Why Do Energy Companies Want Smart Meters?

Why Do Electricity Companies Want Smart Meters

Why do energy companies want smart meters to be installed at the consumers’ side? Are smart meters safe? Are energy companies going to spy on you through them? Can they know what you use electricity for? Can smart electricity meters control your appliances and turn them on and off remotely? I am an electrical engineer … Read more

Why Do Energy Companies Charge Different Rates?

Why Energy Companies Have Different Tariffs

There are many reasons why energy companies charge different rates from one another, and from one location to another or from one segment of consumers to another. Some of these reasons are related to the companies themselves, and some are out of their control. I’m an electrical engineer with more than a decade of experience … Read more

Why Does My Electric Bill Fluctuate So Much?

Why Does My Electric Bill Fluctuate So Much

There are at least five reasons why your electric bill fluctuates so much, some are avoidable, and some are not, but there’s a workaround for theme that can help you not only reduce the fluctuation severity, but also eliminate your electric bill almost entirely in some cases. I am an electrical engineer with more than … Read more

Do Dimmer Switches Save Electricity?

Do Dimmers Save Electricity

Do dimmer switches save electricity and lower your bill, or are they just a waste of money? How much energy and money can a lighting dimmer save you? What kinds of light bulbs do they work with? And are the savings worth the cost of buying them an installing them? These questions and more, I … Read more