High Electricity Bill Complaint Letter – PDF & Word

Received an abnormally high bill from the electricity company and you believe that it was caused by a mistake from the company’s side,  and now you want to complain but you don’t know what to say?

No worries!

I will tell you here how to write a complaint, and will give you a template for high electricity bill complaint letter that you can download and easily modify with your bill’s information instead of writing the letter from scratch.

What Should You Include in The Complaint Letter for High Electricity Bill?

Here are the main elements that your complaint letter should contain:

1 – Date

The date of writing your complaint letter, which is preferred to be as soon as possible to the date of receiving the high electricity bill you want to dispute.

2 – Your Info

This includes your name, full postal address, phone number, and maybe email if you wish to receive the reply in writing.

3 – Company’s Responsible Personnel Info

This includes the name, the designation, or the department of the officer or the person in charge of bill issuance or disputation at the electricity company, the company name and address.

4 – Complaint Letter Title/Subject

Here you need to write the subject of your letter, which is complaining about the electricity bill of a specific month or period.

And you should include the subscription number, or consumer number, in addition to the area.

If it is possible to find the serial number of the meter, usually on the outside cover, it is recommended to include it as well.

5 – Reason of Writing The Letter (Opening Paragraph)

Here you mention what are you complaining about, which is the unusually high bill compared to the previous month, or compared to the same month of the previous year, despite not having significantly changed your electricity consumption behaviour.

6 – Why You Believe Something Is Wrong with The Bill

Here you explain in few details the situation of your consumption and the number of people occupying the place to which the billed meter is supplying electricity, and you give a general explanation about the main devices and loads that are used on regular basis.

And maybe, you find that the current reading on the meter is lower than the registered reading on the latest bill, which sometimes is a reason for overcharged bills.

7 – Supporting Evidences and Documents

You may reference the bill of the previous month or the one for the same month of the previous year for comparison purposes, and you would attach a copy of it.

Or, if you find that the reading on the meter is different (lower) from the current meter reading registered on the unusually high bill, you would describe attach a photo of the current meter reading.

8 – Requesting a Revision and Amendment of The Electricity Bill

Now based on the facts mentioned earlier, you would request that the latest bill would be revised for any possible mistakes that happened due to the reading registration or calculating the cost.

9 – Your Contact Details

You need to give the available ways for the electricity company to contact you while or after revising the disputed bill, which might be your phone number and email address, and maybe your postal address.

10 – Signature

Your name and signature.


High Electricity Bill Complaint Letter Script

Following is a script that you can use to write to the electricity provider complaining regarding the high bill.

Change whatever is in the parentheses with the correct information.


Date: / /202(X)

(Your Name)
(Full Address)
(Contact Number)

(Name of The Contacted Employee)
(His Designation)
(Electricity Company Name)
(Company Address)


Subject: Complaint Regarding Unusually High Bill Problem for The Month/Period (X)

Ref.: Consumer/Subscription no. (X). Meter no. (Y). Area Code (Z)


Dear Sir/Madam (Or The Name if You Have it),

I am writing this complaint letter regarding the unusually high electricity bill no. (X) for the month/period (Y), which I believe to be caused by a problem happened during measuring the meter reading or calculating total consumption cost.

Compared to the bill of the (previous month/ same month of the previous year), the latest bill comes with around (X%) increase in total billing amount that I’m now requested to pay.

I (live/work) (alone/ with x people) in the (apartment/area) to which the referenced meter supplies electricity, and nothing changed from the (previous month/ same month of that past year), neither regarding the number of people in the place nor regarding the electrical devices number and operation hours, in a way that justifies the huge increase in the bill.

This might be caused by a mistake that happened due to mistakenly registering an incorrect reading of the meter, or due to a mistake that happened in calculating the total cost of the consumed electricity during the billing period.

(I am attaching here a copy of the bill from previous month/ same month of the past year/ a photo of the current meter reading that is lower than the registered reading on the bill).

I would like to kindly request that someone from (Electricity Company Name) come to inspect the meter and the reading in order to find out the possible reason of the unjustified high billing amount as soon as possible in order to ensure that the latest bill will be revised properly and that I won’t be overcharged again in the future.

For follow-up purposes, you can contact me during the day from (X-Y O’clock) on my phone number: (Z), or anytime through my email address (XXXX@YYYY.com)


Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

(Your Signature)


I hope that this article helped you in knowing how you can write a complaint letter for high or overcharged electricity bill and request a revision or amendment from the electricity supply company.

If you still have any question or need any help, please, tell me in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to come back to you asap 🙂

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