Want to Know How Some US Howmowners Pay Almost $0 on Electricity while Energy Prices Keep Rising? (Some Even Get Tax Rebates)

Oil and gas prices are soaring, and they will probably continue to rise on the short run and on the long run because of the continuous inflation and because of the geopolitical atmosphere.

Bad News & Good News!

The Bad News:

This will definitely lead to an increase in the electricity rates on US homeowners as most energy companies use oil and gas as a fuel to produce electricity, and they need to make profit in order to continue their operations.

The Good News:

Some US homeowners could eliminate their electricity bills almost entirely and pay a small, fixed fee that is insignificant compared to their original bills, like this couple for example. (Continue to read and watch a video below from this couple!)

0 Electric Bill Case Study - lp


How Do These Homeowners Get FREE Energy?

& How YOU TOO Might Be Able to Do The Same? (WITHOUT Paying a Dime in Advance!)

This can be achieved by generating your own electricity through a renewable energy system such as solar panels and micro wind turbines.

0 Bill with Solar Panels

But solar is the favorite for most people since it is more predictable and reliable, and it requires much less maintenance.

And if you are worried about the cost of installing such a system for your house, then here’s the good news:

1,000’s of US homeowners are installing complete solar panel systems without a down payment!

How is this possible?

This can be done through financing solutions that can help you build the solar power system without a down payment, and then you pay the cost of the system in monthly installments.

(Below you will find out who can help you find financing offers!)

These installments could be lower, equal, or higher than the average electricity bill you are getting currently.

You might ask now:


How Is This a Good Investment?

There are three benefits that make installing solar panels a good investment and a rewarding step to take:

1 – It’s because in few years, depending on the monthly installment value, you would pay off the total cost of the system, and then enjoy free energy for as long as your system works. (Typical lifespan of solar systems is 25 years).

2 – The price you pay for installing the solar energy system helps you increase the asset value of your house, just like it is with installing a new roof, or adding a swimming pool.

3 – You might be eligible for tax rebates because you are now utilizing green energy, which means that you have reduced your carbon footprint.

Solar System Tax Rebate(Source: Energy.gov)

You might ask another question:

What if I installed solar panels, and the electricity prices remained the same without rising?

You would still get the same benefits above, because even at the current electricity prices, installing a solar panel system would save you money on the long run after you pay off the cost of the system.

This is in addition to increasing the home value and the possible tax rebates.

Convinced & Want to Enjoy $0 Electric Bills Like Many Other US Homeowners Do?

But probably you don’t know how to find a financing provider and a company that can install the system for you.

But don’t worry!

SunPower, the leading solar energy company, can help guide you towards finding the possible financing solution for your solar plant.

Not only that, but they will give you a free quotation for the necessary solar plant based on your energy consumption.

You can visit SunPower’s website through this link, enter the zip code for your area, finish a 1-minute survey about your house, and they will contact you later in order to arrange for a meeting to negotiate the possible solutions.

Free quotation and free meeting, no strings attached!

Get Your Free Solar System Quote!

Watch how this couple got a $4.53 utility bill!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Electricity at Night?

What happens is that your home remains connected to the grid, and the solar panel system produces energy during the day that equals your consumption for 24 hours, gives the excess to the grid, and then at night, you draw that power back from the grid.

Basically, you use the grid as an energy storage system.

Solar System Net Metering

And the meter will read energy in both directions, and will subtract the energy you draw at night from the energy you give during the day in order to make sure that you don’t give the energy away during the day for free.

Would I Still Pay to The Utility Company?

A small fee ($10-$25 per month) that is called Delivery Fee, or Connection Fee, which is necessary to maintain the lines that will be used to keep your home connected at night.

And that’s fair, since you are basically using their infrastructure as a storage system for your energy needs.

There are anyway fixed fees on your electric bill that pay on monthly basis regardless on how much energy you consume.

The fee on energy consumed is the variable component of your bill, it represents the majority of your bill’s value, and it is what you can eliminate with the solar system.

Are There Any Requirements for Getting a Solar System with $0 Down?

Mainly, three conditions:

  1. You must be the owner of the house.
  2. There shouldn’t be a lot of shade covering the area where panels will be installed (mainly the roof).
  3. The solar company, SunPower, should be operating in your area. (They cover more than 80% of the United States).

Install Solar Panels without Down

To find out for sure, you can visit SunPower’s website, enter your area zip code, answer three or four questions about your current bill and your house, and they will contact you to tell you if you qualify or not.

SunPower Free Quote for 0 Bill

Check Out if You Qualify for a Solar System & $0 Electric Bills!

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