer save? How to use it for maximum benefit, and is it worth the investment? These are all questions that most people ask before they buy such a … Read more

Can Solar Panels Eliminate Electric Bill?

Do Solar Panels Eliminate Electric Bill?

Can solar panels eliminate electric bill entirely? Or do you still need to pay to the utility company? This is a common question that home and business owners ask before considering to pay thousands of dollars for a solar panel system that is supposed to save them money on the long run. And since there’s … Read more

Energy2Green Review

Energy 2 Green Scam Review

Can someone really create a hybrid power plant with solar panels and a wind turbine for less than $200, and use it to supply electricity to the house and cut up to 80% of the bill, or is the Energy 2 Green system a scam? This is what I was asked because I’m an electrical … Read more

Infinite Energy Generator Review

Infinite Energy Generator Scam Review

What is this secret device that helps you cut 70% of your bill this month? Is the Infinie Energy Generator a hoax or real? How can something create infinite energy from nothing? This is why a friend asked me as I have more than a decade of experience working as an electrical engineer. And after … Read more

Energy Liberation Army Generator Review

Energy Liberation Army Generator Scam Review

Is this Energy Liberation Army Generator real or a hoax? Can you really use water to generate electricity for your home and save up to 75% on your power bills?! Because I’m an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, I have been asked these questions. And after reading all the useless reviews … Read more

Magnifier Engine Review

Magnifier Engine Scam Review

Is the Magnifier Engine real or a hoax? Is Darren Holman himself real? Can you really cut 90% of your electric bill with a magnifier? This is what someone asked me because I’m an electrical engineer with more than a decade of experience, and I have worked on constructing different power generation plants that follow … Read more

Tyranny Liberator Review

Tyranny Liberator Scam Review

Is this Tyranny Liberator thing a hoax? Or can you really use it to make PV solar panels that are 500 times more efficient than the normal panels in the market? That’s what someone asked me because I have an experience in solar panel systems from my work as an electrical engineer. And after watching … Read more

Electricity Freedom Review

Electricity Freedom System Scam Review

Is this Electricity Freedom System a hoax, or can you really eliminate your electric bill with it using grass bags to generate electricity? This is what someone asked me when they saw the video by Rich Lubbok, who claims to have completely slashed down his power bill using grass, dry tree leaves, and food waste … Read more

Cold War Generator Review

Cold War Generator Scam Review

Because I have worked on installing many solar plants as an electrical engineer, someone asked me recently: is the Cold War Generator a real thing? Or is it just a hoax? I went to their website and watch the Cold War Generator video, and after I saw all those useless reviews online that are just … Read more