Ground Power Generator Review

I’m an electrical engineer and a certified energy manager with more than ten years of experience, and that’s why a friend asked me recently:

Does Ground Power Generator really work, or is it another hoax?

And after I researched this program by Joseph Wilkinson, I decided to write this honest Ground Power Generator review, which is completely different from other reviews out there that are just trying to push you into buying the program so that they can get a commission.

Important Note: You could eliminate your electric bill almost entirely like thousands of American home owners did without paying anything from your pocket with the solution in the last section of this review below!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Ground Power Generator Review Summary

  • Name: Ground Power Generator
  • Website:
  • Founders: Joseph Wilkinson
  • Quality: 6 of 10
  • Support: 6 of 10
  • Functionality: 5 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 9 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $47 One-time payment. You can get it at a discounted price of $29 if you try to close the window, where a pop-up will offer you to read the text presentation, go to that page, and then try to close it, and a pop-up will offer you a 60% discount. And there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Recommended? Not by me. (Check out the last section of this review for alternatives)

Overall Rating: 5.2 of 10

Summary: Joseph Wilkinson’s Ground Power Generator may show you a method of generating electric energy at a low voltage value, unlike the 110V-220V you need at home.

I don’t believe that you can generate endless electricity to power home appliances at the same voltage level and frequency of the utility supply, using a small box buried in the ground as Joseph says.

The good thing is that Ground Power Generator comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy it through any link on this review, which makes it safe to buy it and see what is inside it.

What Is Ground Power Generator System?

Ground Power Generator system is a training course and guide that is supposed to show you how to assemble certain devices and elements in a small box that can be buried in the ground, and it would generate limitless electricity in order to use it at home and significantly cut your power bill.

Ground Power Generator

Joseph says that he learned this method from a neighbor who generates all of the electricity he needs for his house from the ground and doesn’t pay to the utility.

He even claims that this Ground Power Generator provides electricity to the grid, and he gets paid for it from the utility company.

But how is this even possible?

This is what we will discuss now.

How Does Ground Power Generator Work?

In the sales video of Ground Power Generator program, Joseph says that you can assemble some small devices and cables inside a box of the size of a printer, and place it underground with three cables coming out, which will supply you with electricity to use it at home.

How Ground Power Generator Works

He says that the earth generates a lot of energy every second, and that this box takes energy from this source and gives you electricity through the cables.

You might be asking yourself now:

Is The Ground Power Generator a Hoax?

I wouldn’t say that this is a complete hoax, because there’s energy inside earth that can be extracted as electricity, through what is called an Earth Battery.

And this is what Joseph calls the Ground Power Generator.

What Is This Earth Battery?

The earth battery is nothing more than a combination of two electrodes of certain metals, which could be planted in the ground at a certain distance from one another, and they would create a voltage between them, which then makes them act as a real battery.

And by connecting cables to these two electrodes, you can use that voltage source in order to draw an electric current that can power some electric devices, mainly small electronics.


Does The Ground Power Generator Really Work?

Unfortunately, the earth batteries that Joseph Wilkinson calls Ground Power Generators cannot provide electricity in the form or amount that you need to supply your home’s appliances.

Does Ground Power Generator Work

Here are the main issues with Ground Power Generator:

  1. Earth batteries provide DC voltage, while the voltage we need for running home appliances is of the AC voltage type, and these are two completely different types that need special devices to convert from one to another, which means that you cannot connect an earth battery to your main panel.
  2. Earth batteries provide very low voltage levels, mainly up to 5 volts, which is only enough to supply small devices that don’t consume a lot of energy anyway, such as charging a mobile phone, or lighting up a 5V LED light, while it cannot charge the car’s battery that works at 12V level.
  3. It is difficult to maintain a stable voltage level with earth batteries, which is one of the many reasons why they didn’t get commercialized yet.
  4. Even with 5V devices and electronics, the amount of current that you can withdraw form an earth battery is very low, which means that you the total energy you can get with this battery is very little, and it would have almost no effect on your electric bill.

As you can see, although you can extract electricity from earth with what Joseph calls the Ground Power Generator, assuming he gives you complete plans to follow, you still cannot generate electricity to power home appliances that work on 110V-220V AC, nor you can generate enough electricity on the 5V DC level in order to reduce your bill.

Then how about eliminating your electric bill and even giving to the grid?!

This is similar to the exaggeration that is used in the sales video of the Moray Generator (Orgone Motor) program, and in the Backyard Revolution scam that I exposed earlier, where the guy claims that a certain arrangement of solar panels can increase the generation efficiency of these panels.

You might ask now:

What about All These Positive Ground Power Generator Reviews Online?

Unfortunately, these Ground Power Generator scam reviews were created by people who know nothing about electricity, and they only repeat what you heard in the sales video of the program.

Is Ground Power Generator Legit

These are just shady marketers who are after making money by letting you buy the program through the links in their reviews, which can be tracked in order to credit them with commissions from the program founder.

None of them have anything to do with electricity, and even the websites where you find those reviews, are general websites that are not related to electricity.

But I’m an experience electrical engineer and my website, Bills Wiz, is all about teaching people legit ways to cut their utility bills.

If you want a method that can really help you cut, or even eliminate electric bills completely, then check out my alternative in the last section of this Ground Power Generator review.

Ground Power Generator Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no legit consumer reviews on the Ground Power Generator program available, not on Trustpilot, nor anywhere online.

Even on their website, they tell you in the disclaimer that the results you heard in the video are not typical and cannot be guaranteed.

Ground Power Generator Results

Ground Power Generator Price

The cost of getting the Ground Power Generator course material is a one time payment of $47.

Ground Power Generator Price

>>> Download Ground Power Generator Plans <<<

But keep in mind that you still need to pay for the material and tools that you would use in order to build the Ground Power Generator system, which Joseph estimates to be around $78.

Ground Power Generator Discount

You can get Joseph Wilkinson’s Ground Power Generator program at a discounted price of $29, and you get this offer as follows:

  1. Visit the website where it is sold, and move the cursor to the top as if you wanted to close the window, and a pop-up will offer you to read the text presentation.
  2. Go to that page, and then try to close it, and a pop-up will offer you a 60% discount.

Ground Power Generator Discount

Ground Power Generator Free Download

The Ground Power Generator system PDF guide and video course are not available to download for free.

The only way to get them is to purchase them through the official website.

And if you are worried about losing your money, then here’s something for you!

Ground Power Generator Refund

If you buy the Ground Power Generator from any of the links in this review, you will get it through a retailer called ClickBank, which offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on most of the programs, including this one.

This means that you can buy the Ground Power Generator program, see what is inside it, try it out, and if it didn’t work, you can ask for a refund within sixty days of your purchase.

But remember that the refund includes only the $47 you pay on the program, and not on the material and tools you will buy in order to build this Ground Power Generator device.

Pro’s & Con’s of Ground Power Generator


  • It’s about a clean energy source.
  • You can get a discount as explained above.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Unrealistic claims about generating electricity that you can use to power homes and eliminate electric bills.
  • Not enough details about teh system’s origin.
  • The earth batteries (Ground Power Generators) are not commercially viable yet.
  • The founder of the Ground Power Generator is unknown, and Joseph Wilkinson is just a pen name as the disclosure in the bottom of the sales page.

Ground Power Generator Founder

Who Is Ground Power Generator for?

I don’t think that you can really benefit from the Ground Power Generator if you want to cut your electric bills for the reasons mentioned earlier in this review.

If you want to buy the Ground Power Generator course out of curiosity, then it is fine as there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

Otherwise, check out the last section below for legit alternatives to the Ground Power Generator.

Ground Power Generator Support

If you want to contact the support team of the Ground Power Generator, then you are supposed to be able to contact them through the link on their “Contact” page.

Ground Power Generator Support

However, at the time of writing my review of this program, the link that is supposed to allow me to contact them doesn’t work.

But in case that you want to contact them for a refund, then you should contact the retailer, ClickBank, through the method explained in the confirmation email you got when you first bought the program.

Conclusion – Is Ground Power Generator a Scam?

Ground Power Generator is not a scam as there’s something you get for the money you pay, and there’s a 60-day money back guarantee where you can get all your money back.

However, I don’t believe that it is worth it to try to build the Ground Power Generator as it cannot provide you with AC electricity that you can use to power home appliances, because it only gives a love DC voltage value.

And even more, the amount of energy you can withdraw with this method is very low and unreliable, and not sufficient to reduce your electric bill.

This is my conclusion of this unbiased Ground Power Generator review.

Legit Alternatives to Ground Power Generator That Eliminate Electric Bills?


There are many ways to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill, and these are divided into three main ways:

  1. Using energy efficient appliances that adopt new technologies, like Energy Star appliances and LED bulbs.
  2. Using devices that regulate the operation of appliances, like the electric water heater timer and the smart thermostats.
  3. The Best method, which can eliminate your bill 100%, which is using a renewable energy resource like the sun in order to generate electricity for all your consumption.

If you are just interested in lowering your bills in the time being, then you can consider some of these devices that save electricity at home.

But if you want to completely eliminate your electric bill, then you need a renewable energy source that you can convert into electricity that you can use at home.

How 1’000’s of US Home Owners Eliminated Their Bill Almost Entirely (& without Investing from Their Money)

And the best available resource at the time being is solar energy.

You can install a solar power plant at your home, and it would generate electricity during the day to supply your home appliances and give the rest to the grid (sell it to the utility).

And at night, you can take from the grid what you need to power the different appliances.

This way, you can eliminate your electric bill if the system was designed to give enough electricity to the grid during the day that would equal the amount you withdraw at night.

Worried about The Cost of Installing a Solar Power System? Here’s The Solution!

And if you are worried about the cost of installing a solar system, then don’t worry, because some companies offer financing solutions that allow you to build a solar panel system with zero cost.

Ground Power Generator Alternative

And on top of that, depending on your location, some states offer tax rebates if you use a green energy source like the solar energy.

One of the best companies in this field is SunPower, and they can help you find the best financing solution so that you install a complete solar system with $0 down payment.

Grond Generator Solar Alternative

If you are interested in getting an appointment with this industry leader, then go to SunPower’s website here in order to get it, and see how you can eliminate your power bill.

I hope that you found my honest Ground Power Generator review helpful and insightful.

If you still have any question about this program, or about anything related to electric bills, please, feel free to ask me in the comment’s section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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