Magnifier Engine Review

Is the Magnifier Engine real or a hoax? Is Darren Holman himself real?

Can you really cut 90% of your electric bill with a magnifier?

This is what someone asked me because I’m an electrical engineer with more than a decade of experience, and I have worked on constructing different power generation plants that follow different technologies.

After watching the sales video of the program, and after I saw all other useless reviews online trying to push people buy the program, I’m writing this unbiased Magnifier Engine review in order to let you know if this is a scam or if it really works.

And in any case, you can check the last section of this review to learn about my favorite solution to almost eliminate your power bill entirely, and without spending any money in advance!

Let’s jump in!

Magnifier Engine Review Summary

  • Name: Magnifier Engine
  • Website: www.Magnifier
  • Founders: Darren Holman (Pen name)
  • Quality: 6 of 10
  • Support: 7 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $47 One-time payment. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get the program through any link in this Magnifier Engine review.
  • Legit/Scam? Legit, but it gives you unrealistic claims of creating an engine that works on heat generated by a magnifier with $100 in cost, and power up a 4-bedroom house with it. (Check out the last section of this review for my recommended alternative to eliminate your electric bill with $0 cost)

Overall Rating: 5.4 of 10

Summary: The Magnifier Engine program gives unrealistic and unsupported claims of creating electricity for a 4-bedroom home with a magnifier and an engine that works on heat.

There’s no proof of the results, and no testimonials from real users to support the claims.

What Is The Magnifier Engine?

The Magnifier Engine is a device that Darren Holman claims that can generate electricity enough to cut 90% of the power bill of a 4-bedroom house with a glass magnifier.

Magnifier Engine

And all of that for a cost that is less than $100.

But how is that possible?

What powers this device and makes it able to generate electricity?

This is what we will discuss now:

How Does The Magnifier Engine Work?

Darren says that the Magnifier Engine works on a principle that makes the hot air move a piston inside a chamber, which then rotates a wheel that generates electricity.

How Magnifier Engine Works

And the more hot air you have, the more electricity you can generate.

And Darren Holman says that he built this device with a glass magnifier added to it, so that the magnifier can bring more sunlight and increase the heat further, thus, generating more electricity.

And at night, Darren says that you can use the biogas to power the generator as in the Electricity Freedom program.

Even enough to power a complete home!

Are these claims true or is the Magnifier Engine a hoax?

This is what we will discuss now:

Does it Really Work?

Unfortunately, Darren is using misleading information about this invention of moving the piston with hot air in order to rotate a generator and make electricity.

This technology is not new, and it is not a secret or underused.

This is actually how almost all rotating generators work all over the world.

Whether powered by diesel, HFO, gas, coal, …etc., all power plants that use generators use this concept, by burning the gas or diesel that heats the air, or by heating water that becomes steam, in order to then move the pistons that move the generator that creates electric energy.


What Is New with The Magnifier Engine?

Darren says that you can replace the fuel or gas used normally with nothing but a glass magnifier that heats the air and makes it move fast in order to generate electricity.

And that with a simple device that costs less than $100, you can generate electricity enough to power up a complete house of four bedrooms!

Is The Magnifier Engine Real?

While the concept makes sense, but it is highly unlikely that you can generate enough amount of electricity to power even a one-bedroom house.

First of all, you need a lot of hot air, or steam, in order to power a generator that generates electricity that you can use to power house appliances, like the portable diesel generator for example.

And you cannot provide the same amount of hot air, a glass magnifier can never be enough.

Secondly, you need to keep the magnifier moving with the sun in order to get the optimal angle and get the maximum production, and that requires a tracking system that works alone, which costs a lot of money.

And thirdly, you need all the components of the system, not only the magnifier.

The chamber where the air is contained should be well-sealed, along with all the pistons, and well-connected to the generator, and these all cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get.

You cannot create such a Magnifier Engine for $100.

Unfortunately, the claims given in the Magnifier Engine video are unrealistic and I don’t believe that anyone can save money on the electric bill with them, let alone cut 90% of the bill.

Even the disclaimer at the end of the sales page on the website says that results mentioned in the video are not typical or guaranteed.

Is Magnifier Engine Legit

And you might now say:

What about All The Positive Reviews on Magnifier Engine Online?

I call these the Magnifier Engine scam reviews.

These where created by marketers who don’t have any experience or knowledge of electricity generating, and never even tried the program.

They are only after getting a commission from Darren Holman if you click on the links in their reviews and buy the Magnifier Engine plans and blueprints.

Even the websites where these reviews are published are either general websites that have nothing to do with electricity, or they are low quality sites that promote products like Magnifier Engine, and like the Tyranny Liberator scam I exposed earlier.

Magnifier Engine Fake Reviews
While here on Bills Wiz, I only write about ways to save on utility bills with what I learned from my experience in projects as an electrical engineer and energy manager.

Any Magnifier Engine Customer Reviews?

No, I didn’t find any consumer reviews or reports for the Magnifier Engine program, neither on Trustpilot, nor on any similar platform.

And the weird thing is that Darren claims that his Magnifier Engine helped more than 66,000 families save on their power bills.

Magnifier Engine Testimonials

Yet no one took the time to leave him a review! What does that tell you?

If you are really interested in significantly cutting your bill, then my alternative at the end of this Magnifier Engine review will allow you to do so, and without even investing money from your pocket.

Magnifier Engine Program Price

The cost of joining the Magnifier Engine plans and blueprints is a one time payment of $47, and there’s no discount on it.

Magnifier Engine Plans Price

===>>> Download Magnifier Engine Plans with 60-Day Money Back Guaranatee <<<===

You also need money for buying the material, tools, and for the ready to use air chamber and electric generator, and these all cost money.

Magnifier Engine Blueprints Free Download

The Magnifier Engine PDF blueprints and video guides are not available for free downloads, and they only way to get them is to buy them through the website.

And if you are concerned about getting scammed, then here’s something for you.

Magnifier Engine Refund

If you buy the Magnifier Engine plans through any link in this review, you get a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

But the refund doesn’t include the tools or material you would buy in order to build this Magnifier Engine generator.

Pro’s & Con’s of The Magnifier Engine


  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this Magnifier Engine review.


  • Unrealistic claims with power a house using a small generator and a magnifier.
  • Misleading information that makes you think that generating electricity with hot air is not widely utilized.
  • No real testimonials from users of the Magnifier Engine program.
  • Many scammy reviews promoting it.
  • Unknown founder as Darren Holman is a pen name.

Magnifier Engine Fake Founder

Who Is Magnifier Engine for?

I don’t recommend wasting your time with the Magnifier Engine as there’s no proof or real testimonials that it works on reducing electric bills at home with a magnifier.

If you want to see inside it out of curiosity, then you can buy it through any of the links in this review in order to get a 60-day money back guarantee.

But for the real way of saving big on your electric bill, the last section of this review for my alternative to Magnifier Engine is the way to go.

Magnifier Engine Support

You can get the support for the Magnifier Engine program through the link in the Contact page on their website.

Magnifier Engine Support

And if you want to complain about Magnifier Engine or request a refund, then you should contact ClickBank, the retailer, through the instructions in the confirmation email you got when you first joined the program.

Conclusion – Is Magnifier Engine a Scam?

I don’t consider the Magnifier Engine to be a scam because there’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get it through any link in this review.

But the claims Darren Holman says are unrealistic and misleading, and I don’t believe that you can save 90% on your power bill with a $100 magnifier, and there are no real testimonials that can be verified for the program.

I don’t recommend wasting your time or money.

This is my conclusion of this Magnifier Engine review.

100% Proven Alternative to Engine Magnifier to Significantly Cut Your Bill?

Yes. And for $0 investment from your side.

You can almost entirely eliminate your power bill using my favorite alternative to Engine Magnifier, which is the solar panel system.

You can install a complete system for your home that generates an excess amount of energy and pumps it to the grid during the day, and you take the same amount from the grid at night

This is a proven solution to significantly reduce your electric bill.

You might be saying now:

But you said for $0 investment, and solar panels cost a lot to install!

True, solar panel systems cost money, but nowadays, big solar companies like SunPower can help you find financing solutions so that you install a complete solar panel system without paying a dime.

Magnifier Engine Alternative

On SunPower’s website, enter your Zip code, and you will be asked to complete a 1-minute survey about hour house and your monthly bill, and then the company team will contact you to arrange for an appointment, no strings attached, so that you set and discuss the available financing solutions for your solar system.

This is the right way to reduce your monthly electric bill, and not using some glass magnifier engine device.

I hope that my honest Magnifier Engine review was helpful and saved you the time and effort, and showed you the right way to cut your electric bill.

If you still have any question, please let me know in the comments’ section below and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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