Do Candle Warmers Use a Lot of Electricity?

How much electricity does a candle warmer use per hour, day, and month?

Do wax warmers use a lot of energy when left on all the time?

How much would they add to your electricity bill, and what advantage do they have over burning a candle with fire?

I am an electrical engineer, and I will help you know if you should worry about these little devices or not, with three tips to save money while using them.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Do Candle Warmers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Candle warmers do not use a lot of electricity as they have low wattage (15-35 Watts), and their running cost might not exceed 1-2 cents per day on the electricity.

In fact, electric wax warmers can save you money as they don’t use flames that could leave soot on the walls that are hard to clean.

Do Scentsy Warmers Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, Scentsy warmers do not use a lot of electricity as they require only a small amount of power (15-25 Watts) in order to run, and you need them to run for few hours every day.

Scentsy Warmer Energy Usage

How Much Electricity Does a Candle Warmer Use?

An electric candle warmer uses around 0.1 kilowatt-hour of electricity per day in order to run for five hours a day, which accumulates into around 3 kWh’s per month.

This is an average estimate based on the average usage of one candle warmer for five hours every day, with the average wattage of 20 Watts.

Wax Warmer Electricity Consumption

If you intend to use more than one candle warmer, or the same candle warmer for longer hours in the same room or in different rooms within the same day, you may end up using more electricity.

Or, if you want to use wax warmers for a spa or a shop in order to get a scented air all the time, then your wax warmer will use more electricity than the estimate above.

How Much Electricity Does a Wax Warmer Use in 24 Hours?

If you leave the wax warmer on for 24 hours, it will consume around 0.48 kWh per day, or around 14.4 kWh’s per month.

How Many Watts Does a Wax Warmer Use?

Electric wax warmers use between 15-35 Watts of power in order to run, and some of them come with an adjustable wattage that can control how fast they can melt down the scented wax melts or candles.

Candle Warmer Wattage

Are Electric Wax Warmers Energy Efficient?

Wax warmers are energy efficient since they do their job while consuming a very small amount of energy.

Electric wax warmers come in two main types: some use heat elements that heat up a surface or a small dish, on which you place the candle or the wax melts, and others use a lamp that directs light on the candle in order to “burn” it and release the scent in to the air.

Both come with a low wattage range, usually between 15-35 Watts, and some of them can be adjusted for the amount of heat or light they produce, which could result even in lower energy consumption than the estimate above.

Are Electric Wax Warmers Expensive to Run?

Electric wax warmers are not expensive to run since they consume a small amount of energy, and won’t add a lot to you electric bill per unit.

How Much Does a Candle Warmer Cost to Run?

An electric candle warmer would cost around $0.42 per month in order to run for five hours a day, every day of the month, with the average wattage of 20 Watts, and average electricity rate of 14 cents/kWh.

This is the average cost on the electricity bill for the average usage of a wax warmer.

Daily Electricity Consumption = Wattage in kW X Time in Hours = 0.02 X 5 = 0.1 kWh per day.

Monthly Electricity Consumption = 0.1 X 30 = 3 kWh’s.

Monthly Electricity Cost = Electricity Consumption X Energy Rate = 3 kWh’s X $0.14/kWh = $0.42/month.

The actual cost would change based on the actual running time of the warmer every day, the actual wattage, and the actual energy rate.

For example, electricity companies in California and Connecticut charge around 50% higher than the average, which results in around $0.65 per month with the same warmer wattage and running time in the above estimate.

Wax Warmer Running Cost

And in other places, the rates might be lower, resulting in a lower running cost.

You need to also include the cost of candle or wax melts.

A small, six-cube unit costs around $2 to purchase, and could be sufficient for the use for six days, which means that you need five units per month.

That’s the total of $10 per month for the wax or candle melts, added to the $0.42 on electricity cost.

Wax Melts Running Cost

How Much Do Scentsy Warmers Cost to Run?

Scentsy warmers cost less than one dollar per month on electricity in order to run for few hours a day, every day of the month.

However, you still need to add the cost of the wax melts that might be over $20 a month, or you can use other brands’ melts that cost almost half of this amount.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Wax Warmer 24/7?

In order to run an electric wax warmer all the time, it would cost around two dollars a month on electricity bill.

In addition to that, you need to calculate the cost of the wax melts, which could add another twenty dollars a month.

Tips for Saving Energy & Money with Wax Warmers

Here are a few tips to help you save energy and money when buying and using a wax warmer:

  • Shop for good warmers with a good price and positive reviews from users, as many fancy wax warmers are a bit expensive because of their look.
  • Turn the wax warmer off after few hours when the wax melts are melted down, and if you tend to forget it on, then use a plug with a timer in order to schedule when it would turn the power supply off.
  • If possible, shop for adjustable electric candle warmers that allow you to control the wattage used at any moment.

Wax Warmer Energy Saving

Conclusion – Electric Wax Warmers Can Be a Money-Saver

As explained above, electric wax warmers can actually save you money as they don’t use a lot of electricity, and they don’t produce flame that leaves soot on the walls, which costs money in order to fix.

This is similar to the of electricity usage of bathroom fans that does not add a lot to your bills.

Follow the tips in the previous section in order to save money when you shop and use an electric candle warmer.

And if you still have other questions on this topic, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out. 🙂

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