How to Bypass an Electric Meter

Electric Meter Bypassing is to tamper with their electric meter to avoid accurately measuring the amount of electricity being used. Here are some common methods of bypassing an electric meter. These are, however, only meant to be informative.

Reversing Counter Direction of the Meter

Starting with the easiest one, reversing the direction of the meter counter. Most people (who intend to bypass an electric meter) use this technique as it’s easier and quick to do. Also, it has fewer complications and risks than other methods to take.

How It Works

This method is used to manipulate the meter to make it register consumption in the opposite direction, effectively reducing or reversing recorded energy usage. That results in the meter recording negative readings or no readings at all.

To do so, you’ll need plastic wraps. Then,

  • Open your electric meter
  • Then, adjust the meter counter to the desired reading.
  • Take some plastic wrap and wrap the meter.

As a result, your electric meter will show a different reading without being noticed.

Changing the Current Direction

Another simple method to hack the electricity meter is altering the current direction.

How It Works

Traditional electric meters include a spinning disc to measure electricity consumption. They usually record the current flowing in a particular direction (typically clockwise). The disc spins proportionally to the amount of electricity passing through the meter.

By changing the current direction, it’s possible to interfere with the usual rotation of this spinning disc.

When the meter is turned in the opposite direction, the disk continues to rotate until it stops. And the quantity of electricity utilized won’t be recorded when the disk stops spinning.

Wire Tampering

You can also alter your electric meter by simply tapping the wires.

How It Works

This tampering is also done by diverting or altering the flow of electricity. It’s a simple way. But you have to figure out how to unplug and reinstall the neutral wire (black) within the meter in a different location.

The electric meter has two important wires. The red wire, which carries the power load, and the black wire serve as the neutral on the panel board.

For the spinning disk inside the meter to work properly and measure electricity, both wires must be connected to the panel board. This allows the meter to track how much electricity is being used accurately.

Now, altering or tampering with these wires can disrupt the meter’s ability to measure electricity correctly.

How to Do

Follow the below steps:

  • Find the locations of the black and red in the meter
  • Take off the black wire.
  • Wrap the neutral wire’s upper surface with electric tape and cut the tape with a knife.
  • Swap the position of the black and red wires.
  • Now, place the neutral wire (black) in a different spot, somewhere other than in the electric meter circuit.

Now that the neutral wire has no direct connection to the circuit, power will pass via the electrical panel board. This will prevent the meter disk from rotating freely.

Magnetic Tampering

Magnetic tampering is another easy method to bypass the electric meter.

How It Works

Electric meters typically have moving parts (such as a spinning disc or other components) that rotate in response to the flow of electricity. When strong magnets are applied to the meter,

  • The magnets create a strong magnetic field
  • This field interferes with the meter’s moving parts
  • The interference slows down the meter’s measurement
  • As a result, the meter gives inaccurate, lower readings

How to Do

As the name suggests, first of all, you’ll need magnets. Then,

  • Open the electric meter
  • Then, put the magnets over the spinning disk
  • The magnets will disrupt the disk and slow down its movement

As a result, your electric meter will now show lower readings. Meaning that the disk will now show that you’re consuming less power than what is actually being used.

Reduce Disk Rotation Speed by Clinging Meter Screws

Another easy way to bypass an electric meter is by attaching the meter screws. Just like magnets, this method also slows down the disk rotation in the meter.

How It Works

Electric meters have parts that move to measure electricity usage. By attaching objects to the screws, particularly those connected to the moving parts:

  • The attaching screws interfere with normal movement
  • This interference slows down or stops the rotation of the meter’s parts
  • As a result, the meter gives inaccurate readings, underreporting the actual electricity usage.

So your electricity bill will decrease because the meter’s final reading will show less consumption.

Jumping The Meter

It is also possible to bypass your electric meter with jumper cables.

How to Do

  • Find the wires connected to the electric meter
  • Use jumper cables to create a direct connection that bypasses the meter.
  • Essentially, the electricity flows through the jumper cables without passing through the meter.

With the jumper cables in place, the electricity consumed in the connected property doesn’t register on the meter, leading to inaccurate readings.

Creating an Alternative Connection

Last but the most common method to bypass an electric meter is creating an alternative connection.

Bypassing the meter connection means creating a shortcut for electricity to go directly to your property without passing through the meter.

How to Do

  • Look for the main power line connected to your house.
  • The voltage from the pole is high (220 volts), but a transformer reduces it to a lower, safer level (120 volts) for household use.
  • After voltage reduction, the power line is connected to the electric meter to distribute electricity into your house.
  • Connect your wires directly to the meter panel board, bypassing the normal connection.

By doing this, the electric meter won’t accurately measure the electricity consumed in your house.


Bypassing an electric meter is basically a sneaky way to reduce their electricity bills. The methods mentioned above can be easily applied. While, of course, this is against the law. Utilizing these may cause you to face fines, penalties, and legal consequences.

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