GoSun Fusion Solar Oven Review

Are the GoSun Fusion ovens effective, and can they save you money on the electric and gas bill instead of using traditional ovens?

Can they be effectively used when camping, RVing, or spending the day on the beach?

This GoSun Fusion review will help you decide whether you can benefit from this solar cooker or not, and will show you the best place to buy it for the lowest price if you decide to get it with a discount and a 1-year money back guarantee.

GoSun Fusion Review Summary
  • Name: GoSun Fusion Solar Oven (Cooker & Grill)
  • Website: www.GoSun.co/products/fusion
  • Maker: GoSun
  • Capacity: 10 of 10
  • Usability: 9 of 10
  • Handling: 9.5 of 10
  • Pricing: 8 of 10
  • Quality: 9 of 10
  • Price: $449 On  with 1-Year Money Back Guarantee on The Official Site. (Link Above)
  • Worth it? Yes (Depending on your location and cooking patterns – Check out the conclusion)

Overall BillsWiz.com Rating: 9.1 of 10

Summary: GoSun Fusion is a good hybrid solar/electric oven that allows you to enjoy cooking meals outdoors using the sunlight, even when it’s cloudy, or at night through the electric plugin supplied from a power bank or from the car’s electric outlet.

The main downfall is the high price that might not suit everyone, in addition to some issues with the legs and plastic parts as noted below.

What Is GoSun Fusion?

GoSun Fusion is a hybrid oven/cooker that works either on sunlight, or on electricity, in order to help you enjoy your favorite meals whenever you are away from home, or even when you are at home, but want to save money on the electric and gas bills, and make use of the sunlight to cook your favorite meals.

It also has an electric plug-in to allow you cook at night.

How Does GoSun Fusion Work?

GoSun Fusion can be operated in two different ways:

1 – Using Sunlight

With this method, you can poll out the food tray, fill it with whatever you want to cook, slide it inside, open the two louvers/reflectors, and direct it in a way that it receives the maximum amount of direct sunlight.

Use the time estimation chart in order to know how much time you need for each meal in order to be fully cooked.

You can also use the smell or the steam coming out as an indication.

Note that even if it was cloudy, you can still use the GoSun Fusion solar cooker in order to cook meals, but it will take a longer time.

Here’s a video that shows you the GoSun Fusion in action.

2 – Using Electricity

The GoSun Fusion has an electric port that allows it to operate on electricity when you need to cook with it at night, or when the sunlight is very little.

How GoSun Fusion Works

The oven requires a 12 volt input, which can be gotten from the car’s electric plug inside the passengers’ cabin, through the power cord that come with it.

Or, it can be fed by a 12 volt power bank that is sold separately.

Or you can feed it electricity from the normal 110V-220V utility power outlet, but it requires an AC adapter that is sold separately as well.

Can You Save Money with GoSun Fusion?

Yes. You can save money by using GoSun Fusion during the day in order to cook different meals with sunlight, instead of using electric or gas ovens and cookers.

For example, if you want to use an electric oven that has a power rating of 3,200 Watts, every one hour of usage would consume around 3.2 kWh of electricity.

And depending on where you are, that costs some money based on the rates of your utility company.

For example, on average, the American citizen pays around 14 cents ($0.14) per kWh.

Therefore, every day you would consume around 3.2*0.14= $0.45/day for one hour of using the electric oven.

Assuming that you only use the electric oven one hour every day, which could be more for some people, then you are paying around 30*0.45=$13.5 per month on electricity just for the oven.

Or 365*0.45= $164 per year.

That’s on average how much you would save on the electricity bill in a year if you use solar energy to cook your meal every day, assuming you only use the electric oven one hour per day.

And if you originally used gas cookers, and you started using the GoSun Fusion solar cooker, then you will also save money on the gas bill instead.

The actual feasibility of using the GoSun Fusion in order to save money depends on many factors that differ from one to another, such as:

  • The prices of the available fuels in your area.
  • The availability of strong sunlight around the year.
  • The amount of the food you cook and the frequency of using a cooker or an oven.

In some cases, the GoSun Fusion oven might not be feasible to purchase if your sole intention is to save on the bills, but it might be handy in some cases if you go a lot to the beach or camping.

Of course, GoSun Fusion is not cheap to purchase, but over time, and if you keep it in good shape, it should pay for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions about GoSun Fusion

1 – What Can You Cook with GoSun Fusion

You can cook, roast, steam, or bake with GoSun whatever you are used to cook with an electric or gas cooker, as long as it fits in the cooking tray.

Some examples are:

  • Meat.
  • Seafood.
  • Liquids. (soup)
  • Rice.
  • Vegetables.
  • Cakes.
  • Omelets.
  • Pasta.
  • And more.

2 – Does it Work When it’s Cloudy

Yes, GoSun Fusion works when it’s partly cloudy, or even when it’s fully cloudy, which helps in lowering electric bill even in winter.

However, it takes longer time to finish every meal compared to having direct sunlight.

3 – How Much Can it Cook

GoSun Fusion comes with a 145 oz capacity, which is enough to cook around 4-6 meals at a time.

4 – How Long Does it Take to Cook a Meal with GoSun Fusion

Depending on what you cook with GoSun Fusion, and on how much sunlight there is, the time needed to cook every meal varies.

For example, to cook steamed veggies with GoSun Fusion, it takes around 20 minutes on a sunny day, 35 minutes on a partly cloudy day, and around 1 hour on a cloudy day.

And the time varies for other kinds of foods, as in this table.

How Long GoSun Fusion Needs

5 – Where and when Can You Use GoSun Fusion?

You can use GoSun Fusion anywhere there’s sunlight, either in the backyard of your house, while camping or RVing, when relaxing on the beach, or even when you are on a boat.

And not only during the day, but you can also use GoSun Fusion to cook at night, provided that you have a 12V electric source, such as a car 12V output, a 12V power bank, or you can get the GoSun AC adapter that allows you to operate it on the normal AC electric supply that is either 110V or 220V.

Note that to operate it on a 12V source like the car 12V outlet, you get the power cord included with the GoSun Fusion oven.

But if you want the AC adapter or the power bank, you need to pay for it separately.

6 – Is it Easy to Clean?

Yes, to clean the GoSun Fusion cooker you need to wash the cooking tray with the tap water in the kitchen sink. (Note that it’s not dishwasher safe).

And you need to clean the tube from the inside with a piece of wet cloth once in a while. (When it’s cold only).

7 – Is it Easy to Carry?

Yes, the Fusion solar oven can be easily packed and carried with the handle that comes with it.

There’s a bag that’s designed for it, but it is sold separately.

The Fusion cooker weighs around 14 pounds, and it is 23″X13″X13″ in size.

8 – Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

GoSun offers a 1-year money-back guarantee on the Fusion cooker if it was purchased from their official website.

Note that there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the return, such as the original purchase receipt, the original packaging, and the Fusion oven should be lightly used.

GoSun Fusion Price & Discount

The cost of GoSun Fusion solar cooker is different based on where you buy it, and it’s mainly available on Amazon and on the official GoSun website.

But you can get a discount when you buy the Fusion solar oven it from the official GoSun.co website, in addition to the money back guarantee.

Even if they return to the normal price on the GoSun official site, it is still much better than buying it on Amazon because the official site gives you the 1-year money back guarantee.

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Pros & Cons of GoSun Fusion Solar Oven


  • It can save money on gas and electric bills when you use sunlight to cook with it.
  • It works on different sunlight degrees, even when it’s cloudy, but it takes longer time to finish cooking.
  • It can cook, steam, and bake many different dishes that include veggies, grains, meat, seafood, cakes, …etc.
  • It allows you to cook at night as it works on electricity as well.
  • Easy to carry and clean.
  • Comes with a discount and money back guarantee when purchased from the official website.


  • It’s not cheap.
  • Due to the tubular shape, you might not be able to cook or fry big bites off food like a complete chicken, unless you cut it down to pieces.
  • Some buyers reported issues with the legs being unstable, which requires some attention when moving it when it’s loaded with food.
  • I have seen one review on Amazon where the buyer complained about the electric plugin feature and the plastic openings of the tube that they didn’t last long, probably due to heat.
  • Although it has a handle to carry it with, but I believe that the bag should be given with it and not purchased separately. However, from time to time, GoSun offers some accessories for free when you purchase the Fusion oven from their official website.

GoSun Fusion Support

The GoSun company has a support team that you can contact through the phone or email address stated on their website.

In addition, they have a 1-year conditional money back guarantee if you buy Fusion from their website.

Conclusion – Is GoSun Fusion Worth it?

GoSun Fusion hybrid solar cooker can be worth it in some cases if your place has an abundance of sunlight for many hours a day, and if you cook a lot, especially if energy sources like gas and electricity are a bit expensive.

In other cases, might be just a device that you can use when your traditional cooker or oven is a bit crowded, and if you go outdoors a lot and want something to cook with.

My advice, if you decide to get it, is to go through their official website in order to get the discount and the money-back guarantee.

I hope that my GoSun Fusion solar cooker review was enough to help you see the pros and con’s of this solar oven.

If you still need help or have any questions, please, tell me in the comments section below, and I will do my best to come back to you asap 🙂

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