The Ultimate Energizer Guide Review

Is it possible to get free energy with this $208 device? Did Nikola Tesla really have a son, and does that have anything to do with this program?

This honest and unbiased Ultimate Energizer Guide review will tell you the truth about these claims, the founder of the program, and if you would benefit from getting this guide.

And if this is not for you, you will know in the last section of this review about an alternative that doesn’t really cost you a lot in order to get cheap or free electricity.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Ultimate Energizer Guide Review Summary

The Ultimate Energizer Guide

  • The Simple, Safe And Effective Way To Generate Clean, Cheap Electricity

  • The Simple, Safe And Effective Way To Generate Clean, Cheap Electricity

  • Name: Ultimate Energizer Guide
  • Website: & (Available also on Amazon)
  • Founders: Steven Perkins (Pen Name)
  • Quality: 4 of 10
  • Support: 6 of 10
  • Functionality: 4 of 10
  • Refund Possibility: 8 of 10
  • Testimonials: 0 of 10
  • Price: $49 One-time payment on one site, $29 one-time payment on another site, $17.99 on Amazon.
  • Recommended? Not by us. (Check out the last section of this review for alternatives)

Overall Rating: 4 of 10

Summary: Steven Perkins Ultimate Energizer Guide and device are not proven to be work on cutting your electric bill by 50 or 60 percent, and there’s no real proof or positive user testimonials that support the claims in the sales video.

On the contrary, the reviews on Amazon from those who bought the book from there are not encouraging.

The positive thing about Ultimate Energizer is that there’s a money-back guarantee if you get it from the official website.

What Is the Ultimate Energizer Guide?

Ultimate Energizer Guide is a book that is supposed to teach you how to create a simple device for the cost of around $208, and that device can give you free unlimited energy from the earth, for free.

Ultimate Energizer Guide

The book is supposed to be based on the inventions of Nikola Tesla, and on the continuing works of his “son”, as the founder claims.

This is similar to the claims that are used to sell another program that I exposed in my Volcano Power Plant review.

How Does Ultimate Energizer Work?

The Ultimate Energizer device is supposed to work by generating electricity from the energy that is stored inside the earth, and that this simple device could generate an amount of energy that can power up an entire home, or at least, cut your electric bill by a big percentage.

How Ultimate Energizer Works

The sales video shows a demonstration of a device that can power up a simple lamp, but there’s no proof that the energy taken to power this lamp is actually coming from the earth.

Does The Ultimate Energizer Guide Really Work?

According to the basic scientific principles that are known so far, and to the reviews on Amazon from those who purchased the Ultimate Energizer Guide, it does not seem that it is possible to generate electricity enough to power up an entire home from such a simple device.

It is true that the earth stores a significant amount of energy, but it cannot be harnessed by a simple device that takes up a very small space, as this space will only allow you to generate voltage in the range of few volts, and with a low current, resulting in a small amount of energy that can power up very small electronics.

And that’s not useful in case that you want to save on your electric bill, or if you want a reliable resource of energy.

Anything Good about The Ultimate Energizer Guide

There’s a money back guarantee if you get it from the official website, but there’s no refund on the material and tools you buy in order to build up the device, and no refund on your time and work.

Why I Cannot Recommend The Ultimate Energizer Guide

1 – Unrealistic Claims about Savings

The promises in the sales video of the book claim that you can save up to 60 or 70 percent on your electric bill with this device, but these claims are unrealistic as I explained above.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Claims

2 – Inaccurate Information about Energy

The founder claims that the earth stores around 48 megawatt-hours of energy, and that this amount is almost unlimited, and it can be used by many people to generate electricity to power up their homes.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Facts

First of all, this amount energy can be consumed within one or two days in powering up a small or medium size hotel.

Does earth store a lot of energy? Yes. Way more than what is claimed in the video, but the problem is that the founder of this Ultimate Energizer Guide doesn’t have an actual sense of the numbers.

3 – Unknown Founder

The name of the creator of Ultimate Energizer Guide, Steven Perkins, is a pen name, and nobody knows the actual founder of the program.

Ultimate Energizer Founder

4 – No Real Positive Testimonials for the Ultimate Energizer Guide

The testimonials in the video cannot be proven to be from real people who purchased the Ultimate Energizer Guide and saved any money with it.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Testimonials

If you search for real reviews for the Ultimate Energizer Guide, you will find that the not-so-positive reviews on Amazon from those who bought the book from there.

Ultimate Energizer User Reviews

And on independent sites, you won’t find unbiased positive reviews that can be verified to prove that the guide works as promised.

5 – Unproven Details about Nikola Tesla’s Life

The sales video claims that Nikola Tesla had a secret child, who later became his successor in his research works. and that he later invented this Ultimate Energizer and left the blueprints somewhere, which then was found. and “Steven Perkins” used these blueprints to create this device.

There’s no proof that Nikola Tesla had fathered a child, and if this man, “Steven Perkins”, knew such a thing, then the whole world would’ve known by now, which is not the case.

They used the name of a brilliant inventor like Nikola Tesla and his findings to make you believe whatever they say in their sales pitch.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Price

The cost of buying the Ultimate Energizer Guide is different from one place to another, depending on where you buy it from:

On the website, it costs a one-time payment of $49, and get the digital copy.

The Ultimate Energizer Guide

  • The Simple, Safe And Effective Way To Generate Clean, Cheap Electricity

  • The Simple, Safe And Effective Way To Generate Clean, Cheap Electricity

===>>> Download Ultimate Energizer Guide with 60-Day Money Back Guarantee <<<===

However, on the other website www.Ultimate, it costs a one-time payment of $29 for the digital copy as well.

And on Amazon, it costs a one-time payment of $17.99, and you get the paperback copy.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Refund

If you buy the Ultimate Energizer Guide from any of the two official websites, you get a 60-day money back guarantee on your purchase, but remember that you don’t get a refund on the material and tools you purchased when you tried to build the device.

Ultimate Energizer Guide PDF Download

If you buy the Ultimate Energizer Guide through any of the two official websites, you get the PDF version of the book, and you can download it instantly.

However, if you buy it from Amazon, you get the paperback version.

Who Is The Ultimate Energizer for?

I cannot recommend buying the Ultimate Energizer Guide by anyone, as the claims in the sales video are unrealistic and unproven, and there are no positive reviews from those who really used it in order to generate their own electricity.

Ultimate Energizer Guide Support

If you are looking for support on the guide, you can contact them through the email on the contact page, in the bottom in the sales page of the Ultimate Energizer Guide.

However, if you want a refund on buying the guide, then you should contact the retailer, ClickBank or Digistore24, as per the instructions in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the guide.

Conclusion – Is Ultimate Energizer a Scam or Legit?

I can’t say that the Ultimate Energizer Guide is a scam since there’s a money back guarantee.

However, I don’t recommend that you waste your time and effort on it, due to the reasons I explained above in this review.

And remember that there’s no refund on the material and tools, or on the time you would spend trying to build this unproven device.

This is my conclusion of this Steven Perkins Ultimate Energizer review.

A 100% Legit Alternative to Ultimate Energizer Guide for Cheap Electricity?

Yes, and the alternative is proven, and it was even mentioned in the Ultimate Energizer sales video.

Now for saving on electric bill, there are many ways and devices to lower your electric bill.

But if you want something to significantly cut your bill, or even eliminated it, almost entirely, then solar panels are the way to achieving this dream.

And it’s true that they cost some money to install, but the payback period is worth the investment, and most importantly, there are financing solutions that allow you to install a complete solar system with $0 advanced investment.

SunPower is a leading company that can advise you on the available funding solutions, and they can give you a free quote for your home, if you live in the area where they operate, and they cover most of the US.

Ultimate Energizer Alternative

If you are interested in a free quotation, visit their website here, fill in the short survey about your house, and they will contact you in order to give you free advise on the available funding solutions for your solar plant.

I hope this was helpful, and saved you time and money, and disappointment, instead of going through the programs that promise you to cut your electric bill with some mysterious inventions or secret devices that are not proven.

If you still have any questions about anything in this Ultimate Energizer Guide review, please, tell me in the comments section below, and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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