Why Should We Save Energy?

Why we should save energy is a question that many people ask, thinking that trying to save on electricity, heating, and gas makes no sense can doesn’t make our life any better, or have a minimal effect that is not worth the hassle.

But that’s not the case.

I am an electrical engineer and a Certified Energy Manager with more than a decade of experience, and I can tell you that there are many reasons why we need to save on electricity and other forms of energy, and we could gain a lot from doing so.

And I created this article in order to help you get the large picture, which would help you take your part in this mission for a better future for yourself, your family, and others.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

9 Reasons Why We Should Save Energy

Reduce Global Warming

The more energy is generated through traditional methods using fossil fuels and gases, the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

And the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane, and water vapor would lead into creating a trap for the heat in the atmosphere and preventing it from leaving into the space, resulting in increasing the temperature of the planet earth through a global warming.

That’s what is called the greenhouse gases effect.

Save Energy to Stop Greenhouse Gases

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The result of global warming would be to make the planet inhabitants suffer from unusual temperature levels that affect all aspects of their lives, and would also cause people to use more energy in order to cool down houses and different spaces, which further increases the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and makes things escalate further.

That’s why we should conserve energy so that we slow down the effect of global warming by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that we produce as a result of traditional energy generation methods.

Slow Down Climate Change

As a result of the global warming in the first reason above, water starts to evaporate at a higher rate from rivers, lakes and dams, and ice starts to melt down at a fast rate from the two poles of the planet.

Not to mention that part of the water used for irrigation will also evaporate due to the high temperature levels.

This all leads to creating scarcity in clean water, which gradually leads to reduce the green area in most of the countries, leading to scarcity in food for both; people and animals.

It will also lead to severe changes in weather patterns and in the predictability of weather conditions, which disrupts the balance that people and animals are used to live in, thus, making it harder to live and secure food and water for all living beings.

Save Energy to Stop Climate Change

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And while climate change is a normal thing that happened many times over the lifetime of the planet, but due to the excessive production of greenhouse gases in the past decades, the climate change is happening at much higher rate nowadays, which makes it really difficult to adapt to the continuous changes.

This is why it is necessary to save energy at home, work, and everywhere else so that we slow down the climate change and its effects to speed that allows us to find solutions that help us adapt to the new weather patterns.

Cleaner Environment

Most of the electricity we use today is created in plants that fossil fuels, petroleum or natural gas, or in nuclear plants.

And most of the cars, air planes and ships are still using combustion engines that use fossil fuels to move them.

Save Energy to Clean Environment

These all result in solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes that cause pollution in the land, water, and air, destroying lands that could be used for agriculture, and polluting water the air we need in order to survive.

Although the shift into using renewable, green energy sources is happening, but it will take a long time before we get to a point were we can fully transfer our dependence away from traditional energy sources, especially that the demand for energy will keep increasing with the continuous increase in population.

And by reducing our consumption of energy, we can help make the complete transition to clean energy sources happen faster, so that we can finally restore a clean environment where all beings can live a better life.

Save Plants, Animals & People

The global warming that results from our dependence on non-green energy sources reduces the amount of water available for plants to grow.

And the same happens through polluting the available water with the wastes that come out of traditional energy generation plants.

These all lead to reducing the food available for animals that feed on these plants, thus, reducing their numbers, which then reduces the amount of food for meat-eater animals that feed on these plant eaters.

At the same time, the amount of water available for humans, and the ability to grow food and animals that people feed on will decrease, resulting in water shortage and hunger crises to arise, killing people as a result.

Save Energy to Save Life

This is another reason we should save as much energy as we can and make the shift to clean energy sources happen as soon as possible.

Improve Health for People

Polluting the water, air and plants due to the use of non-green energy resources all lead to creating deceases and cause health problems to people.

The results could be illnesses in the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, immune system, skin, …etc.

And many of these could be chronic conditions that require medical treatment for lifetime, making peoples’ lives harder and costing people and governments a lot of money, in addition to putting the pressure on the healthcare sector.

And conserving energy can lead to less use of energy sources that cause pollution, making it possible to live a healthier life in the end.

Conserve Resources for Future Generation

At the current rate of demand increase on energy, along with the current rate of transitioning to clean energy sources, we might not be giving up the traditional, non-renewable energy resources anytime soon.

If this situation continues, then these resources might not be available to supply energy after a few decades from now.

And the same happens with water and food that is negatively affected by the global warming and the pollution that happens due to using non-green energy sources.

This means that the future generations might suffer all kinds of shortages in energy, food, water, and even clean air, which would lead to more health problems, financial difficulties due to higher prices on scarce resources and goods, and that would lead to difficult living conditions and even wars that will affect everyone.

We need to conserve the current energy resources for such times in order for the next generations to live a happier, healthier, and easier life.

Lower Fuel Prices

The less energy we use, and especially electrical energy, then the lower the demand on fuel will go, which will help break down the monopolies that few fuel and energy corporates created in order to make big profit by limiting the supply of energy.

Conserve Energy to Lower Prices

The end result will be to lower the fuel and energy prices, and this is one case when electricity prices go down.

This will make it possible to reduce the cost of living and the prices of a lot of goods that need electricity in order to be produced.

As a result, more people will be able to afford to buy better quality goods and enjoy a better life.

Save Money to Use it Elsewhere

Even if the prices of energy didn’t go down as a result of conserving energy, still, you need to conserve energy in order to save money on electric, heating, and gas bills by using less energy.

This money could be used to invest in income-generating assets, to buy something that would improve your life, to provide a better healthcare for yourself and your family, provide a better education for your kids, or save it for more secure future.

Increase The Quality of Life for All People

The above reasons to conserve energy can finally lead to a better quality of life for all people, animals, and plants.

Slowing down the climate change and decreasing pollution will result in a cleaner environment that improves the health of all living beings.

And the economic effects of saving energy will help people enjoy higher quality goods and services, and have financial security and a more promising future.

Isn’t this what we aim for?

Conserve Energy for Quality Life

Was started using the different forms of energy in order to make our lives easier, but in the process, and due to over-consumption and irresponsible use of energy and material, we created many health, security, and financial problems.

And if we were to fix this situation and enjoy a better life and health, we need to start saving electricity and all other forms of energy and material in order to eliminate the problems that happened due to the irresponsible use of resources.

Conclusion – Here’s How You Take The Lead in Conserving Energy for a Better Future

As you saw, there are many reasons why we need save energy whether in electricity, heating, transportation, or any other form.

And the more people take part in living a responsible life and conserving energy resources, the faster we can achieve the positive results.

Everyone has to start saving energy at some point, including yourself.

No need to wait for others to tell you when to start.

You can start now, and you can see the results immediately translated in financial benefits as a start.

And that doesn’t mean that you need to suffer.

Actually, you can make big savings in energy, and money, and without affecting your lifestyle.

By being more conscious about how you use the systems that cost the most on electricity and other bills, such as using the AC economically, you can make big savings in energy, lower your bills and keep more money for yourself and for your family, while still getting the results you want from the different appliances and systems that consume energy in order to function.

But there’s even something better.

You can also help the environment heal much faster in case that you take part in transitioning into renewable, green energy sources like solar energy, by installing a system that will provide your needs of electric energy without burning any fuels that hurts the environment.

Besides, you don’t need to pay for the source of energy you use, as no have the right to sell you the free sunrays.

And although installing a solar system to provide your needs of electric energy can cost some money at the beginning, but …

Here’s How 1,000’s of US Families Did it with $0 Down Payment

Luckily, in many countries, there are funding solutions that allow people to build a complete solar plant without paying a down payment.

They pay back the cost of the plant in installments over a certain number of years, and then they can enjoy free energy for many years to come, in addition to increasing the asset value of their homes or businesses with the solar system installed.

And SunPower, is one of the leading solar companies that can help you find the suitable financing solution for your solar plant, design it, install it, and operate it.

Solar for Energy Saving Reasons

You can visit SunPowers website, enter the zip code for your location, finish a 1-minute survey about your place, and they will contact you to arrange for a free appointment so that you discuss the available funding solution for your solar plant.

This is how you take the lead in creating a better future for yourself, for your kids, and for future generations.

I hope that this list of the nine reasons helped you understand why we should save energy, and how you can take part in this mission.

If you still have any question, please, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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