GoSun Fusion Solar Oven Review

GoSun Fusion Solar Cooker Review

Are the GoSun Fusion ovens effective, and can they save you money on the electric and gas bill instead of using traditional ovens? Can they be effectively used when camping, RVing, or spending the day on the beach? This GoSun Fusion review will help you decide whether you can benefit from this solar cooker or … Read more

How to Save on Electric Bill in Summer?

How to Save on Electric Bill in Summer

Summer is coming, or has already come, and you are now trying to figure out how to save on electric bill in summer. This is a crucial step towards reducing your expenses and keeping more money for yourself and for your loved ones. Small actions that might not cost you money, or might cost you … Read more

How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter?

How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter

Winter has come and the energy bill causes a nightmare for many people, which is why they try to learn how to lower the electric bill in winter. And there are many ways that can help you achieve that goal and save some money to spend on other aspects of life and provide for yourself … Read more

Can a Capacitor Reduce Electric Bill? (The Truth Revealed)

Can Capacitors Reduce Electricity Bill

There have been many products being heavily promoted recently as power savers that can reduce your electricity bill through power factor correction capacitors, but the real question is: Can a capacitor reduce electric bill? or is it just another scam? Especially when it comes to domestic or residential consumers and small business owners. I’m an … Read more