Do Fans Use a Lot of Electricity?

do fans use a lot of electricity

You might be concerned regarding the summer electric bill, which is why you are asking: do fans use a lot of electricity, how much money do pedestal or ceiling fans cost, and what is the difference in electricity consumption between fans and air conditioners? I am an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience, … Read more

Why Is My Electric Bill So High in Summer?

high summer electric bill reasons

Why is my electric bill is so high in summer is a normal question that most people ask during the hot months. Based on my experience as an electric engineer and energy manager, I have compiled eleven of the main causes that cause a significant increase in the energy bill during summer that could be affecting … Read more

Can Solar Panels Eliminate Electric Bill?

can solar eliminate electric bill

Can solar panels eliminate electric bill entirely? Or do you still need to pay to the utility company? This is a common question that home and business owners ask before considering to pay thousands of dollars for a solar panel system that is supposed to save them money on the long run. And since there’s some … Read more

Does Leaving Lights On Waste Electricity?

does leaving lights on waste electricity

There’s a common wisdom that you should avoid turning on and off the lights in order to save on the electric bill. Is that true? Or does leaving lights on waste electricity and cost more than turning them on and off as per your need? And how much energy could you waste or save in each case. … Read more

Do Dimmer Switches Save Electricity?

do dimmer switches save electricity

Do dimmer switches save electricity and lower your bill, or are they just a waste of money? How much energy and money can a lighting dimmer save you? What kinds of light bulbs do they work with? And are the savings worth the cost of buying them an installing them? These questions and more, I … Read more