Do Electric Bills Affect Credit Score?

do electric bills affect credit

Does electric bill affect your credit score? Does it build credit if you pay it on-time, and does it hurt your credit if you don’t? What has changed in the past few years that others may not tell you? And if power bill does affect your credit, then how to deal with it in order … Read more

Energy2Green Review

energy2green review

Can someone really create a hybrid power plant with solar panels and a wind turbine for less than $200, and use it to supply electricity to the house and cut up to 80% of the bill, or is the Energy 2 Green system a scam? This is what I was asked because I’m an electrical … Read more

Do LED Lights Use Less Energy?

do led lights use less energy

Changing from CFL, incandescent, or halogen bulbs into LED bulbs is a popular advice that you find whenever you look for ways to lower your lighting bill. But is it really a good advice? Do LED lights use less energy? Or is it another myth that is being used in order to sell you products that … Read more

How to Save on Electric Bill in Summer?

save on electric bill in summer

Summer is coming, or has already come, and you are now trying to figure out how to save on electric bill in summer. This is a crucial step towards reducing your expenses and keeping more money for yourself and for your loved ones. Small actions that might not cost you money, or might cost you a … Read more

Why Does My Electric Bill Fluctuate So Much?

why electric bill fluctuates

There are at least five reasons why your electric bill fluctuates so much, some are avoidable, and some are not, but there’s a workaround for theme that can help you not only reduce the fluctuation severity, but also eliminate your electric bill almost entirely in some cases. I am an electrical engineer with more than … Read more