About Bills Wiz

Welcome everyone to BillsWiz.com!

My name is Amjad, and I’m the founder of Bills Wiz – Your Guide to Reducing Bills.

I have been struggling with paying different utility bills such as: electricity, water, gas, heating, phone, internet, grocery, car, …etc., and like happened to almost everyone in this world, the economic situation that emerged from the events in the past years has affected my ability to pay these bills significantly, and unfortunately, negatively!

How Did I Manage to Live & Pay The Bills Through The Economically Difficult Times?

The good thing the helped me go through these difficult times is that I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession, and I have a good experience in the energy saving world.

And although the most of my professional experience was focused on the electric energy saving, but I also have knowledge in saving on the utility bills in some other fields like heating, water, and gas because of what I learned and practiced over the years.

Add to that, the experience I got when I managed my income and expenses during the hard times of low salary, unemployment, and then during the times of building and growing my online businesses to the point that I became self-sufficient.


Why Did I Start This Website?

I want to share the knowledge I have in reducing the different utility bills and in managing my personal expenses and getting self-sufficient, through creating helpful articles and tutorials on my website, BillsWiz.com.

Why Help Others?

Because I believe that everyone deserves, and should, save money by reducing their utility bills, which is the money that they can better invest in starting their own business, investing in their well-being, or providing more to their families.

Everyone should have access to the knowledge I personally use for my own benefit, so that they start paying less to utility companies, and more to themselves and their families.


Less to Utility Companies, More to Yourself & to Your Family!

This is the mission of Bills Wiz is to help as many people as possible cut their bills as much as they can, so that they save some money to invest in their businesses and in themselves and to provide to their families.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of BillsWiz.com