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Can someone really create a hybrid power plant with solar panels and a wind turbine for less than $200, and use it to supply electricity to the house and cut up to 80% of the bill, or is the Energy 2 Green system a scam?

This is what I was asked because I’m an electrical engineer and I have worked on many projects related to power generation, including green power plants.

And after I read the claims on the website, and after reading all those useless reviews trying to push people to blindly buy the program, I decided to write this honest and unbiased Energy2Green review in order to help as many people as I can before they buy the program.

You will know here if these claims were realistic, and what to do in order to cut 80% or more of your bill and even without investing a dime from your money.

Let’s jump in!

Energy 2 Green Review Summary

  • Name: Energy 2 Green System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Tomas Haynes (Probably a pen name)
  • Quality: 8 of 10
  • Support: 8 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $49.99 One-time payment. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get the system through any link in this Energy 2 Green system review.
  • Scam/Legit? Legit, but gives unrealistic claims about cutting 80% of the power bill with a DIY system that you can build for less than $200. (Check out the last section of this review for my alternative to Energy2Green to really cut more than 80% of your bill, and with $0 investment from your money)

Overall Rating: 6 of 10

Summary: The Energy2Green system gives unrealistic claims of the ability to cut 80% of power bills with a DIY hybrid system that you can make for around $300 using solar panels and a small wind turbine.

What Is The Energy 2 Green System?

The Energy 2 Green system is a program that is supposed to teach you how to create a system that uses the solar radiation and the wind in order to power your home’s appliances with electricity, and cut up to 80% or more of your electric bill, and even sell to the utility company.

Energy2Green System

The program gives you a 400+ pages written manual that shows you, step-by-step, how to build this system, and connect it to your house’s electrical system.

How Does Energy2Green System Work?

The Energy 2 Green System works on showing you how to build something called a “hybrid power plant”, which uses different energy sources in order to generate electricity and give it to the same consumer.

And in this case, the Energy 2 Green System focuses on using clean and renewable resources, like the solar energy and the wind energy, in order to generate electric energy and give it to your home.

How Energy2Green WorksThe program is supposed to give you a 400+ pages manual that explains the whole process, step-by-step.

And to make it cheaper on you, they are supposed to show you how to create the solar panel itself for a low cost, instead of buying it from the market for a high price, similar to what is claimed in the DIY Home Energy program.

And you are supposed to get a 60-minute video that shows a guy called Steve constructs a solar panel from scratch to the end over a weekend.

And with that you get a complete material list, diagrams and schematics, maintenance tips and schedules, and more.

And you are supposed to be able to create the complete plant for around $200, and it would be enough to power your home with electricity and cut your electric bill by up to 80% or more.

And while these claims look promising, but are they realistic?

This is what we will discuss next.

Is The Energy2Green System Real or a Hoax?

Unfortunately, and although consumers can use a hybrid solar-wind power plant to generate electricity and save on their bills, but it is unrealistic to be able to build the complete system and connect it to work smoothly by yourself.

And on top of that, for a few hundreds of dollars.

They try to convince you that you can build your own solar panels, which is a sophisticated job and requires knowledge, skills, special tools and testing labs, …etc., in order to make a reliable and efficient panel.

Energy 2 Green Solar System

And in any case, you need many panels in order to power your home’s appliances, even in a hybrid system that uses wind energy along with solar energy.

You can’t do it by yourself, and for $200 only, even if it was one panel.

And for the wind turbine, you need a stable structure, rotating parts, the generator itself, the blades, …etc.

And all of that cannot be done for less than $100, and for sure, not by someone with no knowledge and experience in this field, especially if you want to build a reliable wind turbine for your house.

Energy 2 Green Wind Turbine

Not to mention that you if your house is connected to the grid, you need the utility company’s approval before you connect this hybrid plant to their meter.

And you need to calibrate everything in order to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

In short, you cannot use the Energy 2 Green System to create a hybrid solar-wind power plant that can cut 80% of your power bill, and for less than $200 or $300.

You might be thinking to yourself now:

Then Why Are All Those Positive Reviews Praising Energy2Green?

It’s because these Energy 2 Green scam reviews where created by marketers who know nothing about solar panels and wind turbines.

And they know nothing about electricity.

They are just after getting a commission from the founder of the program if they convince you to buy Energy2Green through the links on their reviews.

This happens with all other similar programs that give unrealistic claims of saving on power bills with low-cost DIY systems, such as the Infinite Energy Generator scam I exposed earlier.

Check out the websites where these reviews were published.

They are either general websites that have nothing to do with solar and wind energy, or low quality sites that they were created by a marketer just to promote these programs.

Energy 2 Green Fake Reviews
Unlike my website here, Bills Wiz, where I only write about real and effective ways to reduce utility bills, from what I learned after more than a decade of working as an electrical engineer and project manager.

Any Energy2Green Customer Reviews?

No, I searched online and couldn’t find consumer reviews or reports from people who purchased and tried the Energy2Green System blueprints.

Isn’t that weird, because the founder claims that they have thousands of satisfied customers!

Energy2Green Testimonials

Energy2Green System Price

The cost of getting the Energy 2 Green System plans and video guide is a one-time payment of $49.99.

Energy 2 Green Price

But you need more money to buy the material, devices, and tools, which you need in order to build the hybrid power plant.

And that would cost much more than what they say on the website, and it won’t be enough to cut 80% of your bill.

And there’s no discount on the Energy 2 Green System blueprints and plans.

Energy2Green Blueprints Free PDF Download

You cannot download the Energy 2 Green System blueprints and guides for free, and the only way to get them is by purchasing them through the official website.

And if you still want them, but yo are afraid of getting scammed by Tomas Haynes, then here’s something for you.

Energy 2 Green System Money Back Guarantee

If you buy the Energy2Green system through any link in this review, you get a 60-day money back guarantee with it.

This makes it safe to get it and see if it was good and you want to keep it, or cancel your order and get a full refund.

But remember that you don’t get a refund on the material, devices, and tools you buy in order to try to build the hybrid green power plant as instructed in the Energy2Green system blueprints and video.

For the real way of cutting your power bill, check out the alternative in the last section of this Energy2Green review.

Pro’s & Con’s of Energy2Green System


  • It’s about the wind and solar energy sources.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this Energy2Green system review.


  • Unrealistic claims of cutting 80% of power bills with a $200 wind-solar plant.
  • No real testimonials to be found online.
  • Many scam reviews trying to push people to buy the Energy2Green blueprints.
  • The real founder is unknown, and the image on the website is a stock photo that is used on many other websites.

Energy2Green Founder

Who Is Energy2Green System for?

I don’t think that you can really cut 80% of your electricity bill with this $200 solar-wind hybrid power plant.

If you are curious to see what is inside the program, then you can get it because there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

But to really cut 80% or more of your power bill with green energy, you should consider my alternative to Energy2Green in the last section below.

Energy2Green System Support

You can contact the support team of the Energy2Green program using the email on their contact page.

Energy2Green Support
And if you want to complain about the Energy 2 Green system and get a refund, then you should contact ClickBank, the retailer of Energy2Green, through the link in the confirmation email you got when you first purchased the program.

Conclusion – Is Energy2Green a Scam?

I don’t consider Energy2Green system to be a scam as there’s a money-back guarantee with it, which makes your money safe.

But I don’t recommend believing the claims that you can follow this guide in order to create a hybrid, green power plant that can cut 80% of your bill with less than $200 of cost.

This is my conclusion to this Energy2Green System review.

100% Legit & Proven Alternative to Energy2Green?

Yes, and you can cut more than 80% of your power bill with it, and you don’t have to invest from your money to build it!

Both solar and wind are great ways of generating clean electric energy and save on the bills, but it is rare that you need both systems for your home.

Solar panels are more predictable when it comes to production, and they require less maintenance than wind turbines.

And the best alternative to Energy2Green is to install a solar panel system for your house.

But it should be designed and installed by professionals, so that it gives you the savings you want and remains reliable.


How do you do that without paying anything from your pocket?!

You can do that through leading solar companies like SunPower for example, which can help you find financing solutions that are tailored for funding solar panel systems for homes.

Energy2Green Alternative

On their site, you can enter your ZIP code, and then you will be asked to complete a short, 1-minute survey, and then the SunPower team will contact you to arrange for an appointment in order to discuss the available solutions, no strings attached.

That’s the real way to cut your power bill with green energy, and not with some DIY wind-solar power plant that you create following the Energy2Green system blueprints for under $200.

I hope that I helped you with my honest Energy2Green review.

If you still have any questions, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂


  • It’s about Clean Energy Sources
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims & Promises
  • No Real Testimonials Found Online
  • Many Fake Reviews Promoting it Online
  • Real Founder Is Unknown

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